Thursday, January 18, 2007

Soccer Anyone?

WE HAVE TWELVE EMBRYOS!!! That's enough for a soccer team with a sub!!! 2 of my eggs were not mature so they didnt even try to fertilize them so all 12 eggs that were fertilized TOOK!!! They said our fertilization report was 100% successful!! This is best case scenario! Now we wait (heavy sigh) for the "embryo strength report" where they watch the embryos in the incubator to see how they do and give them each a grade of 1-4 tomorrow....1 is the strongest....they'll give us a full report as well as our transfer day on Friday....the waiting continues, but it's good news right now so we can take a breather and celebrate every victory along the way!! We've jumped so many hurdles already and we're so close to the finish line!! I feel like you're right there with us holding our hands!!! LOOK! .........................

There you are!!! ---->

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