Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Lovin.

Can I ever express how much I love summer?  I love the heat, the water, the AC and the zoo being open at nights....  With face painting...


fossil prints...

and our fave which is the dancing...

I do love summer, but could do w/o the rain, but as long as it happens around nap time, I won't complain too much.

Lily has an obsession with long pants and/or knee highs....even to the water park - I choose to choose my battles.

What?  You've never seen Cinderella fishing?

and there's summer parties in WPB every week too with fountains and live music.

one of my fave pix ever...they stood here slowly swaying , people watching, shaking their hips while holding hands forever.  be still my heart.

Lily is always trying to keep Grady in line...good luck with that Lily pie...

hide and go seek.

my 2 dudes...

and my 2 hearts...

life is good.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

photo album

i love this pic jen took of Grady at the water park.

this boy loves to climb...and eat toothpaste....lil can never believe his mischievous ways.

side by side look at trouble...

oh how i love country concerts...i scream sing so loud i almost lose my voice!

be still my heart.

Annual Dave Matthews concert last year will be 2nd annual this year....

love the train rides at the mall.

my mom loves pics from behind so I'm a fan of them now too.

see what I mean?  Grady has an internal clock and knows when to expect David.  You could set your watch to when David gets home and G has that sense too.

Jen snapped this hilarious photo from the reunion....

did i mention i love ANY concert at Cruzan?  which is around the corner from our house.  bingo.

and milkshakes afterwards :)

zoo paint.

Grady calls it Chuck Chuck Cheese and Papa calls it Chunky Cheese.  I have a hard time calling it Chuck E Cheese anymore.

hands down, my fave swim trunks of g

G and his Godmother....


speech help for the lillers...

life is good.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Random fun...

Moments like this take my breath away (and I try to recall this in my memory when someone is screaming in my ear) photo IMG_0523_zps8a33d0d7.jpg

Jammie day at school...with Hello Kitty as her sidekick....
 photo IMG_0477_zpsaa4c65c7.jpg
and Grandpa lets Lily do whatever she wants too...(in sweetest way possible)
 photo IMG_0448_zps123676ef.jpg

horsey time. photo IMG_0446_zpsbb0f66d7.jpg
these 2 crack me up...
 photo IMG_0420_zps7f01ab63.jpg

 photo IMG_0220_zpsa5d526ef.jpg

Lily talks about Elliot on a regular basis and wears glasses in his honor... photo IMG_0395_zps85f49cd3.jpg

she can't wait for soccer to start again the fall...Grady is envious too. photo IMG_0370_zps7b21ea02.jpg

this is the wallpaper on my phone.  be still my heart.
 photo IMG_0251_zps4399db28.jpg

she has soccer in her veins ...  photo IMG_0245_zps58725c60.jpg oh i love me some Julie Booley!!
 photo IMG_0293_zps2d205765.jpg

Monday, July 01, 2013

summer cleaning

catching up and cleaning up, most of these pictures dont need a caption, but have to be posted for the cuteness and memory making factor!

this is how lily stood in front of the goal the ENTIRE time she played goalie....her legs and hands didnt move.best shirt ever from allison...

i know i'll miss these cute outfits next year when she goes to uniforms, but i wont miss deciding what to wear.

think i've posted these before, but just in case i havent.
somehow she got on a necklace and bracelet on for the picture...she didnt leave the house with those on. lol

i'll never get over this similarity of lils and me in 3rd grade.

lily looks like she's wearing a strapless dress, but i assure you it's not.
and yes G is topless here. lol
she looks so little here.

and cool here...lacing up...

always getting face painted at the zoo..

oh how i love me some country concerts!!
and my janet...
and kids love steve too...

they are kids at heart and such dear friend...

janet end

potty break...
pre preschool pic...

thanks lily for the great picture...

there i am...

grandpa always lets lily do whatever she wants...

shyness in g

story time...
crazy hair day for lils...she made this up on her own.

pt back in the day.

more school pix...thanks skim and sara for cute the apron dress!!

she loves her some soccer.
seeing elmo and sesame street live - somehow we scored 2nd row seats!

i fell off the pre school pictures towards the end of the year - im glad i have all these.
2 year old checkup

silly sue came to g's bday and made some serious balloon art.

fair fun...lily and i tried to beat the rain and went to a local church fair for a bit while g slept and had so much fun!

loves her popcorn


glasses help her read and find things like elliot.

how much does he weigh?

love me some monkey joes...

and zoos. life is good.