Monday, November 25, 2013

oh the memories

Love when Dan is around because he always takes the difficult shots.

 photo IMG_1990_zps404cbd49.jpg
 photo IMG_1989_zps1c5aad0d.jpg

someone was having a tantrum about not getting muffins (he's borderline addicted)  we passed in the store and need a breather. aka time out.
 photo IMG_1962_zps2bd90869.jpg

dance party mid walk...they always stop at this same random cement slab for a jam session. always.
 photo IMG_1901_zps31a844d7.jpg

 photo IMG_1790_zps677c6d17.jpg

and he always reaches for my the parking lot and doesn't like to ever let go.

 photo IMG_1752_zpsbfe3e0b5.jpg

one of my favorite pictures of them...behind shots are addicting like muffins.
 photo IMG_1690_zps69c2ab19.jpg

picture speaks for itself.
 photo IMG_1666_zps76e50c66.jpg

she thought the drawing on her lobe was the piercing part and told me "aw, that wasn't so bad" before they did the real deal.  the response was not the same then.
 photo IMG_1612_zps0f809a05.jpg

jen's photo assistant.
 photo IMG_1516_zps1ddb7cd4.jpg

couponing gone wild.
 photo IMG_1961_zps50aefc7b.jpg

life is good.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

2 muskateers

moments like this take my breath away and even more when looking back on  it... photo IMG_1497_zps24981ed1.jpg

before the big party all dolled shoe photo bombed.
 photo DSC_0122_zps62ed0260.jpg
Grady photo bombs with his ear.
 photo DSC_0123_zps90507638.jpg
love him in jeans and button down. or is a button up.
 photo DSC_0119_zpsaaec1199.jpg

our little soccer player in the making... photo IMG_1462_zpsa380770b.jpg

notice the uniforms...we didnt get shorts this season so Lily took that upon herself to show her flair.  I try not to get in the way. photo IMG_1460_zps7ffe0008.jpg  photo IMG_1453_zps732955be.jpg

even tho they yell at each other, there are moments like this where I know they dont mean it. Or at least that's what i tell myself. photo IMG_1451_zpsc7579bf5.jpg

life is good.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lily Turns 5

Ok so maybe she turned 5 in April, but it'll be timeless when we look back on the blog and the blog book.  We wrote a thank you letter to God and sent him a care package to thank Him for making her.  she said "mommy, we can't forget Jesus too".  I had kind of forgotten about it, but when Grady turned 3, she gently reminded me we needed to make another one to thank god (and Jesus) for making Grady.  I love listening to the mouth of babes. photo IMG_1412_zps77548c8a.jpg
Thanks Jackie for the awesome shirt! photo IMG_1420_zps2e67165c.jpg

she had 3 parties...1 at school, 1 with the family and 1 with friends...that's a lucky girl! photo IMG_1426_zpsf766ecc0.jpg

love the crooked "y" photo IMG_1424_zps437bc786.jpg
She's obsessed with her legs covered at all times....she wears leggings to bed.  this girl is unique and quirky and i love it. photo IMG_1418_zpsc1bdb45b.jpg

bunny lovin'
 photo IMG_1416_zps839b6f1e.jpg
birthday eve... photo IMG_1413_zps5b6744b7.jpg

posing... photo IMG_1411_zpsd211db5e.jpg

Grandma made her bunny cake like she used to for us and i love these series of pictures together.
 photo IMG_1364_zps454b387f.jpg

 photo _JBP0667_zps4e10f337.jpg  photo _JBP0677_zps5d49d133.jpg  photo _JBP0679_zps48182984.jpg  photo _JBP0655_zps64f69668.jpg

Happy Birthday lily!  We love you to the bunny moon and back.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

fun times in hutcheson high

We have started allowance with lily and it's working really well.  It started off with tickets she could get stuff from the treasure box and now we've moved to kindness quarters....she works really hard to make good choices, but sometimes it's hard to control her feelings so when i see her pour all those coins onto the counter, I feel a big sense of pride for her and know the lesson is bigger than the night light pillow she gets to sleep with every night (at least i hope so) photo IMG_0647_zpsab3fc11a.jpg
so proud with her loot.
 photo IMG_0645_zpsecc9e104.jpg
she's had this awhile, but this is what the scene looks like every time.  Last week she got Dora and boots on roller skates for $29.99 paid with all coins!  the cashiers always play along too and hype it up with her.
 photo IMG_0649_zps01b6c4dc.jpg

someone graduated from pre K...old picture but great memories and has to make it into the blog book! photo IMG_0587_zpse093386b.jpg  photo IMG_1196_zps19b05f79.jpg  photo IMG_1184_zps04ee6eea.jpg
he's doing this crooked smile much less lately and i miss it already... photo IMG_1157_zpsb812e653.jpg

When kids open a snack, they have to give the first one to the people they are with...usually they have the same snack so it's an even trade and Grady always announces "Sharing is caring" when the task is complete. every . single. time. photo IMG_1145_zpsc1c97880.jpg

she looks so little here and this is just a few months ago when you think about it. photo IMG_1093_zpsce8c4593.jpg

Grady wanted a toy in the toybox, but couldn't reach it so he problem solved.

 photo IMG_1137_zpse1c07a92.jpg

come on grady, let's go get a ball... photo IMG_1126_zpsc4813fef.jpg

Grandma has taught them the love of climbing trees. photo IMG_1083_zpsae364936.jpg

Grady the photo bomber. photo IMG_1048_zps65e09c89.jpg

At 5 years young, she still need a lot of sleep.  So she naps on the go.
 photo IMG_0643_zpsffa8340c.jpg

life is good.