Sunday, May 26, 2013

turn on your speakers

This song was playing loudly as the crowds parted and suddenly it was like my kids were the only ones at the zoo - there are moments like this i can't believe that they're here and we get to enjoy them everyday  - I sat back and took in the moments of watching them run, frolic and enjoy their little lives together.
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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wonky Wee Ones

The behavior around here has been wonky and off the charts lately so we're enrolling the kids into behavior boot camp. This is how we're feeling around here

he loves to be on his head...all day long.

This is what i see when i walk by randomly throughout the day.

or when i get him out of his crib.  notice the banner just above the crib?  yea, that's been torn down on a random tuesday night.  still haven't found the 2nd tack that hung it and have looked for days.

if you can't beat em' join em'.  (note the nicely hung banner.  yea not so much anymore)

sometimes i think he has a vision problem when i see him writing.

but he went to an eye doctor for other concerns we had and his vision was a-ok.  but he sure would look cute in some little specs though.

excuse the christmas decor - i promise it's not still up.

I usually take Lily to school so it's nice when David gets a chance too.

and see her in action.

i love when she looks at us like this.

after a tough day(s) i love to peek on them while they're sleeping and it reminds me they're just learning and growing and testing figuring out where their boundaries are in life.

and see their goodness to their core

we used to try lily in bed with us when we'd go on vaca and the pack and play wasn't working but sleeping with us never worked either...she's such a wild sleeper.

love this oldie but goodie of her about to sleep over at Grandma's house :)

not a nervous bone in her body about sleeping away from her comforts of home.

i went on pics while sleeping kick for awhile...

"Lily let's get cozy."

feeding her dolls....

another sleepover.   :)


today was a good day so im going to focus on that and hoping boot camp is helping and continuing this momentum into this last stop before bed though.

Life is good.

Monday, May 06, 2013

park hoppers

Always on a hunt for a new park - this is one of our favorites because it's handicap accessible built by parents who lost their son to Muscular Dystrophy at the young age of 7 so the community rallied together and built this park with ramps and wheelchair accessible equipment...even the slides!
Thank you Allison for all of Chase and Cal's clothes!  Im running out of hangers and closet space!

Me and my wandering eye boy...

they have the same smile here...

Lily is a bit of a puzzle freak lately and did a 100 piece puzzle the other day all by herself...I was like say whaaaaa...this was her first one of 24 pieces I believe.

yes, we've taken these down (lights too), but this picture snuck into the mix.

her life size doll friends...

no idea why his crocs are on the table while he ate dinner.

Colleen gave me this pin while we were TTC as a good luck charm to represent the family we so desperately wanted...I love wearing it because it reminds me how far we've come!

we have a bunch of Curious George fanatics running around here...a quick read before school

now she's ready for school

there's a lake in our neighborhood with a large field the kids run wild in and it always makes me feel like the sound of music when we're there...

me and Charlie Brown look alike have so much fun sitting by the lake pondering life while waiting to pick up Lillers.
life is good.