Monday, January 15, 2007

Getting Nest Ready...

Wednesday is the big day for the egg retrieval!!!!! David has to give me a big shot of HCG (in the butt muscle-yikes!) tonight at 11:30pm and then my retrieval will be exactly 33-36 hours after that on Wednesday!! We have an appt on Wednesday at 9:30am. I will leave at 4:45am and go in tomorrow just for bloodwork in Margate and will race back to Naples to get in a 1/2 day of work. The HCG shot gives my eggies one last growth spurt and captures them at their current size for Wednesday.

Today my estrogen level is ....(drumroll please) 3,341!!! WOAH!! They like the levels to be between 2,000-3,000 going into retrieval so they're a bit concerned about hyperstimulation happening, but told me to drink LOTS of water and weigh myself daily for the next 2 weeks. If I gain more than 1-2 pounds per day, then to call them immediately. With high estrogen levels, the body wants to keep pumping fluids and energy into the ovaries even after the egg retrieval. They can enlarge and push against other organs or leak fluid into my body which is very dangerous!! If I have trouble breathing, I should go to the ER immediately!! They're going to watch me like a hawk for the next 2 weeks for that.

I have to go in tomorrow to Margate for one last monitoring. I have to go to Margate (vs Naples) bc they have to use the same machine they used over the weekend to compare my results. If I went in Naples, they are not comparing apples to apples. (crunch) I'll be out completely for the egg retrieval, but David will be in the room so that is reassuring. I told him to bring in a notepad to remember every single detail!!!! Maybe it'll be on Discovery Health Channel! Might as well, since everyone is so involved, you might as well all be in the room too! ha ha

After the egg retrieval, the monitoring shifts from me onto the God created embryos. This is when life begins!! I'll get a daily status report on their strength, how many survived, etc and that is when God takes over in the little dish. It's out of our hands and out of our bodies so nature and God will take its course. Then they'll implant 2 embryos 3-5 days after the egg retrieval on Wednesday!! 3-5 days! OMG!! This is all happening so fast! I love it!!

Because I'm gettin the HCG shot tonight which prepares me for the retrieval on Wednesday, I have Tuesday off from shots!! YAHOO!!! That'll be a nicely needed break from them. After the retrieval, we will do a shot or 2 of progesterone everyday until the pg test. Those are in the muscle and supposedly the culprit for the most painful of all shots because it's in oil and has trouble going in! YIKES! Not thinking about those right now. If I get pg, I'll be on those shots for 12 weeks! GULP!! Just taking one day at a time!

I"m feeling very excited about all of this; more excited than nervous! I know I don't have any control over any of this and that is a welcome feeling to have faith in a higher power and just a vehicle for His miracle; no matter how/when/where it happens, we will have a family someday!! Thanks for caring and loving us through all of this!!! Hope you're enjoying the ride as much as we are!!!

Baby Hutcheson, keep working hard to come to see us all! Everyone is praying and hoping you'll be here soon!!! I know it might seem kinda scary down here, but you will be enveloped in love by SO MANY!!!


Jennifer said...

Tears on the last paragraph, Kelly. I can feel your emtions jumping out of my computer screen and into my heart. You are going to be SUCH A GOOD MOM. Baby is H is already SO lucky, and they don't even know it. Good luck at 11:30. I love you so much. jc

Anonymous said...

Kelly, I'm so excited about Wednesday! I'm praying for you each day and I know you'll be pg very soon!

Donna (bbc)

Kelle said...

I can feel the crescendo! It's coming to such an exciting climax, and my heart is so full for you! I am amazed by your positive outlook on all of this...and praying for tomorrow and the coming weeks. From heaven to your arms...with a little petri pit stop in between! I love you and love these updates!
k with an e

Anonymous said...

You two have done such an AMAZING job of getting to this crucial point. Your dedication, and diligence and love for Baby Hutcheson is such a beautiful thing. Can a child possibly be more wanted? Now there is nothing more you can do, and as you said, it's in God's hands now. You have such support from friends and family for your roller coaster emotions and you know that you can turn to any of us at any time. You are a very lucky couple. And Baby H., when he/she/they decide to arrive will be the most lucky child to have you two as parents.
My love and prayers and novenas and prayer chains are all kicked into overdrive on this last important stage. I love you guys more than I can possibly tell you.

Jessica said...

Praying for you every day!!! Cannot wait to hear about your egg retrieval!! Love ya!!

Joanna De Beers said...

OMGsh!!! So much excitement!!!

Kell: We are all feeling those shots with you! Hang in there!

D: Can you take your computer into the retrieval with you so we can get minute by minute updates? (j/k)

Good luck!!!

I love you!
I love you!
I love you!