Friday, January 05, 2007

Dr. D is in!!

What a wild day! I've been up since 4am and I feel like I've lived 3 days in one!! We drove over to Margate at 4:45am for our 7am appointment to be surprised by my mom waiting for us with flowers (laced with pink/blue ribbon) in hand!! She is incredible!

The. appt went just how we wanted. My ovaries were "nice looking" and my bloodwork came back in the "normal" range. There's nothing more glorious than the word "normal" when a nurse calls you with results after having heard many "Your labs came back a little 'low'" or "your test showed some 'abnormal' findings", but nothing like that today! EVERYTHING WAS NORMAL!! (humming tune with "normal" in chorus repeatedly) So IVF is a GO!! We started today!!!!!!! We need to take TWO SHOTS A DAY! I was surprised by 2 shots a day,
but "it is what it is" and we move forward!!
The first shot was neat! I was feeling excited, as we were studying all the pamphlets in the boxed medicine, learning how to mix the vials of powder with the vials of liquid with a mixing needle, then transferring it into the injection needle syringe, making sure we were doing it just right with no air bubbles (those are bad in the shot world). We were cracking jokes, having fun, and making it into a comedy routine instead of very serious. I wanted D to be able to concentrate so I laid down to ice the area while waiting for David to prepare the first shot and as I laid there, I felt an incredible wave of love watching him studying every detail, tapping the syringe, scratching his head, rereading the manual, with a level of focus where you could hear a pin drop! I wanted to hide under the bed as I saw him walk towards me with the medicine filled syringe, but thought of Baby Hutcheson and the fear went away, replaced with love/courage for Baby Hutcheson overriding any negative feelings.
The "puncture" that I was so worried about wasn't bad at all bc he pinched the fat on my tummy and I barely felt it. I could feel the liquid going into my body and that was uncomfortable, but it was short and over just as I felt it. I cried afterwards, not bc of the pain, but because of the happiness, excitement and renewed hope that I haven't felt in a long time in our quest for Baby Hutcheson. It felt good to actually do something productive in our quest instead of spinning our wheels with no results like the last 3 years!! It was hope. Fresh hope.
I think we did the first shot a little high (according to the diagram) so we went a little lower with the second one to match the diagram and when he put the needle in it didnt hurt at all, but when the liquid medicine was being "plunged" into me it hurt quite a bit. It was over in 20 seconds, but I'm hoping it's bc I didnt ice as long this time and not bc of the location bc we were in the proper spot this time. Maybe I was feeling overconfident since the first shot went so well. We'll see tomorrow.
We do the same shots 2x per day and I will get a checkup (ultrasound, blood test) on Monday in Naples and they will fax it immediately over to Dr. Maxson. Depending on how my body is reacting to the meds which they'll know from the results, I'll either continue on this same regimen or switch to the next meds in line. I have to wait and see what's next after Monday. No idea.
Today was uplifting, scary, exciting, memorable, roller coastery, long, amazing, hopeful, inspiring, and so incredibly bonding. It was a great day. It felt like the start of something really incredible. I want to scream, "We're coming for you Baby Hutcheson.", but they already know upstairs.
Thank you for caring for us!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Kelly and David, once again I am feeling your pain and angst for having a little miracle of your own to hold and smell and love.
I am very moved by this entry and can't help but feel guilty that I have had 2 healthy, happy, beautiful children of my own without even trying. But then I am reminded that Kelly and David are so special and strong and have their own road to travel and will SOON have endured all that has been in store for them and will be the BEST Mommy and Daddy in the world. Baby Hutcheson is so incredibly lucky to have you two as parents and I am just so excited for you all.
Love Always,