Wednesday, January 29, 2014

swimming, soccer and sunsets

Brave lily and her friend Lily photo IMG_0186_zpsfdfc47cb.jpg
winter day at school photo IMG_0158_zpsdcbaedef.jpg can u say best pals?  photo IMG_0137_zpsc129278c.jpg
these 2 too
 photo IMG_0136_zps3737a3e9.jpg
swim lessons for Grady when he learned...
 photo IMG_0121_zpsad5acb19.jpg
 wild hair G
 photo IMG_0036_zpsd5dc4af7.jpg

sunset swim...
 photo IMG_0558_zps32f69222.jpg

she is now giving make overs…. photo IMG_0557_zps6217f9ce.jpg

he learned to swim, but never quite mastered the back float...
 photo IMG_0548_zps03e7dfd2.jpg

someone is staring her 4th or 5th soccer season… photo IMG_0543_zps2db12411.jpg

more to come...

Monday, January 13, 2014

longing for summer

can i just tell you how much i love summer?  this cold weather is for the birds imho, but i know I'm in the minority and i know it's not that cold, but i long for these days back. photo IMG_1703_zps2217cde0.jpg  photo IMG_1663_zpsa54120d8.jpg
sharing is caring. photo IMG_1649_zps5a743de1.jpg
we got lily season passes to her favorite water park for her bday and she's going to flip the lid when she finds out...
 photo IMG_1640_zpseac2b557.jpg
one of her dresses from her pal Jessica :) photo IMG_1620_zps616639c2.jpg

the lady colored lily's ear lobe and Lil thought that was it and commented that wasn't so bad, but little did she know then big kapow was still to come.
 photo IMG_1611_zps637cc4ea.jpg

how can you not just love this face? photo IMG_1606_zpsaa103cf2.jpg

movie night under the stars…blurry i know photo IMG_1599_zps535801ea.jpg

"Gma taught me to climb trees mommy."

 photo IMG_1585_zps421c1f44.jpg

the electrical box used to be home base when we were kids and now it's a dance floor. photo IMG_1586_zps177794d1.jpg

water park fun photo IMG_1575_zps717d649f.jpg

Douglas' shirt…just a tad too big right now, but not for long.  bucket boy seems stuck. photo IMG_1574_zps52d726ac.jpg

just a little bit longer until she can ride the slides…this isn't her favorite water park i meant, but it's in the top 3 photo IMG_1573_zps81718664.jpg

we always find him in the strangest predicaments photo IMG_1567_zps39bc768f.jpg

must focus. photo IMG_1521_zpsc6460bb0.jpg

i feel like this pic was already on here, but it's too cute not to post again. photo IMG_1515_zps5a023780.jpg

grady was sickie, but super snuggly photo IMG_1517_zps2ef136c2.jpg
this is how i found him randomly during the day.  too weak to even play

 photo IMG_1506_zpsde3cd1c5.jpg

and berry sweepy photo IMG_1519_zpsff9d0c8e.jpg

 photo IMG_1519_zpsff9d0c8e.jpg
life is good.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

2 peas in a pod

This is David's screen saver on his phone and it makes me smile every time i see it.  These 2 are 2 peas in a pod and love each other dearly!  (and fight too of course) photo IMG_1861_zps4bc3b70e.jpg

friends forever.
 photo IMG_1538_zpse298a384.jpg
they learn so much from each other
 photo IMG_1530_zpsc9f173b8.jpg

and have so much fun together.

 photo IMG_1883_zpsc6aaf74f.jpg

 photo IMG_1878_zps1be9855b.jpg

 photo IMG_1873_zps84f847c9.jpg

and have each other's backs.
 photo IMG_1644_zpsc1741c9b.jpg

 photo IMG_1641_zps7400a37c.jpg

and both love electronics
 photo IMG_1898_zpsc9276ab5.jpg

and reading
 photo IMG_1955_zps80a8f26e.jpg

and help each other with daily tasks
 photo IMG_1939_zpsbd6045d9.jpg

 photo IMG_1897_zps7566475f.jpg

sometimes g acts so helpless around lily and she loves to play the mommy role.
 photo IMG_1902_zpse283be2e.jpg

these 2 could be twins...
 photo IMG_1923_zps8ff420ae.jpg
everybody kept asking me if they were. i should've dressed them alike
 photo IMG_1916_zpsadb96621.jpg
 photo IMG_1911_zps29aa021c.jpg
life is good. oh so good!