Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Disney Trip 2013

The energy in the house was electrifying before our summer vacation to Disney travelled in the fall. photo IMG_2940_zps53ad437a.jpg

Packing seemed to take forever, but it all placed like a puzzle into our swagger wagon.

 photo IMG_4055_zpsfd14313b.jpg

naps were in the car...
 photo IMG_4060_zps31cc6e80.jpgonly to wake to see this awesome sign knowing the fun was about to begin. photo IMG_4061_zps4b331522.jpg

awake and ready..
 photo IMG_4057_zps4fdbe27a.jpg

this picture depicts it all...
 photo IMG_4298_zps885dfae7.jpg

we were excited about Disney, but the kids loved Sea World the best....we tend to agree...this was Grady through every show.  we watched him more than the show sometimes.  Is David photo bombing?  holy creepy eye-tastic
 photo IMG_4291_zps30fec1c5.jpg

bubbles bubbles everywhere...
 photo IMG_4283_zps2c12a2dc.jpg

On the last day, Shamu ate Grady's nuks and it has been a rough adjustment on top of the big boy bed introduction prior to our trip so ay yi yi getting back to a normal sleep routine.
 photo IMG_4307_zpsfc9e1d08.jpg

Lily and David won that big ole' green frog and Lily and Grady carried it around like it was a small little thing.
 photo IMG_4286_zps024ffdf6.jpg

We got Sea World/Aquatica pass so we could go to either park unlimited for 15 days and that was the best thing we did bc it allowed so much variety and flexibility with our schedule.  Aquatica is an AWESOME water park and highly suggest it for ANY ages!!
 photo IMG_4268_zps2cfdf710.jpg

Grady is trying to emulate Lily's flair with his hand on his hip too!  lol
 photo IMG_4258_zpseaaec646.jpg

one of my favorite pictures from the trip....
 photo IMG_4246_zps48d2f22d.jpg

this is where we spent my bday with a fun dinner afterwards...note to self, plan your vaca over your bday for double awesome fun!
 photo IMG_4248_zpsa5bdad85.jpg
dinner afterwards...
 photo IMG_4204_zps053c3847.jpg

Lily told G to hold up 3 fingers bc we went for his 3rd bday, but Grady looks like he's doing a gang symbol in the process.
 photo IMG_4190_zpsc0a34ab7.jpg

seriously, these are timeless pictures that live on forever.
 photo IMG_4179_zps6a1f2230.jpg

another favorite pic from the trip...
 photo IMG_4166_zps6c315b99.jpg
 photo IMG_4161_zpse77aa4bf.jpg

G did great in a real bed all week...we moved him out of the crib just days before this trip bc he was doing some wild and dangerous things in his crib (another post entirely) It did help that we ran him into the ground everyday, but it was pretty cute seeing his little body sprawled out in a big bed.
 photo IMG_4149_zpsb94436ca.jpg

the pools at the hotel were amazing and we could've just stayed at the hotel everyday to play - Grady laid like this on the side of the pool watching a game of catch for almost 30 minutes straight between 2 strangers
 photo IMG_4134_zps3c59016c.jpg

back for some Sea World fun.
 photo IMG_4127_zps57547da0.jpg

G looks so little here to me.
 photo IMG_4120_zpsc614ece4.jpg

G still talks about Shamu and asks to go back to the hotel since we left.
 photo IMG_4114_zpsa97599c9.jpg

the obligatory pic...
 photo IMG_4129_zps24855808.jpg

playing house in the hotel...
 photo IMG_4068_zps69783175.jpg

naps in the stroller gone wrong...

 photo IMG_4272_zps249219bc.jpg

 a private moment reflecting on hide and seek and Candyland...
 photo IMG_4194_zps8ae27b5c.jpg

We waited forever to see Snow White while David held our spot for the parade and the kids got punchy so I gave him the phone to play with which we were hesitant to do due to battery issues, but they got so cute and snuggly it was worth it...a nice lady in line took this picture and texted it to me.
 photo IMG_4182_zps7cf04d56.jpg

Downtown Disney - lily is mad bc her doll just got beheaded seconds before we took this picture - we handed the stranger the camera, the beheaded doll was discovered and snap.
 photo IMG_4140_zps3a85b6db.jpg

Grady kept playing this stop game when he got punchy.
 photo IMG_4123_zps339aacbc.jpg
  STOP!  I'm Grady.
 photo IMG_4121_zps0e6b5e77.jpg
Thanks Dottie for the adorable cooler for the trip and my bday (your bday too)
 photo IMG_4045_zpsaf70630b.jpg

time to leave, but memories that'll last forever in our hearts!!!!!
 photo IMG_4273_zpsb65e5417.jpg

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Zoo and Hugs

court reminded me I haven't posted in awhile...and she's right....i feel like Beachbody has eaten me up and swallowed me whole (in such an awesome way) so I gotta find the balance, but it's so hard when it's so much fun!!  Here's a great group pic from our favorite watering hole photo IMG_1354_zps40a53834.jpg

these 2 melt me the way they look out for each other... photo IMG_1407_zpsae45df32.jpg

and have so much fun together... photo IMG_1399_zpsa4960095.jpg

"Do I have something on my face?" photo IMG_1386_zpsa903dc9d.jpg

so big... photo IMG_1378_zpsfaa3849a.jpg

he is so much fun in the pool now... photo IMG_1370_zpsbbc167f3.jpg

a little good luck kiss before his lessons when he had them...
 photo IMG_1336_zpsfba6b5e8.jpg

I mean come on now...i just can't handle this when I'm spying... photo IMG_1335_zpsbd8a9e22.jpg
there i go with the behind the back shots...
 photo IMG_1332_zpsbe5e8887.jpg

future lacrosse goalie? photo IMG_1296_zps9fc9e0af.jpg

Jen's assistant...
 photo IMG_1292_zpsa1a86120.jpg

i pledge of allegiance... photo IMG_1282_zps2195ed5b.jpg

catch... photo IMG_1245_zps8b8a054e.jpg

zoo in cooler weather...G with a tail. photo IMG_1234_zps94938db5.jpg

party with marty the white alligator... photo IMG_1233_zps8349f5af.jpg

thanks for the reminder's fun to reminisce!!  life is good!