Wednesday, January 17, 2007


This just in from the's an Xray of my belly!! We're about to leave for the egg retrieval and I have butterflies bouncing around having a party in my belly!! I have an irrational fear that the IV will get hit out of me once it's in. Kinda like in the movie "Airplane" when the girl is playing her guitar so wildly that she hits the other girls IV out w/o knowing and she stops breathing....remember that scene? That was a traumatic scene for me bc I remember it 25 years later. I also worry they wont give me enuff of the sleep meds and I'll feel everything, but won't be able to say anything, bc I'm drugged up. Please pray for HIGH QUALITY EGGS!! That's the most important part of today!! Quantity is important, but quality is more!! It'd be nice to get both!! Thanks for caring and loving us thru all this!! You'll be in the room with us!!!!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear that they got a couple dozen QUALITY eggs. I wonder why they can't give you a spinal like they do for c-sections so you could be awake?? Thinking of you today!!!
Love Donna

Kelle said...

It's a wonderful day and I know God is doing great things with Baby Hutcheson. I'm praying, loving you both, and thinking of you today ALL day! I can't get it out of my mind! I love you and your family and your courage and your faith and I love Baby Hutcheson!!!
xoxo K with an e