Monday, April 27, 2009

Bday Crown

This is just after she woke up on her birthday. I guess you can say we're both wearing a different kind of crown. Please excuse my version. I didn't know I was "in the shot". I thought the cameraman (hep herm david) was just shooting the birthday girl. teehee

I've heard this song 100 times before, but never has it meant so much to me! Lily was so polite with eating the cake. I wanted her to devour it and have it all over her face, but she just picked at the icing with her 2 fingers. What a little lady. Guess she won't need Miss Manners when she grows up. ha ha

My 2nd baby (ie camera) arrived in the mail today polished, scrubbed, fixed and as good as new. What a welcome sight!! I never knew how attached I was to it until it was gone.

Life is Good!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'm usually not a very patient person so I thought I would be the type of parent who couldn't wait for the next milestone like sitting up, crawling, walking etc, but nothing could be further from the truth. I love every stage and although it's exciting to think about her doing the frankenstein walk, it's so much fun to see her little puffy booty shake and try to figure out what to do next. I know walking is around the corner and it's cool to think about, but I'm going to miss her crawling from room to room like a girl on a mission SO MUCH!! It's videos like these that will be foreign to us and her "future self" so I can't stop capturing it.
This video is what big girls love to see looking back on their babyhood.

Here she is showing off her skills. I think she can walk already, but she doesn't know it yet. Take your time sweet Lily, take your time! No hurry to walk. (sniff, sniff)

. from my cell phone, but oh so cute
Kelle stood Lily against the wall on her bday and took one of the cutest pictures to date. (see header)
It's so cute to see her standing there, arms spread out like an airplane and not sure what to do next.

With all these videos, can you tell my 2nd baby (ie camera) is still in the shop? (more sniffling) Life is good!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Stuffed Animals

I never realized how addicted I was to my camera until I had to send it to the Nikon Gods to be fixed! There are so many times I go to grab it and am reminded by the sting of knowing it's in NY somewhere nursing itself back to health. Until then, I'm depending on my less than par digital camera and the good ole flip video camera which I could sell on the street corners because I love it that much!

So we're just now realizing how much Lily loves stuffed animals. My friend Nancy gave us this oversized bunny for her party and Lily can't get enough of it. She lays with it, hugs it, snuggles with it, nuzzles her head in it, crawls back and forth all over it and genuinely loves this bunny. David got some when she does it in the beginning of the tape. It's the cutest dam thing I've ever seen to see her give so much love!

She's turning into such a little snuggler lately! If she's holding a stuffed animal and we say "Give bear a hug." she'll immediately put it up to her cheek and squeeze it with a big smile. She'll do the same if we're holding her and say "give mommy a hug" and you'll have a neck nuzzler in seconds! Be still my heart!

Then, ironically, Dottie and Larry brought down some more stuffed animals from SC and she can't stop loving on them either. Here she's telling the turtle how much she loves him. (Larry is doing the rocking)

It's crazy that she's starting to understand and demonstrate things we're telling her. David asked her the other day "where's momma?" and you could see her think about it for a second, then with a big grin, she took her cute little chubby fingers pointed to me and I almost fell into a puddle of love that spilled out of my heart. She did the same thing when I asked "where's dada?" and we really don't know what to do with ourselves with the cuteness!

Life is good!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Remembering Maddie

One of the most beautiful pieces of writing I've ever read! This is a eulogy written by the mother of Maddie who was taken from this world unexpectedly and suddenly. The video link at the end of the post should be watched when you have 10 minutes to reflect! It's heartwrenching and beautiful! The videos in the video allow you to peek into her happy world. I don't think I have any more tears left after the eulogy and the video. There are no words. I'm a changed person for knowing Maddie, but not really knowing her at all other than through her mother's words and thoughtful pictures and videos.

Dad's tribute that I didn't read before I posted because I was still crying from the eulogy and video so I needed a break. My heart could only handle so much at one sitting. I just read his words and they're as beautiful as Maddie. More tears.

Hug your little and big ones a little tighter tonight because of sweet and happy "Maddie Moo"!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Being that we celebrated Easter last weekend, I was able to get a jumpstart on her Easter page going into her (gulp) 2nd year book. Holy moly that sounds odd to say when she's just 1 year, 2 weeks old! (double gulp)

Thanks Kelle for our very own adorable Easter Bunny Lily!!

Here Lily is wearing her Easter dress given to her by her GREAT Grandma Thelma! Thelma is 96 years young!!

Happy Easter!!


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Leftover Birthday Cake

And some more goodies from Lily's birthday party...

showing off her Lily bracelet to everyone like it was her new bling, bling! She's been wearing it everyday and loves it! Always looking at it in amazement and never plays with it. She looks so girly in it and I just love it! Thanks mom!

I found this place online that makes cardboard cutouts of anything jpeg. I couldn't resist doing it to one of my favorite pictures of her. I had no idea how it would look, but was so happy when it arrived! It's called a "Table Topper" and made me giggle everytime I looked at it! They even cut around the little puff balls! (it was the centerpiece and she was holding a balloon)

Gettin' some Aunt Molly lovin...she kept wanting to go to Molly and it melted my heart...Mollys too :)

Sniff, sniff...we hung all of her newborn clothes and compared them to her clothes today with a sign that said "Look how much I've grown"....the newborn diaper was shocking to see because she used to SWIM in that little dipe!! (having a hard time taking this down after her party)

With the help of Nanny K, Jen borrowed Lily for a morning of feet and hand printing. She put them on plates and we were BLOWN away to say the least!! We were shocked with the handprint, but here you see our surprise with the footprint plate too! (I took more pictures, but my camera is in the shop (sigh) so I'm working on getting more)

Our tired little party girl napping on Daddy's shoulder because she just can't take anymore birthday cake! I think she's having a major growth spurt over Spring Break because she's been sleeping in until 10:30 almost every morning! Holy moly!

Life is good!

Saturday, April 04, 2009


It's jaw dropping to imagine this little soul coming into our world just one year ago.

Her first picture ever was such a relief to know we were holding a happy, healthy bundle of joy...

She was quickly whisked away to the NICU because she had trouble breathing at first and they wanted to monitor her...these were terrifying moments being away from her, but somehow Kelle snuck into the NICU to snap this picture and ran back to my room to show me she was OK... even though Kelle almost got arrested in the process, I'll never forget seeing this million dollar shot on her little camera screen.

Finally, we were able to take our miracle baby home...

Our first night home was one of those nights I'll never forget. I remember walking into our house and it was decorated from floor to ceiling with welcome home signs. There were balloons, streamers, signs in the yard, a decorated car, banners, posters, candles lit, Charley meowing, ac cranked down low, vacuumed carpets, fresh smell of pine sol, everything in its place and love just poured into our hearts as we walked in. It looked so different to me; like a brand new house because I almost forgot what it looked like...then the 3 of us went to sleep that night and the biggest thunderstorm began with rain pouring down in buckets and it was one of the snuggliest nights I've ever had. I felt like it was so symbolic; like God was telling us we'd weathered the storm, but now we could celebrate as we were safely tucked in our bed instead of out in the rain. I wiped tears from my eyes as I drifted off to sleep. The happiest tears ever...

We stared at her for hours everyday and would look at each other without saying a word sharing the amazement that she was finally here!! I remember the 2nd night in the hospital David was peering over her as she slept and he thought I was asleep, but I heard him say to himself, "How is she ours?". I couldn't have agreed more.

Kelle captured our love so magically...

We wrote our wishes for Lily in the special book Colleen gave us when Lily was born and my heart swelled with love when I read David's wishes because he summed up everything I wish for Lily and more...

Daddy's Wish for "Little Person"

*To trust to the point of vulnerability
*To be decisive and confident in your choices
*To recognize, appreciate and cherish both significant and lesser moments and achievements
*To respect and to be respected
*To be full of pride, yet humble
*To know your children’s children
To love and to be loved
*To laugh until you cry
*To have the strength to pick up the pieces and try again
*To light up the room when you enter
*To know and have faith in GOD
*To be rich in life long friendships
*To live happily, always portraying that “scrunchy” smile
*To feel at ease and have peace with who you are
*To see the silver lining on dark days
*To recognize your limitations
*To dream big
*To be passionate about your livelihood
*To enjoy learning
*To know when to say when
*To always have hope
*To comprehend the extent of our pursuit to meet you
*To have opportunities to take risks
*To always know that our love for you is immeasurable and unwavering

Love, Daddy

And onto the birthday pictures are still on my camera (thanks Jen for snapping away for me) so Kelle sent me these gem of pictures/collages that we will cherish forever! She had 3 parties today, but still managed to send me these and even post about her parties(looking for her cape)

Kelle made her this shirt and an adorable birthday hat (that Lily wanted to play with instead of wearing) and I can't remember anything cuter than her in Lainey's tutu with this shirt that reads "one-derful". OMG! (warning screen could melt from cuteness)

I'm starting to see a little girl emerging and it's a beautiful view...

Then it was time for the cake. We made her own bunny cake like my mom used to do for Jennifer because her birthday is in April too. Made one for the "big people" and Lily got her very own baby bunny cake. They were almost too cute to eat! (almost)

She was SO careful with the icing and didn't dig in and go hog wild at her first taste of sugar like I thought she would. I think she was trying to remember her manners. Now that she's one, she's trying to act like a lady.

This is one my favorite Kelle shots of the says it all...

And a collage she made of the cake eating experience where I think she wondered more about all the eyeballs on her than the cake in front of her.

I'm at a loss for words at what this last year has meant to us. Our hearts have grown in ways we could have never predicted and our lives are finally complete with our precious Lily in our lives. I don't know if she'll ever know the extent of our love for her and the beautiful little girl she's becoming, but we'll spend our lives showing her just how special she is. Thank you Lily for being the icing on our cake!

Life is good!