Thursday, March 29, 2007

Starting Over...

I went to the dr. today and all is well in cooterville! Finally! The D&C worked effectively and my body is almost back to normal. D and I can start trying naturally again once i get a regular period in a few weeks, but doc is nervous about this bc we have such a high risk of having another ectopic. He says he can't tell us not to try, but warns us about the high risk if by chance we get pg naturally, by which our chances are low of that happening as well. We go back to Margate in April to review the extensive testing we had done. From that appt, we'll probably have a better idea of what to do next and when. We may try IVF again this summer or pursue adoption, but we're just not sure what to do. So I did something pretty crazy today! You'll probably think this is crazy, but so did I!!

Here it goes...hold on to your hats and shoes!!

I called a psychic on the radio! I listen to him every Thursday and he's INCREDIBLE!!!! He'll pull things out of nowhere that are RIGHT ON!! He's amazing to listen to!! He's only on from 8-8:30 on 101.9 Country. So I've been trying every Thursday and finally got thru today!!! His name is Greg Keane(sp?) and he's famous in the psychic world even know I dont know ANYTHING about that world!! I figure it's free so why not??

Here's how it went:

DJ: Hi, what's your name?

Kelly: Kelly.

DJ: Where you calling from?

Kelly: (clearing throat from nerves) Uh, Naples.

DJ: Hi Kelly from Naples, how can we help you?

Kelly: I was wondering what you see in our future for having a family?

Greg the Psychic: I see a problem with the female organs and medication that tried to solve that problem recently. Does this make sense?

Kelly: Yes.

Greg: I'm seeing a lot of peace and help with those medications. A good energy. You had a lot of luck with those huh? Does this make sense?

Kelly: Yes.

Greg: I see recently that you went thru something very strong to get pg and it worked. I'm seeing peace with that. But then I'm seeing complications?

Kelly: Yes.

Greg: Where are there twins in your family?

Kelly: My cousin had them thru IVF.

Greg: I'm seeing twins in your future.

Kelly: (gulping hard) Yes, we went thru IVF and then m/c so we're deciding whether to go thru IVF again or adopt.

Greg: I'm seeing that the m/c and treatments helped to get everything ready for your body. I'm seeing that you'll have twins naturally, but dont see anymore m/c in your future! I'm seeing a lot of good energy and peace with you having a baby or 2 together.

Kelly: (passed out on floor from shock of talking to psychic and what he said)

Greg: Hello?

Kelly: (getting up slowly) WOW! Yes, thank you for your help!

DJ: Good Luck Kelly from Naples. And our next caller....

Are your jaws on the floor? So was mine! It was UNREAL! It lasted about 2-3 minutes and was over before I knew it! I felt like a tornado hit me bc he knew so much and if he was guessing, then he's an amazing guesser!!

Hope he didn't look like this....

Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm Vertical!!

After being horizontal since yesterday, I'm back up to the vertical position!! I'm feeling weak, dizzy and lightheaded! :( I think it's the painkillers. they help a lot with the cramping!! So it's a catch-22!! It says i shouldnt drive w/ them, but I had to go to work! I feel like i could sleep for 24 hours! My throat is still sore from the breathing tube!! Im just glad it's over and I can have closure over all this and relax for a bit!!
Mom, my sissie, molly, my godmother, Jan and mom's best friend, Dottie from MN are coming this weekend so I have to have my game on!! I'm going to sleep until they get here so I have the most energy possible! I can't wait to see them and laugh with them!! Laughter is the best medicine possible!!! I love you all and thank you for loving us through this! We're stronger for it!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Regular Checkup...oh, not so much!!

So I went in today for a checkup to make sure my levels were dropping on schedule, standard u/s, the cytotech was clearing out my uterus, etc, thinking it was a pretty standard appt. because I've been there almost every other day since the m/c for monitoring, but I got dropped with a bombshell I was not expecting!!

The meds are not working like they should. I have to have a D&C on Thursday!!!!!!! :( :( :( OMG! I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally didnt want to have one and was so thankful I didnt have to go down that road after this m/c nightmare happened on 2/20!! I'll be glad when it's over!

I'm more shocked than anything bc I didnt even think this option was on our radar anymore and there were immediate tears when he told me - sooooo caught off guard!! I thought it was just a routine appointment!! - I'll be "out" for it and it will take place at the day surgery hospital! I hate iv's and i dont like people poking around my uterus bc there can be complications. I asked if I could do a 3rd round of the drugs, but he didnt want to because if it's not doing its job after 2 rounds, then it's pointless to do a 3rd round!!

i didnt think it was even an option at this point, but he dropped the bomb on me this morning!! "it is what it is" tho so we'll have closure after this!! I'll be able to go home the same day, but very groggy - just sucks, but nothing i can do! I'd rather it get cleared out vs remnants leftover and prevent us from future pregnancies!! I should get a regular period a month from Thursday! Thanks for caring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This part will be over soon...hopefully!! (heavy sigh)

PS Has anyone out there had one to tell me what to expect!??

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sho' Me the Money!!!!

DSI has agreed to pay for the tests that were effected with the lost blood! I think I finally got in touch with the president of the president of the president of DSI to get this accomplished, but what a victory at the end!! (high fiving u thru monitor)

Then the luck continued as Maxson's office called and said they had a cancellation on 4/11 and thought of little ole me and D to fill the slot. I've gotten real friendly with the scheduling receptionist so I think that's why she called. (high fiving u down low thru the monitor)

DSI promises to rush the tests as much as possible (some are cultures and need to be watched for days) and they're sent to Utah, but they said 4/11 was a very realistic timeline! Phew! What a relief!! So it looks like this was a blessing as we saved some money ("on our car insurance") and still have a good appt date with Maxson to review the results. (double high fiving you up top) Yaaa! All is well in Happy Hutcheson world!!! Love you for caring!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ultrasound Results

Nurse called and the u/s showed there is still "a significant amount" of tissue and stuff in my uterus that needs to be passed. I'll start the Cytotech drug Thursday night (can't start tonight bc I'm on a field trip tomorrow) and see him again on Monday for another ultrasound. It should be a lot clearer by then. This is a POWERFUL DRUG!!! If flies thru me like a racecar driver!! (did u know "racecar" is spelled the same way forwards and backwards?)
He'll also put me on Levaquin which is an antibiotic to decrease chance of infection.

I went to DSI today for a 'redraw' and it didnt go well. First I spoke to the supervisors of supervisors and they said it's not "customary" to waive fees for lost blood. I asked if it was "customary" to lose blood! Of course, they said no and all that bull-honkey-tonk! Then they gave me the phone # for the supervisor of the supervisor of the supervisor and I left an assertive voicemail for her. I tried to use my disappointed teacher voice. If they don't cover the costs for the lost blood, I will take my blood to another lab! Not just any ole' lab can have my precious blood!! I choose my vampires carefully! They are in stiff competition with 2 other labs in town so I will bring my blood and business elsewhere! Not before complaining all the way up the food chain and writing letters. They don't know who they're messing with!! Then it was on to the blood redraw....

I was being skipped in line and that was making my head turn on fire. I politely reminded them I was there for a 'redraw' and shouldnt have to wait. 20 minutes later, I was sitting in the vampire chair. The intake nurse had a hard time finding the tests they needed to redo and had to get out the 7.000 page DSI manual. I was like "oh, dear, here we go". Another 15 minutes later we figured it out together and then the real vampire walked in....I saw her fangs, but she looked real friendly in her nurse costume, but I knew it was just a cover.

They went in the same vein as my dr did today (after telling me I was poked there already TODAY, but they liked the looks of it and thought it was still OK) and once she poked me, she said, "oh, honey, I'm sorry, I missed your vein. I've gotta pull it out and get someone to try again"...she left the room and I started to feel the tears coming!! If you're a woman and have estrogen in your veins, you know once the brain tells the eyes to start crying, there's no stopping the floodgates!! I kept saying "armpits, armpits, armpits" to try to stop the tears and it worked, but there was still some serious "wellage" - the bad vampire came back and could tell I was upset and felt really bad. Then I felt bad for making her feel bad! She would've felt REALLY bad if I didnt think of the armpits game to stop my tears bc I would've been in the ugly cry by the time she returned! My "ugly cry" is not pretty! Face contortion sets in, red face, need I say more? Then they tried to change the subject while they poked the other arm, but it was like Charlie Brown's teacher was talking because all I heard was "wawh, wawh, wawh, wawh" and I just kept shaking my head like I was listening. I left with 2 bandages on each arm and raced out of there. My garlic potion isn't working anymore!

On my way out, I took a picture of the nurse who was in disguise! Don't you think I'm onto something??...


Doc Update...

Dr. Thompson was surprised that the bleeding hasn't stopped yet so he's going to start me on the cytotech again! I had a very STRONG reaction to it last time, (tmi to write here) but it helped to clean out my system. He wanted me to start it tonight, but I told him I was going on a field trip to Tampa with some teachers tomorrow and couldn't take the risk of having that reaction again while on the road!! He said I could start the meds tomorrow night so I'd have the "reaction" on Friday when I don't have school.
He drew my blood to make sure my HCG level is zero or close to it. He said I was so high before (51,000) that it'll take awhile to drop to zero, but hopefully it has by now. Technically, if I took a pg test, it would probably come as + if you can believe that one!! Wowsa!!!
I also had an u/s to see what's going on and am waiting on those results. He also wants to start me on an anitbiotic to reduce the risk of infection. I'm about to go back to DSI to have a "redraw" and raise some holy heck about losing my blood! Who loses blood? I feel like I got attacked by a vampire, got away from him and now he's back for more! I need to wear my garlic!! Love you guys!!!!


David and I have an appt with Dr. Maxson on 3/22 to go over all of our chromosomal testing and we're very anxious for the results. This appointment took a long time to get bc Maxson is so booked (and goes on a lot of vacations according to a scheduling secretary), but we didnt mind bc the tests take a long time to be run as well. So as a good little patient, I called the lab and Maxson to make sure we're all set for 3/22 and all the paperwork is where it needs to be, etc. Surprise, surprise! There was a glitch!!! Ready for this one!?!?! Hope you're sitting down bc this will knock you over if you're standing.....The lab, DSI LOST MY BLOOD!!! They said it's never happened before and blah, blah, blah!! How do you lose all those vials of blood?????????? Not all of it, but enough to make us reschedule our appt for god knows when and get drawn AGAIN!!! You heard it folks! I'm going back in for more poking!!! That means we have to start all over with the waiting game to get another appointment and wait for more results to come back. Maxson doesn't want to meet with us until all of the tests are in so he can go over each one. There are about 20 tests total we're having done. David and I are going to try to have these tests that were "lost" paid for by DSI. Not sure if that'll be possible, we'll see how many feathers we can ruffle in the meantime.
I have a dr. appt with Dr. Thompson today to see how everything is going. He thought the bleeding would've stopped by last wednesday, but wanted to see me today to make sure it has. It hasn't. :( Not sure what he's going to say about that. We're going on 4 weeks of bleeding when he said it'd last about a week at the most. Weird. I'll keep you posted! Thanks for caring and loving us through all this! This is going to make a great story for Baby Hutcheson(s) one day!! Can you say "made for TV movie"? ha ha

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Write a Letter...

Just a suggestion: If you wanted to write a letter to Oprah to see if she could help us pursue IVF/adoption again, here is the link...some of my friends have been writing letters and begged me to put the link on the blog; it'll only take 5 minutes, but dont feel obligated by any means to write. The tough part is that the letters are due by 3/9!! That's tomorrow! Yikes!! Don't feel obligated!!

PS Use the link in Miami :)

Doc Visit

We had a follow up appt yesterday with our local doctor and he said most of it is gone, but not completely so I'll go back next Wednesday for a double check. A D&C is unlikely unless the bleeding continues, but it's tapering off so I'm feeling good that it'll be gone by next Wednesday. We have an appt in April to speak with Maxson about our chromosomal testing...he'll be able to give us direction on where to go next. If we did IVF again, we would have to start from scratch and pay all the fees again (roughly $15k) because we didnt have any frozen embryos leftover from this cycle. The chromosonal testing will run about $1,500, but it "should" be covered by insurance according to our local doctor - let's hope his prediction is correct!! :)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Fifths Disease

We have had a bunch of cases of Fifths Disease running through the school which is very dangerous to pregnant women during their first trimester of pg-cy. It's a moot point now, but I had the test done wwhile back and I'm immune to it so that makes me feel better for future pregnancies to know I dont have to worry and that it had no bearing on this m/c. Just a little side note I forgot to tell everyone :)

Here's more info on it:

Sunday, March 04, 2007

New Book!

My friend Joanna gave me this book to read while we're coping thru this crisis of a m/c after IVF and I can't put it down! I'm already 1/2-way through it!! It's so empowering and inspiring!! JUST what I needed right now!!

Feeling like the m/c process is over as the meds have run its course. I'll know for sure after our dr. appt on Wednesday, but I'm feeling confident the worst is behind us. Now it's time to look for the next rainbow after this rainstorm!!!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Meds are Working!

The m/c meds are working which is a good thing. I dont think I'll have to have a D&C seeing that the meds are working, but I'll have a checkup on Wednesday to make sure everything is cleared out completely. Yesterday was not a fun day as the meds were taking over my body from 11-5ish, but things have calmed down a bit today which is good. I should get a regular period in 4-6 weeks. We're setting up a follow-up appointment with Dr. Maxson in April to go over the chromosomal testing with us, as well as review this IVF cycle and he'll give us advice as what to do next and when. We're saving money now like crazy to do IVF again or pursue adoption depending on what the results tell us and what Maxson thinks. We'll have to be patient with either route we choose. Either way, we'll have a baby who is loved very much by so many!!