Monday, January 08, 2007

Eggs are Growing!

Doc called and the meds are working! I have a 5-6 follicles growing in each ovary (eggs are inside the ovaries) and my estrogen is going up as well. This is good! The meds are doing what they need to be doing and they want us to keep up the same shot regimen and go in again Wednesday for blood test and ultrasound to see where to go next. This is what I expected. They want to stimulate my ovaries, but not overstimulate them which is dangerous; that is the reason for the constant monitoring. They're trying to take my ovaries to the place just before overstimulating and then go in for the eggs. We'll find out what is next on Wednesday - could be more of the same or the next step. This is all very exciting!! I love knowing what to expect; especially in the shot department; even if it's only for the next 2-3 days!!! The shots in the muscle scare me, but I'm sure we can handle it!! Thanks for caring!!!

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Jessica said...

This is SO great Kelly!!! Grow eggies grow!!! Can't wait to find out how many they retreive! Saying many prayers for you both. :)