Sunday, October 23, 2011

sc lovin

Some very special people came to surprise David for Grady's birthday. They wanted to teach him to walk and sign more by the end of their visit. They came close and Grady claps for more so I'd say it's a win-win.
They're the cool type of grandparents who get down on the floor with the kids, play jokes with them and are always present when they're with them. They are just as fascinated by the little and big things they do like they're the actual parents. I feel like I've always had a great relationship with my own parents and David's parents, but since having kids, I feel like the relationship, bond and connection has sky rocketed into another atmosphere.

Lily set up school with them and was the student during the read aloud.

Man, do I love this picture! This is what life is all about. Our job nurturing kids is to do the teaching and supporting all along the way. This picture says it all. So symbolic.

Lily and Grady seriously have the coolest set of grandparents. They're all still so young at heart.

and I know David was on cloud 9 having them here loving on his most prized (people) possessions.

these are pictures we'll treasure forever. the little things make a big impact on kids.

I love how Lily is checking out her grandma...

Dottie got Lily this apron and it couldn't be cuter or more Laura Ingalls unless Nelly Olson gave it to Lily herself.

life is good!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Grady (doesn't like) Cakes

Lily's favorite song of all time is a good ole' belting of Happy Birthday. She sings it regularly and changes the star of the song. Whoever puts her to sleep and does prayers with her, she sings happy birthday to the other parent who is waiting downstairs with an enthusiastic "yaaaa". This happens nightly without fail. She likes routine and traditions and sticks to them like it's her toddler oath. Apparently, Grady doesn't like the song as much.
I saw the lip quiver as we began the song and wanted to stop the singing mid song but I was in slow motion in my mind going through it when the dam broke. I was so surprised bc he's Mr. I Wanna Be the Center of Attention Kid who waves and seeks smiles from any person he meets.

He does the cutest thing ever when he cries. When he stops and composes himself, he always takes this GIANT audible sigh like "woah, that was a rough go at it, but I'm cool now". It is so sweet!!

So are the cracker jacks and peanuts (7th inning stretch song) and the upside down sign.

I got these adorable party favor bags from Glenda who does any type of favor bag you desire. the backs said "Grady-1" and they were adorable!!

A few weeks ago I asked David his most prized (non people) possession and without skipping a beat, he said his no-hitter baseball. Bingo! I found it and it was part of the display. Made sure not to get any salsa on it. Holla!

and my super talented friend Jessica made this banner for Grady and will make one for you too for the holidays.

Check out her shop and send her some love. Use the coupon code HutchesonIsCool and nothing will happen, but it'll make her smile. I have this Happy Halloween banner just waiting for tape to be hung made by her.

Order one here just for giggles and screams.

our little bat girl had a blast too but not for sale...

I have more big league gum then my dentist would ever care to know about....

things got a little crazy thanks to Jamie....

Grady was running a fever days before his birthday and not sleeping (youch!!) and although he was on a healthy streak before his birthday, he wasn't his normal happy- smile -at- his- shadow- self, but he sure looked cute and was that much more snuggly.

i can't say enough about the joy i feel when i see the cousins together....feels like we're the Duggars with all these kids who are close enough to call siblings....I want that to last a lifetime. I'll do everything in my power to always foster these relationships.

David's gear acted as a the springboard to most of the decorations.

these water bottle wraps I got from Etsy as well and love the concept. My dad was kind enough to wrap them and chill them in his refrigerator. I thought they were such a nice touch, but everyone, including me was afraid to drink from them bc they were so pretty.

These 2 lead the pack in being the oldest, coolest, sweetest kids that our kids all strive to be like one day. Crazy to think they're 10-12 years old then our kids. That seems like a million years from now, but I remember when they were just little toddlers zipping around running circles around us all.

This picture CRACKS me up because it looks like Grady was an Oops baby after their own kids were grown. He sure fits in! Seriously, what a cute family they are!!

I love this picture and these people SO much I had to re-post it.

life is good.

PS David got me the Apple TV for my birthday and it is one of my most favorite gifts ever. I can't say enough good things about it and I only know about 1/200th of what it does. My favorite part about it is that it streams ALL of your pictures from your PC to your tv as a fancy slideshow and plays all of your music from your itunes. All wireless. Somehow you hook this tiny box to your tv, it reads anything on your computer in another room and plays it through the tv with your music. I'm going down every memory lane possible since feeling an overabundance of gratitude from all the ups and downs we've experienced in the last 10 years. We have 20,000 pictures in roughly 10 years so it'll jump from our dating days to Grady being born to nieces and nephews at Halloween to our IVF days to buying this house to weddings to 1/2 marathons to pool parties to vacations to days in our old condo to our bridal shower to sunsets to every other memory you can possibly think of all set to our favorite music. I'm brought back to that moment in time in a nanosecond. If I'm in the picture I can sense the emotions I was feeling during that time; especially during the TTC years; it's like I can see an emptiness in my eyes or maybe I just remember it when I see those pictures. Our friends told us about it, but thought it was only for mac users or it'd be hundreds of dollars and you'd need fancy equipment to go with it. Um, not so much! It's pretty much plug and play and easy peasy. I think I'll be up all night seeing our life unfold in slow motion set to music. If you don't have one, go out and buy one or ask for it from Santa or for ask for it for Thanksgiving. Or give it as a gift to anyone who lives in your house. Gift it to your pet; just get it. It's really a must have and I think I'm going to start selling them on the corner so everyone can experience this joy and gratitude seeing your life in lights. It does a million other cool things, but this is by far, my most favorite-ist part of it thus far. Go buy one. Mention the coupon code KellyIsTheBombDiggity and they'll hang up on you.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

crazy for cubbies

Pssst, there once was a cute little baby boy born on 10-10-10 and guess what?

He grew up really fast.

so the family came in town from all over to celebrate.

And dance.

Even G joined in.

and his grandma hand made a really cute crown that fit him like a glove. Until his super cool 15 year old nephew put it on...

and then it was a little big even for his big noggin'...

and he was all smiles on his special day and lapped up all the attention...

but then Grandma fixed his cute crown because he was the prince for a day...

and he was our MVP; awarded the game ball for his heart...

he even got his own water bottles when he needed to take a water break from all the crawling...

and he tried to eat some peanut batter up and jelly sandwiches...

he even flew in his grandma from SC to help with the cake and she went all out...

they were offered a $500 voucher to be bumped on their flight by 3 hours on the way here, but declined it because they had to decorate the cakes. I made them sign their name in blood they are never to do that again and we'll buy a cake at publix if need be. Dot worked her fingers to the bone and wanted it just perfect for Grady...

and it was just that...

absolute perfection for Grady...

thank you Dottie for your talented hands and putting all of your heart into his first birthday cake.

almost too good to eat...

almost, but not quite as I nailed a few of these...

and I think it was a full circle moment for David as he played for the Cubs back in the day

Grady barely touched it and didn't eat a bite of it which surprised me because he's such an explorer and destroyer in one...not with this cake though; I think he sensed its "special'ness"

it's been a beautiful year thanks to this special little boy who exudes love and happiness...

and asks for nothing from anyone other than some snuggles

and he's just hours from walking I can just feel it. He'll stand in one place for 5-7 seconds like he's surfing an air wave and think it through and plop down and zip away like he escaped a bank robbery. He's walking around furniture like a crazy baby and I know he's days away from this big milestone, but I love the anticipation of the big steps and he can take his sweet time in actually doing it.

not quite sure what happened here or who took this picture. I didnt hear any meltdowns from her so Im assuming it's a game of hide and seek because if it was a meltdown, the neighbors and neighbor's neighbors would have heard it. ha

our little bat girl...

I can't say enough about how sweet Grace is and what a grea role model she is for Lily on all aspects. She takes money out of her piggy bank every week for the church offering without prompting from anyone. That's the kind of kid she is and I love that Lily gets to rub elbows with her. They are attached at the hip when together and tears are shed when they leave each other. And today is her pretty momma's birthday. Happy Birthday Mollycoddle! We love you so much and the kids you're raising. (Dan too:)

A few weeks before Grady's birthday, I debated buying Cubs shirts for David, Lily and me to wear to match Grady, but it ended up being $75 online for 3 shirts plus shipping so I passed, but regretted the decision the closer his birthday came. It was too late to find some for all of us at the mall so I just chalked it up to a small disappointment in the grand scheme of things and promised myself I'd do it next time because it'd be worth it.
Then Dottie arrives and pulls Cubs shirts out of her suitcase like Mary Poppins. It was as if she was a walking panhandler selling Cubs shirts. She didn't know any of the backstory of my looking online either! Can you say fate? Not only did she have a shirt for David and me, but she did for both sets of grandparents too. These were the shirts they used to wear watching David play back in the day. Allison let me borrow one for Grady, but I used it for Lily and it made for a perfect day for Grady.

somehow I think this picture will be blown up poster size and hung proudly.

Having all of our family in town to celebrate Grady's life one year later was a perfect bow to a wonderful year with this sweet little soul.

life is good.

(more to come if you can believe that one)

Monday, October 10, 2011

In One Year...

I can't fully express what this last year has meant to our family and the love, joy and happiness Grady has brought into our lives since he entered this world on 10-10-10 at 5:52pm. I never thought it was possibe to love this much (times 2) and feel eternally grateful that I've been trusted to raise, love, support, nurture, enjoy, cherish and guide this beautiful little soul.

Sometimes, I dont feel like I can smile big enough for the happiness he brings into this world and since words escape me, cute pictures will take its place.

I can't wait to watch him grow and see his personality unfold before our very eyes.

I have about 7,002 more pictures to share, but family is here loving on our babies so it's still time to celebrate family and all that it means to us.

Grady, you are loved beyond measure because of your sweet, smiley, happy heart. I dont know what we did to deserve you, but we're thanking those lucky stars every single solitary day for you.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy.