Monday, January 22, 2007

Pink or Blue?

Here's my outfit I wore for transfer day....I wanted to wear pink and blue so neither embie would feel left out!! ha ha
I'm home today and feeling great! No pain, no discomfort, no cramps.....just exhausted!! I can't sleep enough!! As soon as I wake up, I have the urge to go back to sleep!!!! We've had a hectic schedule the last few weeks driving back and forth to Margate so my body is trying to catch up from that plus all the "work" it has had done on it in the last few days needs some repair time. I just woke up (11:30) only cause the phone rang if you can believe it and I'm looking forward to eating a little lunch and going back to sleep!!! I slept nearly all day yesterday. I want my body to get as much rest as it's asking for!! Staying horizontal is the key!! Better to be safe than sorry!! Waiting to hear from the doc about how many of our embies survived to day 5 and will be frozen - they'll let us know today or tomorrow!! I hope a few survived in there!!
We keep talking to the twins and rubbing/kissing my belly like they're in there growing and living in there!!! I hope we dont find out we were talking to ourselves after this 2-3 week wait!!!!!! No matter what happens, we did all we could, it was incredibly bonding and it was an amazing that we'll do again if need be!! WE LOVE YOU ALL for every prayer, every hope, every caring word, every card, every email, every ounce of love you give us!! The cards, emails, flowers will be saved forever and the feelings you've given us will be in our hearts forever!!!!!

PS Can't use my cell until friday for texts or talking - ugh! went over this month which I NEVER was a unique month to say the least!!


Joanna De Beers said...

You already look like a mommy!!!

Lynne said...

I just love the way you think. Nothing left unthought about. I have prayed for you each day. I just know that God has a plan for all this love you two have in your hearts.