Friday, April 30, 2010

round da' house

This girl isn't going to know what to do with herself when she gets a brother or a sister! Miss Independent loves to play with her stuffed animals and is in her own little world of playland at home. She treats her stuffed animals and babies like they're real people she loves and cares for deeply. Imagine when she has someone to share that with everyday in her very own house and doesn't have to wait for the next playdate or at school? As excited as I am for her to have a sibling, I equally worry how she'll adjust to it all. I have hopes and hunches how it'll go, but like some things in life, you never really know until the time comes...

As difficult as it was, she dragged the heavy, awkward wheeled wagon into clear sight, climbed in with her stuffed mouse and said "Go" pleading for a walk around the neighborhood, which is one of her favorite things to do...

She used to have just mouse from the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, but I swear we willed the others into her life. It was like a scene out of that book The Secret where if you believe it enough, it'll come to life. My mom and I searched every Kohls in the US for weeks and months for the rest of the pack trying to find the moose, pig, and cat that was part of a line they discontinued only to hit every dead end. Then Marv Marge came to the rescue and let us have hers. We're forever grateful. Lily can't choose her favorite so she chooses them all. See her excitement here.

Bedtime stories with us all piled in bed is one of our favorite times of the night where she refuses to choose a lap to sit in to show favorites so she insists on sandwiching herself in between us and politely dictates mommy, daddy, mouse and bear where to sit. "Mommy-sit-peez" as she points to my area. Then does the same for every other member of storytime and it takes a good while to get all situated for cuddles. This night she decided to throw a little country into storytime wearing her John Deere hat from her SC grandparents. If one person leaves, she'll hop in the other person's lap. I hopped up to get the camera and lily jumped in daddy's lap...

and during one of my many dr. appointments, Lily had some alone time with Aunt Jennifer and I don't know who had more fun...(wearing a dress her daugther Katie wore at the same age)

the lighting is terrible, but i kinda liked it because Lily is VERY aware when she perceives Charley is in trouble or out of place. Here she's telling Charley to "chahlee-dow-peez" because little miss safety doesn't feel the window sill is the coolest idea...

and coloring with her cuz Grace, where she's watching Grace more than she's coloring. Even though this picture doesnt show it, we think we have a little left hander on our hands. I used to wish I was left-handed when I was a kid. I tried and tried to write with my left hand in school, but with no luck. Sometimes at home, I'd write in a front of a mirror using my right hand to see what it looked like because I thought it was cool to be left handed. (did I just share that out loud?)

and lil's first duo-bath...I wasnt there, but I heard there were more giggles that could probably be heard by the neighbors...

I love the way she's looking at David here as he makes all the funny sounds this book calls using onomatopoeia (ie sound words) on every page. She's looking at him like he's crazy man...

then she decided to take matters into her own hands... day to day can have its ups and downs, but the one constant that makes everything fun and okay is this little person who is not so little anymore. she is the gift that keeps on giving.

and giving.

and giving.

and giving.

life is good.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hoppy Easter

The Easter Bunny didn't get the shaft this year because he was supposed to visit on the same day as her birthday. We just creatively moved some dates around and celebrated Easter a little early so we could fit all the traditions in for Easter + her birthday. I think it was Jordan or Jamie who said "so Lily trumps Jesus this year? that's cool." hahahahaha. Since her birthday won't fall on Easter again until she's 13 (gasp) I hope Jesus will understand just this once. (praying 100 hail mary's, holding rosary)

Well, she started off with a major egg hunt at school. This picture makes me laugh because her teacher said she was looking to see what was in the bag, but couldn't see in it... so instead of adjusting where the bag was, she held the bag stationary and kept leaning over to try to peek inside until she almost did a somersault. she cracks me up.

then an egg hunt at Ray-Ray's house. Something about all the kids running around, yelling in excitement at finding eggs that were not-so-hidden made me wanna cry. Good thing for sunglasses. It felt so wholesome and fun. She was crawling last Easter(strange thought) so this was a whole new holiday for her.

Is she trying to look like the Easter Bunny here showing me her jelly bean find? lol

there's that smile... caught by Ray-Ray herself...

and some swinging friend with her friend Leah she calls "leee"

then there was another hunt with this cutie; her cousin Douglas...

(thanks for these shots jen while I chased the little ones around)

and of course Gracie Pie who looks prettier and older every time I see her...

and this little one...hello halter tops...oh how I've missed you...

I GOL'd at the store when I saw this dress. That'd be "Gasped Out Loud"...

this one could be titled "jackpot"...

this picture made me laugh because lils and gpa are making almost the same exact face...holy genetics at work...

lunch on the water is never complete without a fun game of peek - a-boo with her tablemates... thanks julie for the AWESOME restaurant recommendation...

oh and the work that went into this picture at The Fish House. There was lots of pre-grumbling, a shaky dock, kids about to go overboard, a stranger who didn't know how to work the "big" type of camera about to fall in to get this angle, and someone in this picture offering up a post apology to the family after we viewed them in the camera to see how it came out. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

i wish i could smile big enough to truly show how much happiness she brings into our lives. i'm just so thankful she's here, she's happy, she's healthy, she's fun, she's loving and i live everyday in gratitude that we were trusted to spend our days teaching this beautiful little soul about life and love. I just wanna say "thank you" to the universe 100x when I'm with her.

is it bad David had the same shirt on last Easter? (bottom center) it's the only pastel he owns so you might be seeing it in 2011. haha How was this Lily and the cousins just one year ago? oh my different! all of them! crazy to think there'll be 6 kids in this picture next easter. gasp.

and look at this cute little bunny jen shot? oh, wait. that sounds violent. ha.

life is oh so good. :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Party Leftovers

Having a hard time taking down the last of Lily's birthday party decorations. There's still remnants here and there reminding us of the festivities and one LARGE Elmo faced balloon that floated up so high no one can reach it, but he watches over us every day and Lily even says good night to it as she goes upstairs. He has monster helium in him so he'll easily be there for another month or two and might just become part of the family.

And Lily had her very own Elmo cake baked and decorated none other than by her very own Daddy. His master cake maker mom Dottie should be so proud!

And my eyes were spilling over with tears as everyone sang Happy Birthday to our little miracle child we never thought we'd have, that I could barely see this sweet face Jen snapped as Lily was soaking it all in!

And she thought she was such a big girl with all the presents and read each card like she knew exactly what it read. She read with such conviction and made total sense.

and Lily's bday wouldn't be complete without the annual cardboard cutout as her table centerpiece. We did it last year too so I guess it can now be characterized as an official tradition.

And the kids made these adorable Elmo bags (thanks for the idea Patrizzi) and Lily made them with her friends at school too. Super easy, fun and perfect for all ages...

Katie was the 'project manager'

There was another certain teenager who's name rhymes with Mordan who might've been seen making his very own Elmo bag. Just sayin.

Katie looked like a preschool teacher showing them just what to do. Lily looks up to her ever so slightly. (understatement of the year)

sweet shot jen got of her youngest daughter and niece putting their hands together to help each other. literally.

And it seemed all of Lily's presents were biggies which was nice because our house turned into a little preschool, like this new water table from grandma, grandpa and bob. She looooved washing dishes, but didn't like the feeling of wet hands so she was in quite the quandry. So we put a hanging towel outside and she would wash dishes for 45 seconds, dry her hands, then wash her hands for 45 seconds, dry her hands over and over...rinse. repeat. rinse. repeat.

and this apron my mom made for her with a dishcloth and hot mitt is to die for. I got it from a craft blog, but can't remember which one so thank you if this is your idea.

I like to call this picture "bubble nose". lol

2 years spent with love pouring from every heart that prayed for her to finally be here and to celebrate her sweet little life with some of those people on Easter was the icing on the birthday cake. Of course in red and black. Elmo would be so proud. He'll be watching over us for awhile so we gotta make him beam. :)

life is good.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

2 years old

The curtain closes after 2 beautiful years with our sweet Lily Grace. This entry is set to post exactly when she was born at 11:28pm 2 years to the day. Although time has flown, David and I were just talking about how we can't remember life before her. We've known each other for 11 years, but only had Lily in our lives for 2 of those years and can't remember being without her. It's a beautiful thing. And the last of her monthly pictures, which will probably turn into quarterly ones. Boy, was that a lot of work to do every month. Some months she sat like a statue, others she almost fell off, while others she flailed around like a fish out of water, but so worth it when we have this 2-page spread to remember every single month that has built up to equal 2 wonderful years as a family. Her first year... her 2nd year... Between the family and me, we have more pictures from her birthday than I know what to do with, but will leave you with a little taste from today. It was extra special because the lily flowers were at every corner market, as her birthday actually fell on Easter Sunday, which won't happen again until 2021 when she's 13 years old made it that much sweeter. It was perfect with love in the air so thick, I think the balloons even absorbed some and one happy not-so-little 2 year old with her big blue eyes taking it all in and spilling right into her heart. Somehow tonight I think she'll be dreaming of cakes, streamers, banners, slides, balloons, water tables, easels, cozy coupes, bubbles and of course Elmo, as he fills her heart almost as the people who love her. Thanks Aunt Jen for capturing her little heart and smile. She was one happy little girl today and nothing makes me happier. Nothing. i know her love cup is overflowing today because she felt the love from everywhere she turned. She thanks you for the endless texts, emails, messages, phone calls, gifts, surpise presents, hugs, kisses, time and cards, but most of all for loving her for just how she is. No one could ask for anything more and I don't think Lily is asking for more either. Her heart is full and ours is too. life is good.