Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Who Will Get the Trophy?

My ovaries are fighting for the first place trophy? My right ovary has 11 follicles and my left one has 9!! WOAH!! I feel like they're in competition with each other even though they take eggs from both sides. I picture them shouting to the other, "I've got spirit, yes i do, i've got spirit how about you" and they're chucking eggs back and forth to each other!! LOL I think there is one egg in each follicle so that is good news! WOW! That is almost 2 dozen eggs!!!! I could open a breakfast shop!! I think this is good, but have to wait for the doc's blessing. The less I know, the less I obsess about every dr. appt so that's a good thing. I'm REALLY trying to take it day by day and not stress about what each appt means and take dr's orders as they come. My only "fast forward" concern now is making it to the Extreme Makeover on Sunday, but it's just too early to tell. I'll post when I hear from the doc and what he wants us to do next. Thanks for caring!!!!

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