Sunday, September 30, 2007


uhhhh, I didnt sign up for this....(click link)

Fight with the Ultrasound Tech....

Mrs. Stroup (my hs creative writing teacher) always said to have a good title to "HOOK" your audience so I bet that one did!! Ok, maybe it wasn't an actual fight where we were rolling around the floor pulling hair, screaming, grabbing lab coats while David was moving sharp objects out of our way, but I wanted to take her down. In a big way. She told us her policy about determining the sex and I found it extremely troubling....

Ready for this?

Are you sitting down?

I hope you are since you're at the computer.


My u/s tech told us she won't even GUESS or make any predictions at the sex of the baby until (deep breath) 20 WEEKS!! OMG! WTF!? (coughing, gasping for air) I've had friends find out as early as 15.5 weeks!! I'll be getting weekly checkups from 16-22 weeks to measure my cervix so that'll be TORTURE! Does she like taunting new parents who have waiting 100 years to have a baby?? I wonder if she takes bribes? If so, I'll start a fundraiser stat! OMG! I was on the fence about finding out (D really wants to know), but now I'm going to hunt her down like a stalker gone bad!!

On a happier note, since I have to fill the time until 20 weeks which is like 2010, I have some AMAZING books that I can't put down!! One will make you laugh and the other will make you cry!! These gifts were waiting for us after our appt on Thursday when we were officially out of the woods and had the doctor's blessing to tell the world.

From Jen along with a card I read out loud that cracked my voice and watered David's eyes and that's hard to do!! She also gave us 2 baby board books, "Guess How Much I Love You" and "Mommy Loves Me" with powerful inscriptions in each book. I don't know how I'll read either of those books without crying every time!!

Mom gave us this book called "100 Promises to My Baby" and an adorable outfit that I can't imagine our baby in one day! More cards, more inscriptions, more tears!! Oh my humbling and inspiring!! It's amazing to have family and friends who you'd think were the ones pg from how happy they are for us!! lol. The title of this book is as inspiring as the contents!! Looks like I better warm up my fingers for all the "pinky promises" I need to make. I think we're both up to the challenge! We've been making these promises while TTC (trying to conceive) so it's nice to have it writing for us!!

BIG STEP!! I borrowed Kelle's bin of maternity clothes!! She's offered it to me since TTC and especially since I've been pg. I've been afraid to accept, but feel I need to get over the jinxing police finding my house bc I think they're off my trail!! I'm in the awkward stage where people probably think I'm a little "thicker" than usual, (hate the word "fat)) but not big enough for maternity clothes so Kelle's clothes are perfect!! She gave me lots of staples for all stages and she's as stylish as they come so I may look cute during this pg-cy and not like a big tent walking around looking for the next circus show!!!
On another note, I work at 2 schools this year and Jen and I share one of the same schools which is super cool. My niece Katie is there too in 3rd grade which is even cooler!! Anyway, Jen sent this email (with my permission) to the staff on Friday. After it was out there, I felt like I was walking around the school naked with my secret exposed. I have to tell my other school on Tuesday and then I'll be officially "out"! Wowsa!!. Scary and freeing at the same time!!

Question: Why is Mrs. Hutcheson so happy on the VME morning news?
Answer: Because she has a very, VERY good reason...It is with a happy
heart that I'd like to share with you that my sister, Kelly Hutcheson,
is glowing because she is pregnant!!
Aunt Jennifer

We're humbled and in awe by the love we have received! There are no words!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Here's a picture for you all to enjoy. It's from the cell phone so it's not super clear, but it sure was on the monitor!! We're usually measuring 3-4 days behind, but today we were right on target! Measuring 13 weeks 1 day and that is exactly how far along we are!! They said the dates and the measurements never match so we got lucky today. Heartbeat was strong and beating away!

Doc said we're "out of the woods", but I am at a higher risk for an "incompetent cervix" because I had a LEEP a few years ago where he took a chunk of my cervix bc it had precancerous cells on it. He said they need to monitor me closely between 16-22 weeks to make sure my cervix isn't weakening with the weight of the baby and they may need to suture me up to prevent any risk. Some upsetting news was that he doesn't recommend me flying to one of my best friend's wedding in November bc I'll be in the middle of that risky cervix time and he doesn't want me that far away. That bums me out!! So it was kind of a bitter sweet appt in that way. He said if they monitor it closely, they should be able to take care of it in advance, but need to keep an eye on it.

I got home and my mom had left a secret present under my bed and David had it sitting out when we got home. It was an adorable outfit and an inspiring book called "100 Promises to My Child" I can't wait to read it and be inspired!! So very thoughtful!! I'll try to find the book online to share!!

Telling my bosses tomorrow! I'm nervous for some reason even tho I know they'll be overjoyed! Still feels foreign to say it out loud!! I may park in "expectant mother parking" this weekend if I'm really feeling crazy!!

pregnancy due date

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Gr8 Ultrasound!! :)

Everything looks perfect with baby h!!!!! Doc is happy. We're going on CNN tonight to tell the world! Xoxo

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lucky # 13!!!

13!!! I'm finally a TEENAGER!! YAAA!!

I've never been a fan of 13, but today I am!! We're 13 weeks today and I can barely believe it! (links below) We have an u/s tomorrow and will meet with our regular doctor (FINALLY!) for him to give us his blessing. It's weird because every appointment I've had for the last 10 years have been with him and then I get pregnant ready for cake, balloons, and hugs from him and I haven't seen him since!!

I did see him around 6 weeks when the bleeding started and I was in tears when he told us "everything looks fine, but you're not out of the woods yet"...thanks doc!! There was no cake, balloons or hugs at that appointment, but I'm sure there will be tomorrow (insert sarcastic laugh) Then I'll tell work and the rest of the world too. I feel like such a big fat liar not telling people at work, but I promised myself this time to hold off. After tomorrow, it could be on the CNN crawl too!! teehee

The appointment is at 3pm so I'll post from my cell phone as soon as I can. There is always a long wait for later appointments so don't get nervous if you don't hear from me for awhile. (nudging mom in ribs) I'm not super nervous because I've heard the heartbeat everyday for the last few weeks and it's beating strong at 150-162 beats per minute so all sounds well in there; I just hope he/she is growing and thriving like he/she should!! Can't wait to see him/her tomorrow and get new pix!!! :) :)

~Thirteen and Thriving

Friday, September 21, 2007

Randy Pausch...

Watch this clip to be inspired. Kelle saw him on GMA today - I wish I could've seen the full version. Here is the back story:

Randy Pausch set the tone early on yesterday at his farewell lecture at Carnegie Mellon University.
"If I don't seem as depressed or morose as I should be, sorry to disappoint you," said Dr. Pausch.
It is probably the last public speech Dr. Pausch will give anywhere. The 46-year-old computer science professor and father of three preschoolers has incurable pancreatic cancer. Doctors have given him months to live.
Yet, standing at the podium in McConomy Auditorium on the campus yesterday, Randy Pausch did not focus on impending death. Instead, he celebrated the chance he had been given to live the life he always had dreamed of.

Figure this one out...

So im wearing jeans (had to pay $3 for ACS) and a VERY LOOSE white sweater shirt today. Shirt is not too big and it's not too small. I have 2 long chunky necklaces on to cover me up even more. NO WAY can u tell im preggers today....NO WAY!!! I promise!!

Anyway, this just happened at lunch and I had to share it...

Me: (Walking around cafe' chatting with kids)

1st Gr. Boy: "Mrs. H, do you have children?"

Me: (shocked by ?) "No, not yet."

Boy: "You have baby in your belly."

Me: "What?"

Boy: "Yes, you have baby in your belly."

Me: "What makes you think that?"

Boy: "I can see it right now"

Me: "really?" (huge shocked eyes, resisting urge to ask him the sex of baby)

Boy: "Yea in a little bit, you have to go like this (closes eyes, grunts hard while squinting entire face imitating labor)

Me: "Youre so silly"

Boy: "It's true"

OMG! OMG! Can he see thru me???

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

12!!! :)

Have I mentioned we love Wednesdays? That is the day we add another week to this miracle pregnancy! David woke me up rubbing my belly saying "Happy 12 weeks" and that was a great feeling!! I'm feeling great and have virtually no more symptoms of pg-cy other than the girls and the racing heartbeat I can hear anytime on the doppler! That is amazing! So reassuring and 'heartwarming' (pun intended) teehee Spotting/bleeding has stopped completely too which is great too!!

I get mixed answers when I ask when the first trimester is over bc some say it's today, while others say it's at the end of this 12th week. Not sure what to think, but I know it's good to be in the 12-range! 12x4=48 which is our due date of 4/4/08! I know it's a stretch, but I'm a numbers girl, what can I say? I'll feel 100% after our appt on Thursday, 9/27 where we'll see our baby again and then tell the world. A lot of people know, but I'm not public about it. My bosses and colleagues dont know bc I'm at 2 new schools. I'm scared to tell people for some reason even though I'm feeling good lately. I find myself breathing in a little more excitement everyday!! (while exhaling anxiety)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Just got this quote from my this and love her!! So touching and inspiring!! :)

Never regret a day in your life. Good days give you Happiness. Bad days give you Experiences. Both are essential to life. Keep going... Happiness keeps you Sweet, Trials keep you Strong, Sorrows keep you Human, Failures keep you Humble, Success keeps You Glowing, But Only God keeps You Going! Have a great day! The Son is shining!! God is so big He can cover the whole world with his Love...... and so small He can curl up inside your heart!!

12 Weeks Tomorrow....

OMG! So tomorrow is 12 weeks! I've been using the doppler daily and the heartbeat is going strong!! Averaging about 160 BPM which is music to my ears!! I'm assuming everything is going ok and will find out for sure on 9/27 for our dr. appt with our real doctor and the beloved u/s! Can't wait to see our peanut next Thursday!! Then I'll feel some relief right???????????

We also stop the shots tomorrow! GULP! I thought I'd be SO excited for that day, but it terrifies me because it's like not taking my prenatal vitamins all of a sudden in my mind! Which I would never do!! What if our peanut loves and needs those shots every night?

Maxson told us it's OK to stop at 10 weeks and Thompson told us to stop at 12 weeks so we're stopping at 12 which was fine with Maxson as you can't "OD" on progesterone. Hate when docs don't agree. It still scares me to stop. I'm kinda forced to stop them tho bc David is leaving town (weep, weep) on Thursday to go see his parents. I wanted to go too, but we thought it was better I didn't fly right now. I can't give the shots to myself even tho I may be tempted! tee hee

David and I ventured into (deep breath) Toys-R-Us this weekend! We went for the sole purpose "JUST TO LOOK" at baby stuff. It was surprisingly empty which made it harder to blend in. It seemed every employee asked us if we needed help and I QUICKLY responded, "No thank you, we're just browsing" and I almost continued and lied saying we were there for a friend, our niece, a shower, anything to cover up our reason for being there!! They were gone before I could lie to cover up. I felt insecure in there and overwhelmed by all the stuff in there!! I felt like I was at a middle school dance, but was only really in elementary school sneaking in!!

I even started looking online at bedding!! My walls are crumbling!! I'm cracking like an egg. I dont like to say "it hasn't hit me" bc that's too cliche and not what is happening...nothing could be further from the truth; I think about it all of the time. I should say "I'm scared for it to hit me" bc it might be a nasty prickly, thorn ridden stick!! It's self protection, but it's not working and I'm lying to myself.

I feel like I was in an abusive relationship for 4 years where I had to go the women's shelter a bunch of times, but kept going back to the man to the point I thought he might kill me! Then we broke up and I met someone dreamy who is so in love with me in a healthy way, not in a stalker-send-you-to-the-shelter way, sends me flowers at work, writes nice cards, my family loves him, he comes froma great family, he says all the right things, needs me, but isnt needy, makes me laugh, but doesnt laugh at me and thinks I walk on water in his own way, but guess what? I'm scared to fall in love again bc what if I get sent to the shelter again? That was a miserable place where I had no sheets, woke up to linoleum cold floors, it was dark, dreary and everyone walked around beaten and bruised! Literally! That's the best way to describe it! I wish I never went to that shelter, but am glad I did in a way to treasure the joy I'm scared to admit that I feel!! I'm filling out a change of address form today so the shelter can't ever find me!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

200 More Days...

If you're reading this on Saturday, 9/15, you will see on the ticker below that we have 200 more days until meeting Baby Hutcheson. A bit of a milestone for us. May seem like a long time, but it's a neat number and also means that we'll be in the 100's starting tomorrow, Sunday, 9/16 with only 199 more days.

But, who's counting?? teehee

Reporting Live this important information:

Heartbeat on home doppler.....156 beats per minute this morning! YAHOO!!

pregnancy due date

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Looking Forward...

Next u/s is set for 9/27 at 3:00...this is a biggie bc it'll be our first u/s not in our first trimester and we'll be signed, sealed and delivered out of that fragile trimester! We'll meet with our actual doctor too so that'll be fun bc he's been there at every appt telling us mainly bad news. This time we can smile and celebrate. I wonder if he'll bring champagne? After that, I am choosing to enjoy being pregnant and not fear it. It'll be hard, but I will. I will tell the "public" after that as well. Mainly my bosses who I've not told which doesn't feel that odd bc I dont truly believe it myself....even after 7 ultrasounds!! Heard the heartbeat on the home doppler today...a whopping 172 BPM!! YAHOO!!!

I told my hairdresser last night and it felt so odd! It just popped out when she kept asking, "what's new?". After I told her, I felt like I was talking about someone else or I was lying. She was going over the top with congratulations and it was like I didn't know who she was talking to. I felt like a fraud. Like I just told her I won the lottery, but I really didn't. Then she started with the barrage of questions (names, nursery, finding out, etc) that I just kept saying, "I dont know" to. It really was an out of body experience. Maybe it'll feel more normal after 9/27's u/s. Probably not, but I'm going make myself make this real! I may even park in "expectant mother parking"...that's a BIG STEP!! I hope I don't get a ticket!! Or what if they tow away my new car? (sigh)

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lucky, Lucky, Lucky!!!

Lucky us! The physicians assistant who we saw today just called. She spoke to our doctor he wants 2 see us in 2 weeks for an ultrasound!! Ya!!! No waiting 4 weeks like she 'threatened' today! Have to make the appt tomorrow, but it'll be around 9/26!! Then we'll be out of our first trimester and I promise myself I will resume breathing!!!!!!


Omg. I just used our home doppler and heard the heatbeat right away!!!!!!!! This was 30 minutes after doc's office couldn't hear it on their doppler!! I think our machine is better!! Omg.

11 Weeks Today...

See below for new OB appt details....

New OB Appt...

I had my "new OB" appt today and it was super thorough!! They asked a ton of questions, ran a bunch of tests, and even tried the doppler on me. Small scare bc her doppler couldn't hear the heartbeat so they said they'd do an u/s. I didn't mind and wasn't super worried bc I just heard it last night at home, but I had to wait forever bc I was unscheduled and mind games started to take over while I was waiting!! Anyway, this is my SIXTH u/s and I'm only 11 weeks so I can't complain! Everything looks perfect! Heartbeat is 162 BPM which they love and I do too!!

It was nice to peek at Baby H another time before the dry spell that I knew was coming up....they told me my next appt is in

(taking deep breath)



I almost passed out! And they're not even sure if I'll have another u/s!! WOAH! I might have to beg, plead and do whatever I need to to talk them into it!! I don't know what I would do without my home doppler!!! I'm going to go try it now to see if I can hear the heartbeat! Maybe my machine is better. Doc said she'd be embarrassed if mine was so we'll see. So my next appt is on 10/10 at 3:10...ironic that this date (10/10)was our due date from our last pregnancy in January. Bitter sweet.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Home Doppler

OMG!!!!! I just heard the heartbeat on our home doppler! Such a high!!! This is the first time I've been able to hear it at home! It was crystal clear and to have galloping horses in my own living room was incredible!! I can't wait for David to get home to let him listen!!!
I've tried it off and on since last week, but it hasnt worked so I wasn't too hopeful today that it would work and was going to return it if it didnt work by 13 weeks, but there it was!!! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! It was nice and strong too!! 168 BEATS PER MINUTE!!!! OMG!! Such a sense of peace after hearing it!!! I got my fix for today!! :) tee hee

OMG! 11 weeks tomorrow!!! This is getting exciting!! I have my new OB appt too. Who needs ultrasounds anymore when we have the home doppler!!! :) :) I rented it at for those interested. It's only $25 a month and I'd pay $300 a month for the peace I feel right now!!!!!

pregnancy due date

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Monday, September 10, 2007


Do you think we're having a boy or a girl? Take the poll on the right panel and let us know. It's not letting me vote, but hopefully you can!! We'll find out when we can, but we're revealing the sex of the baby at our baby shower loosely scheduled for 2/2/08 (2+2=4 and our due date is 4/4/08) bc I'm a numbers girl!! That's also the date when the poll closes so you have time to think about it. tee hee

Friday, September 07, 2007

Another great ultrasound! Super strong

Another great ultrasound! Super strong heartbeat!! We feel so beyond blessed! 143

Letter from Mom....

I just got this from my mom....too beautiful not to post!! We're so blessed to have friends and family there for every step of the way without judgements or advice....

Have an u/s at 3:30 today...butterflies are starting to fly! I'll post to the blog from my cell phone immediately afterwards. It's amazing what technology can do!!! Without further ado...


I feel like you guys have climbed a very tall, steeply inclined, rugged mountain, with lots of loose rock where, you think you have solid ground, but all of a sudden a chunk of earth falls away and you tumble a long way.
You get up, dust yourself off, take a swig of water, check your equipment to make sure you have all the proper tools and start moving forward again. Continually striving for that ray of sunshine that you will be able to see when you are on the top of the mountain. Until then, the mountain shades your side and you long for the sun on your face.

Amazingly, this part of the mountain that you have arrived at now is made of flatter surfaces and surer footing. And it looks like this path onward and upward seems to be free of any big boulders or crumbling ground. As in all life there are no guarantees, but with each step, your confidence grows with belief that that ray of sunshine will be shining on you very soon and warming your heart.

And what a amazing accomplishment that you two will have achieved at the top. Rolling with the obstacles but never losing sight of that goal.

And to think that this person, and the wonderful, fantastic person she married, pushing forward so tenaciously, is my daughter and husband, just humbles me with respect for you.

It is a beautiful thing.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

All Call for Bella Bands...

Hi Everyone,
Does anyone have a brown, tan, and/or white bella band I can borrow during this awkward phase when clothes are fitting the same, but can't wear maternity clothes yet? Kelle let me borrow her black one and I'm looking for the other staple colors. I'm going to order some, but thought I'd ask around first before I bought them for $25 a pop. I'll take good care of them and only need them until I can wear maternity clothes which I can't wait to do!!!! :)

Here's what they look like for those who don't know....

Note: I'd pay for shipping if you live far away :) :) :)

Today we're TEN WEEKS! DOUBLE DIGITS BABY!!!!!! Here's some info of what's going on in my tummy-tum-tum! UNREAL! He/she is starting to poop in me this week!???? Where's the love and respect?? LOL!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Text Picture

Im trying to post a picture from my cell phone. This is amazing if it works. This is from last friday. Can you believe how big he/she is? 'They grow up so fast!' lol. WOAH! He/she moved during the last u/s and it was INCREDIBLE to see!!!! I can't believe this is all going on inside of me!! 10 weeks tomorrow! DOUBLE DIGITS FINALLY!!!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Testing 123. Sending this post from my cell phone as a text. Isn't that amazing?

Friday's u/s...more details...

Sorry my last post was so abrupt, but I didnt have any time and wanted to post the good news so no one would worry. Like I was!

So the spotting has been pretty consistent and everyday. It's always brown and was starting to decrease. No worries. Until Friday morning. I woke up Friday morning with more red blood than usual! I freaked. Again. My morning sickness at night also has pretty much disappeared the last few days so I was freaking out with the blood like it was confirmation of my fears. Luckily, we had a planned u/s 3 hours later!

They said everything looks great and I still have that sac of fluid in my uterus that is shrinking; some is being absorbed back into the body while some needs to leave through gravity. Either way, it's normal, harmless and not effecting the baby!! PHEW! PHEW! and TRIPLE PHEW!

She said I'm measuring at 8 weeks 6 days when my calendar says 9 weeks 2 days, but she said the discrepancy is a margin of error for her and well within and totally normal and nothing to worry about!! She said feeling nauseous comes and goes, and sometimes starts to subside ins ome while worsening in others. She said feeling sick is not an indication of a stronger pregnancy than someone who feels normal. It just means how your body reacts to the hormones and everyone is different. I made her repeat that about 150 times!!

When she first put in the u/s wand, she was SILENT!! Like we could hear a pin drop! A very small pin. I looked at David with worried eyes and mouthed "that's not good"....after about 15-30 seconds of silence with me too afraid to ask if everything was ok bc I was scared of the answer, she says....

(sing songy voice) "There's your baby!"

I say: (whiny, cracky about to cry voice) "Is it ok?"

She says: "Oh heavens yes!"

I say (still whiney) "But you were so quiet"

She says: "Oh I'm sorry honey! I was concentrating! I saw the heartbeat right away and thought you did too? Look, honey, (rubbing my calves in support), it's beating away right there"

I say: (exhaling all oxygen in room) "omg, it's amazing. I wish I was an expert like you"

After that, she did my favorite part where she blared the speakers and we heard the most beautiful sound! The heartbeat. It was so strong, you'd think there were 5 babies in there! Galloping horses is an understatement!! She said it was beating 182 beats. per. minute.!!!! Take that in for a minute. 182 beats per minute. Meaning an average of 3 heartbeats per second!!!!!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! Average is anything 120-180 so we were overjoyed!! Our first heartbeat was 115 early on, then 158 and now this! So everything is progressing QUITE WELL and they have no concerns!!! That's what I'm talkin' about!!!!!!

My regular ob has been out of town so we've been going to the physician's assistant which is new to us. We always see Dr. T!! She goes to schedule my next appointment and mentions something like 3 weeks away!! Well, since I've turned into an u/s junkie and since my home doppler probably wont work right now, I insisted on another u/s next week!! I used my history and m/c's as justification. She kinda himmed and hawwed, but saw I wasnt really backing down so she agreed to another u/s next week. Victory!

After that, I'm hoping the home doppler will work and carry us out of this fragile first trimester!! Next up...u/s next Friday!!! This u/s addict in me feels ok now, but know I'll start getting the shakes by Wednesday and will need my next u/s fix!!

I also rented the home doppler and it's on its way too!! It should work in a week or 2 from what I've heard from friends who've used it too. We'll be out of the first trimester on 9/19!! or 9/22 based on her measurements - not sure which she goes by. Am I out of the first trimester when week 12 starts or at the end of that week? Then it would be 9/26!! Argh! So glad September is FINALLY here tho!! We're almost there.

I'm starting to enjoy being pg a little more, but still slightly terrified and in disbelief and hope it changes after the first trimester!! This parenting is tough stuff! I dont know how my parents did it for 3 kids!!??? I'm emotionally spent already! Imagine when he/she starts driving! Oy vey!!!!!

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