Saturday, December 29, 2007

Nursery and Belly Picture...

Wanna peek at the nursery? I'll give you the same opportunity my family had over Christmas break...

Here's a picture of Baby Hutcheson at 26 Weeks...

The cousins (on my side) were all together for the holidays and you wouldn't believe how well they all get along!! It's really magical to see! They all take turns, help each other, seek each other out, make up games, follow each other, and have an all around blast together. As I was watching them interact and bond, I was so excited that Baby H will soon join this tight knit group next year!!! He/she is so very lucky as they are amazing role models!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Powerful Video

You know my virtual friend Jenna; the famous one who was on Oprah talking about her struggles to have a baby?? Well, she posted this video on her blog about her best friend's ADORABLE SON and I wanted to share it with you! Please view this video, comment and share with everyone you know!! Everytime it's viewed, money is raised towards this powerful foundation!! Blare your speakers!!

(I had better luck viewing it in Internet Explorer)

26 Weeks!!

Hey Everyone!
Has anyone peeked at how many days until Baby H is here?? Hello!?? It's in the DOUBLE DIGITS!!! 96 DAYS!! 9-6!! Wow!! This is too exciting!! Holidays have been busy with family in town and not working which is glorious! Days fly by now and David has these 2 weeks off too so it's been really nice!! Not much new on the baby front which is great news! I feel movement everyday which is incredible! I feel like someone is with me everyday!

The holidays were the best they've been in years knowing there was a little peanut swimming around in my belly. Every Christmas has always stung knowing we weren't pregnant and I just kept thinking that this'll be the last Christmas we'll be "child-less". It was such a comforting feeling as we watched our nieces and nephews make Christmas come alive with their energy, innocence, and excitement!! It just kept hitting home that we'll have a 9 month old to celebrate with next year!! WOW!!!

I have a glucose intolerance test on Wednesday which will tell me if I have gestational diabetes, which is common in the 3rd trimester. It's easy to fix with diet though so I'm not super worried about it. Next u/s is on 1/23 and I can't wait to see our baby again! We've been so spoiled with the TWELVE ultrasounds we've had so far that they've slowed down now to the norm. A friend of mine had ONE u/s her entire pg-cy! WHAT?!?! ONE! I don't know how that's possible! lol.

BOTH of David's parents are coming down from SC in February!! First we thought it was just going to be David's mom, but they recently told us they're BOTH coming down!!! SO HAPPY!! My family will all be here too and we'll tell them the gender of our baby then! I can't wait! It's been really tough keeping it from them; especially my family was all here for the holidays! We had the nursery door locked, duct taped the door knob, and a huge banner sign from the baby telling them to kindly keep out! We use "he" & "she" interchangeably so there's not a way to "slip up". Baby H even had lots of presents under the tree from family, friends and even some from mommy and daddy. I'm ready to tell the world! I never realized how hard it would be, but keep telling myself, "it'll all be worth it" to tell them together in person. I think it will be.

Jen found this song for us and we listened to it with Molly and all had a really good cry over! The entire song is powerful, but pay close attention to the last part towards the end. I was a blubbering mess! Shoulders shaking and all. The whole "ugly cry" ....enjoy!

Turn up your speakers!!

Wanna read up on Baby H??

Friday, December 21, 2007

Houston, We Have a Belly!!

I love it. I rub it. I hold it. I stare at it. I feel like I'm watching and waiting for water to boil. The more you look at it, the longer it takes. I feel like it's growing ever so slightly, but it's growing so that's all that matters. Last measurement was 39" around! WOAH!! It was 37" a few weeks ago!! I feel like I measure the circumference 5x a day!! I can get 5 different readings in one day! I take the highest number of the day and keep that in my head all day!!

Man, I wear these shorts a lot!!

If you look closely, the shirt that I always wear is starting to ride up and not fit around my belly! I love it!!

So the doc said everything looks great!! He said the pain in my pelvic/groin area is caused by 2 pubic bones rubbing together and the pain will get worse as I get bigger, but is not dangerous to the baby. He said it's very early to be having these pains and he kept telling me how painful it can become. I ignored him and just kept saying "but, it's not dangerous to the baby right?" which all that really matters. Pain sch-main!! As long as Baby H is happy and healthy in there is all that matters!

Heartbeat was 143 again which is the baby's way of saying "I love you" to us!! :) He checked out my belly button again and dug like a miner digging for gold (ouchie) and said it looked much better than last time. He's not worried about it much anymore bc it's so big, but I should get the hernia taken care of after I deliver. It still looks disgusting in my opinion. Needless to say, I will NOT be posting pictures of that!!

Baby is moving and grooving more everyday and it's just incredible. It leads to powerful day dreams. Not dreams at night that I can't remember in the morning. But real live dreams during the day. Then I realize I'm not dreaming. I'm pregnant. A miracle is happening. Baby is healthy. Baby is snuggling up with me. Baby is ours. Thank God in heaven we are pregnant. And we get to taste a piece of that heaven in 103 days. This isn't a dream. We're living the miracle everyday.

Everything perfect w baby h.

Everything perfect w baby h. Sd pubic bones r rubbing 2gethr causing the pain. Pain'll gt worse as i grow bt nt dangerus 2 baby. YA

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thank You Andrea!! :)

Music has always helped me in good times and in tough times.  The melody.  The words.  The story.  The meaning.  The church we go to has the most amazing singer who inspires us every Sunday.  My friend Andrea surprised me with this CD written by a new mom to her baby.  IT IS INCREDIBLE!!!!  I listen to it every morning to work and tears usually fill my eyes as I'm singing while driving, dreaming of the miracle growing inside of me. It's very soothing and I can picture it soothing Baby H when he/she is here because I know he/she is listening everyday!!  Thought you'd wanna listen to some tracks and maybe even order a copy for your car rides!  Pregnant or not, it'll inspire!!  Thank you Andrea!!

Donate 2 MOD

This is a great organization that saves THOUSANDS of lives of newborns every year!!  I've been reading a lot about this organization and am fascinated with them.  They can work miracles!!!  Maybe I'm drawn to them right now because every website tells me Baby H can survive outside the womb right now at 25 weeks, but only with the help of MAJOR hospital care and that's where MOD steps in.  If you have a little extra change this year, please consider donating to this incredible organization!!
With every donation of $20 or more, you will receive a promotion code for a free* 16x20 poster sized print from our friends at Shutterfly®. When you redeem that code, Shutterfly will give a matching $20 donation! The promotion code will be included in your confirmation e-mail with additional details.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

25 Weeks!

Um, I dont know if you know this, but 25 weeks is here! What in the world? This has been the longest 25 weeks of my life, but every week it amazes me even more. Just the changes in my body, changes in the baby's movement, but mostly the changes in my heart. I can feel the walls of fear lowering and the bond strengthening each and every day. I truly can not imagine the feeling of love that will pour over D and I when our peanut is here bc it's overwhelming right now with him/her gently swimming around inside my growing belly. I love having him/her with me all day, everyday. It's a bond like no other. I feel like my heart is not my own anymore. Jen always says having a baby is like taking your heart out of body and giving it arms and legs. I can see that with more clarity right now. Right now, our little peanut is in my heart safe and sound growing and thriving. It's a miracle to experience each and every day!! How did we get so lucky!?
We have a dr. appt on Friday. I moved it up a week bc I'm having some mild pain in my groin area that I want him to check out. (keyword: mild, meaning don't worry all u nervous nellies out there and u know who u are) I'm sure it's nothing, but it feels better to have him say it rather than me. I'll post after that appt. with a 25 week belly picture. I can't see much growth, but everyone at school does when I wear certain clothes. Someone said the other day, "you don't even look pregnant" and I wanted to put them in a headlock while body slamming them. ha ha
D and I are having family over for Christmas so we have to "gender proof" the house this weekend. Hide every paint brush, every fabric sample, every picture taken and quarentine off the nursery!! We're pretty much finished with the nursery, which is super fun to think about having that behind us, but also sad bc it's so much fun to work on projects directly related to the nursery. Like a labor of love. We are both in there a lot just to tinker when there's not much left to do. Is it too early to be nesting? I think not.
Look at our little snuggle bug!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

24 Weeks!!

We're 6 months pg!

Six months people!

What in the world!?!?

Here is a picture for your glory!!

My belly is 39" around!!

39" people!

What in the world?

I love getting bigger and bigger and don't care if my belly gets 99" around! Ok, maybe I do, but you know what I mean!! Check out my pooch! How cool is this??

I wore pink and blue so no one would get any unnecessary hints! lol.

Here are some pictures and information of everything going on inside my belly!!

Wanna see a image that will really blow your mind? Here's what Baby H looks like RIGHT NOW! He/she can survive at this point outside the womb!! Woah nelly says Kelly!! SO INSPIRING!!!!!!

Speaking of inspiration, check out this amazing blog by my friend Kelle...woah!!

Here is her sister's Carin's blog too...double woah!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Omg d just felt the

Omg d just felt the baby kick for the very first time!! Big kicks!! Omg! We've tried so many times! Finally!!! Truly magical!!! 143

Corn on the Cob

Anyone up for some corn on the cob?  Check out 24 weeks(pg 22 of 38)!!  Thanks Donna for sharing this neat website!!!

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Sunday, December 09, 2007


As you know our ticker counts down the days until baby h is born. well listen to this.....omg, i've been waiting for our ticker to read "99 MORE DAYS" for so long and we're to 115 now! I just did the math and unless I did it wrong, we will reach 99 DAYS



ON CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what are the chances?????????????????????????? It's a sign! love you!

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

23 WEEKS TODAY!  Every week is like a Christmas present!!  I love learning about our little peanut and seeing pictures!!  I can feel him/her moving a lot more lately and even some kicks here and there!!  I constantly have my hand on my tummy trying to feel a kick or a jab and get lost in daydreaming while it's happening!  David has yet to be lucky to feel it too, but it'll happen soon enough!  I'm feeling a lot better lately and my appetite is back to relatively  normal.  Trying to eat as healthy as possible!!  My next appt is on 12/28!!!  That's like years from now!  I'll be on Christmas break so that's nice I won't have to miss work.  Our next appt is just to see the doctor and not even for an ultrasound!  UGH!  I got so spoiled with our u/s every other week so I guess I should be happy that they're treating me like a normal pg person!  There's nothing normal about me!  lol. 

Btw, the entire nursery is painted and we're looking for wall hangings now.  Our bedding is arriving TOMORROW!  That sets the tone for the rest of the room so it's been a blast!!  David put the dresser together, but it took him 6 long brutal hours!  Crib is this weekend!!!  This truly is a dream come true!!  "That room" used to be so painful to look at from afar or even to go into bc it stung knowing it should be the nursery!!  Now it is such a happy room and ready to be filled with so many life changing memories!  119 more days!!!  We're almost in double digits folks!!!!!!!!!  Love you all!!

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