Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Get Out Your Calculators...

Your favorite little hen worked hard today as I laid 14 eggs!!! FOURTEEN!!! Count em'!! I'm very happy with that #! Although, I'm really anxious to hear about their quality and how many fertilize bc that's what really matters, but IVF is a numbers game and obviously the more eggs you have the better chance you have that some will fertilize. We just need 2 to fertilize, but it'd be nice to have a few extra to sock some away for a rainy day for more children in the future or if we have to do this again. They'll call me tomorrow with the update and tell us our transfer day. It'll be 3-5 days from retrieval as they'll "cook and grow" in the incubator until then.

I was totally out, but D was able to "scrub in" so it was reassuring to have him in there too! He told me the play by play as I was going under. Before they got started, D said I was talking to the Dr about going to the Willie Nelson concert bc Willie was on the radio which I have no recollection of!! Bc I was talking, they upped the drugs in my IV and the rest is history! D said I was even snoring! What the ?? I don't snore!! David was dressed all in blue scrubs, face mask, blue surgical hat, and even blue booties!! He looked so cute! I felt like we were on our way to Kelle's house for a Halloween party!!

D said it was so cool as they put a long needle into each sac like follicle and drained it out hoping there was an egg inside of each sac. (not all sacs/follicles contain an egg). It'd drain into a test tube and they'd bring it to the embryologist by a pass-thru window. Then she'd study the contents and yell out a tallied # if there was an egg inside. D said he was so relieved when she'd yell out a number and when she said "ONE", then the dr. said, "YES! We're on the board!" ha ha He's a very funny guy!! Then the #'s kept going and going. They were coming in so fast that D would hear ONE pause, pause, pause FOUR, pause, pause, pause SEVEN, pause, pause, pause, NINE, pause, pause, pause ELEVEN, pause, pause THIRTEEN - FOURTEEN! They retrieved 14 eggs and will fertilize them tonight!! They said eight eggs is the average for my age so we almost doubled that!! YAA!! They said my quantity is "eggscellent", now we just wait for the quality report. We'll get a call tomorrow morning about the quality and quantity of any embryos created tonight!! The transfer will be 3-5 days from retrieval...I'm feeling very sore and crampy, but that's to be expected...they gave me some great painkillers so I'll be fine!;) Also, D is very catering to my every need so that makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over!! :+)

I went from nervous to downright scared as we got closer to the doctor, but knew how loved and supported we were and it helped to alleviate my fear!! I could feel your prayers, thoughts, and love in my heart and it gave me the strength I needed!! "Thank you" pales in comparison to how grateful I am for you being there for us! It helps and means more than you'll ever know!

I haven't eaten much, but I'm craving some donuts...maybe I'll have a few of these....

There's "FOURTEEN" of them!! ha ha


Hampton Hooch said...

Just THRILLED and HAPPY for you tonight! Counting your eggs...I mean, blessings! I prayed for you so much today! Love you and can't wait to hear the updates on the baby eggs each day!!!! Even BIGGER day coming up!!! xoxo

Chrissy said...

WOW! 14!!!! That's better than a "Baker's Dozen," which is a GREAT thing! So proud of you Kelly, and David! Of COURSE you guys nearly doubled the "average" numbers and of COURSE those 14 eggs are OFF THE CHARTS in Quality! Can't wait for the next report. I have been hoping and praying and finger- and toe-crossing for years for you and Lord knows I'm not stopping now!
Just think about David scrubbing in again in about 10 months for your delivery of this very special, very loved, very happy, very healthy Baby Hutcheson.
Lots of Love and Luck,

Anonymous said...

Praying for lots of GRADE A eggs!