Monday, March 25, 2013

opposites attract

He's trying hard to ride the scooter, but still not as fluid as he'd like to be.

so he asks for some help from his favorite person on earth.
and away they go....
I think Grady wants to be like lily because he kept pulling up his socks.

but lily wanted her individuality and pushed hers down.

I love seeing these two together where my 2 hearts merge into one big pile of mush.  I can't tell how is a bigger fan of who.  Sometimes she follows him around the house and vice versa.  I try SO HARD to stay out of their conflicts telling them they need to work it out as a team and I'm not the referee hoping that'll bring them closer as they work to find the win win.

they are so opposite, but so the same.  Lily has a shy, soft side with a tender and loyal heart
Grady is the family comedian who loves people, loves to laugh and pretty much party around the clock.
the 2 of them complement each other where Lily helps to calm Grady down while Grady helps to loosen Lily up a little and let her hair down for the party.

I've always heard people tell me about how opposite their kids are, but I always thought it was a slight exaggeration.  Not anymore.
These 2 are like 2 peas in a pod.  He's the ying to her yang....the clouds to her rain and it's a so neat to watch develop right before my eyes.  They get along most of the time and i know that wont last forever so im holding onto it for dear life.
Life is good. (Hi Lurking Lynda Z...hope you liked the post. teehee :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Prepping for Spring Break

Someone is getting ready for her 5th birthday party with a Tinkerbell theme. What? You've never seen Tinkerbell flying around Publix? Well this Publix has....
she was torn between Tinkerbell and Dora, but Dora won last year so now it was time for a fairy party.

This park will be open for Spring Break and I plan on being there every day.  Have I mentioned my obsession with water parks?  It's like the best mix between pool and beach w/o the sand and lots of slides.

train rides at the mall are the best.

and fun at Chili's never disappoints.

she loves to dribble around the house.  I mentioned to David I wanted to go for a run the other night, but it was raining and Lily piped in that I should run around the house like she does.  If only it was that easy sweet pea.

  Zoo fun with the waterfalls being our favorite part.  I think I'm biased to anything related to a water park.

and did I mention they play awesome music there with a DJ so not only is there water fun, but dancing fun too?  Hello utopia.

his hair is so white that he looks bald when it gets wet.

and they have a merry go round to at the zoo.  I dont know how that ties into animals other than the ones they ride, but i"ll take it.

life is good.

Monday, March 11, 2013

A little of this and little of that.

Not sure if i posted this pic around Halloween, but it was in my drafts so I wanna make sure it's posted for the blog book for the kids.  A little out of order, but they wont care in 10 years.

zoo dress up...

lil still loves wild hairstyles at school and I love her confidence in pulling it off.

I read this article from Jess and it rang true for me because I'm always the photographer, but never in the pictures.Trying to change that little by little so I hand lily the camera.

G loving his gift from his super pal Elliot.

hard at work.

Trying to get a picture of these 2 boys was next to impossible.  We were standing on our heads and this is what we got.

this is the best we could do. (caption is supposed to say "best buds")

before school fun.

there i am again.

Lily's dentist welcomed her with her name on the board as we arrived which calmed her nerves just how she needed.

i let her bring in her beloved blanket which seemed to help too.
life is good :)

Sunday, March 03, 2013

support system

We sure miss our Naples peeps and love to have visitors from Naples....

We miss our Aunt Jeffer so much, but she makes up for it 10-fold when she's here by spending every spare moment with them.  She misses them so much and I love watching them together.  It's pure magic.

Nothing better than seeing our kids getting loved on...especially by their older cousins.  They seem worlds apart in age and it seemed like yesterday they were the little ones in the pictures.
and aunts are invited to the read a thon too.
"Shhhh, let's hide and pretend we're sleeping"...

all tuckered out from all that love..

Our kids are SO blessed to have such a strong support system wherever they turn.  Between family and friends I feel like they get the "you are loved" message from every angle.  The other day Lily and I were peering and studying a HUGE ant pile that had probably 5,000+ ants crawling wildly all over the place within their sand pile.  We were telling funny stories about what the ants were doing in there and pretending like they were talking to each other.  Then Lily said, Mommy see all those ants?  I think that's how many people love me."  I love that she feels that to be true in her life, helps fill in the gaps where David and I miss, and know it'll take them both far.  Happy sigh.