Friday, November 30, 2007

Update to the Dr. Update...

So after leaving the doctor's office, my brain started rattling off tons of questions about my belly button fiasco! It's not very often the dr. tells me, I have a hernia in my umbilical cord so I was a little taken back to say the least. I don't even know what a hernia is and I thought my umbilical cord was cut off 33 years ago!!

So I called the nurse and left a message to call me back bc I had some follow up questions. Around 5pm, the actual dr. called me back!!!! I was shocked and nervous that him calling me back meant it was more serious than I originally thought.

I quickly grabbed my Wal Mart receipt that had my belly button questions scrawled upon and tried to form a coherent sentence. I started off a little weak by stuttering,

"Yea, uh, I wanted to ask you a few more questions about my belly button situation".

Why did I call it a belly button to the dr. and why did I call it a "situation". I should've said umbilical cord and called it a hernia.

Question 1) You told me that my skin is paper thin in my belly button because of this hernia so will my belly button ever burst open as I grow bigger?
Dr. T: No absolutely not! Your skin is much thinner there, but your skin is strong enough to hold up to the growth that will occur in your belly.

Question 2) Should I wear a band-aid over it?
Dr. T: Yes, I think that's a good idea to protect that area.

Question 3) How serious is this problem?
Dr. T: I'm actually glad to see how big your belly button has gotten bc it has less of a chance to catch an intestine. If one does get hung up in there, then it has enough wiggle room to 'uncatch' itself in there. I'd be really surprised if you had complications with it, but it could give you some pain and discomfort throughout your pregnancy.

Question 4) How worried about this are you?
Dr. T: Not terribly. It's good to know so we can watch it, but I don't think you'll have any serious complications from it other than some pain and discomfort, but no danger to you or the baby. Now we know you have a hernia sac behind your navel, then we'll remove it when you're not pg.

Question 5) Any precautions I should take in the meantime?
Dr. T: Not really any other than not doing any heavy lifting, but you shouldn't do that while you're pg anyway.

So that's the summary of my belly button for tonight!! Any questions? I'm still not sure what a hernia is, I didn't know intestines could get caught like fish in your belly button, but I do know that my belly button looks like it got in a fist fight with a quarter and lost, but I feel much better after talking with him!! He's not terribly worried so I won't be either, but I'll be sure to beat up anyone who tries to rub my belly. I would body slam them, but I'm not supposed to do any heavy lifting. (re question #5).

Btw, we got home from dinner around 8pm and David (who worked late, raced home and quickly scurried out the door with me to catch our Katie's 9 year old bday dinner) suddenly changed into his old clothes and started painting the nursery. I heart him.

Dr. Update...

Had an u/s today and everything is perfect! Baby H's HB is 150bpm just how I like it. Growing, thriving and moving around a lot which was neat to see.

I do have an "umbilical hernia" behind my belly button which is concerning, but nothing I can do, but watch it closely. Not dangerous to the baby, but it is to me. He said I'll have pain and extreme vomiting if I'm in danger bc an intestine will get stuck in the hernia. Then i need to go to the ER to have surgery to have it fixed and all should be OK. Said I should get it taken care of after I deliver for sure. Who knew?? Anyone ever heard of something like that? He said it's probably from having 2 laparoscopies and having to go through the belly button. After one of my surgeries, my belly button got infected so it's probably leftover from that. My belly button is blue and purple, but I thought it was just because of extra blood pumping in my belly. I've had no pain from the belly button, but it does look disgusting! And I have the most sensitive belly button known to mankind so that doesn't help! i may wear a band aid over it just to be safe!! ewwww

I am feeling MUCH BETTER today so that is great! Not much nausea at all and my appetite is getting better. It's not back to normal, but I'm not disgusted by food either.

On another front, I had chicken pox as a baby, but for some reason when I had testing done awhile back, I'm not immune to chicken pox. I just found out that a teacher at my school has it! Argh! What next?? Doc says to stay FAR AWAY and wash my hands regularly.

I'm glad it's Friday!! This weekend will be fun as D is going to paint the nursery! I'll provide moral support from afar because I don't want to breathe any of those toxic fumes. We may even put the crib together!! Fun times!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Finally Did It...

Since I was having a strong bout of nauseau and I'm 22 weeks, I felt justified to finally do what I've been waiting to do for 4+ years....

I PARKED IN EXPECTANT MOTHER PARKING! The picture is hazy because it's taken from inside my car! I was too embarrassed to take the picture outside my car!! I did expect looks or for someone to question what I was doing, but life carried on as normal as it went by in slow motion when I was walking to and fro the car!! This parking spot used to sting as I drove by it time after time, but it welcomed me with open arms!! Big step for this pg person who still feels like it's happening to someone else!!!

I think we have a little belly "pop-page" :) Can't wait to look like I'm carrying a over-inflated basketball in there!! :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wonderful Wednesdays

Oh, how we love Wednesdays! We're 22 weeks today! 22! Take that in for a moment! 22 freaking weeks! Life is good. I'm still feeling a lot of morning sickness most of the day which is bizarre that it's decided to rear its ugly head this week after not having much the entire pregnancy. Doc told me to try unisom which doesn't seem to be doing much, but it does help me sleep so that's great. I have an appt with him on Friday where I'll ask him for more ideas or reasons why this might be happening. I'm keeping food down which is good, but don't have much of an appetite and eat smaller meals throughout the day. D and I have been walking at night after dinner too which seems to help with digestion.

Some good news came today....the crib arrived! A real crib. A crib where our baby will sleep. A crib. I wish I could post pictures because it is beautiful, but it's a surprise! I look at the crib and can't believe we are going to have a real baby sleeping in it very soon! 126 days. Too much for my little brain to handle, but oh so exciting! Today we watched an episode of "Bringing Home Baby" (on TLC) and it really hit home that we're bringing home a baby in April and I cried through most of it!

Life is good.

I feel like I'm living a miracle.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Inspiring Song...

I listen to this song everyday and there are tears everytime! Colleen and my sis, Jen listened to this song while pg and swear it comforted their newborn babies bc they were so used to the song in utero. I believe it!
I'm doing the same thing now!! :-)

Blessed by Elton John

Hey you, youre a child in my head
You havent walked yet
Your first words have yet to be said
But I swear youll be blessed

I know youre still just a dream
Your eyes might be green
Or the bluest that Ive ever seen
Anyway youll be blessed

And you, youll be blessed
Youll have the best
I promise you that
Ill pick a star from the sky
Pull your name from a hat
I promise you that, promise you that, promise you that
Youll be blessed

I need you before Im too old
To have and to hold
To walk with you and watch you grow
And know that youre blessed

22 Weeks tomorrow!
HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007


Happy to report that the gender of our baby is officially known now!  Our u/s tech was very sure when she did the scan and I feel like we know our baby in such a different light now!  I ate a snickers bar while in the waiting room trying to wake BG (boy-girl) up and it worked bc BG was moving and grooving all over the place. 
We are sharing the gender when our families are together in February so it's not public knowledge yet as NO ONE knows except David, the u/s tech, the dr. and me!!  WOAH!!  We have to keep this secret for 68 more days and it's going to be brutal!!  I want to put it on the front page of the newspaper!  I think it'll be worth the wait, but oh what a painful wait it'll be!!
I'm feeling a little better and keeping most food down, but food is still my enemy.  Breakfast and lunch went ok today, but dinner was not as successful.  Everything about food grosses me out and I feel like a 5 year old eating brussel sprouts at every meal; even food I used to crave and adore like pizza, ice cream, chocolate, etc!  Anyone who knows me, knows that I usually LOVE FOOD!!  I talk about food.  I look forward to food.  I think about food.  I critique restaurants.  I recommend food.  I cook food.  I plan meals carefully and look forward to eating it!!  Right now, I miss my love affair with food.  I eat it now because I know I have to, but don't enjoy one bite.  I'll talk to the doc about it on Friday.
I can't believe we know if we're bringing home a boy or girl in April.  I feel like we found out a miracle all over again.


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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We ate lots of jumbalaya (new tradition) made by Dan which took him SIX hours to prepare and tons of turkey!! Nothing like being with family during the holidays!! We went to WPB for gobble gobble day and Baby H decided to kick for the first time last night!!! It happened 3 times in a row! VERY COOL! I've felt fluttering everyday; almost like there's a snorkeler inside my tummy, but this was a full on kick/jab! It happened so fast! I can't wait to feel it everyday!!

Unfortunately, I've been sick the last 24 hours! I'm not sure if I have a stomach bug or it's related to the pg-cy, but I think it's the latter. I feel extremely nauseous and my little appetite has gone to completely absent. Actually, I can't keep anything down which is very unlike me! I begged for this type of morning sickness during the first trimester, but never felt anything remotely close to this!!! The sight of food actually makes my stomach turn! I'm going to the dr. this week so I'll ask him about it for sure. I'm wondering if the baby is just going through a growth spurt and sent a surge of hormones at once! Anyone else have anything like this happen to them during their second trimester? This is very unexpected.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We're Legal

We just hit 21 weeks today!  We're legal!!  ha ha;-)

I still haven't "popped" persay, but I've heard it happens at different times for everyone!! (sigh)  Still waiting for a stranger to ask "when are you due?", but it should happen by the end of the  year at the rate I'm going. 

We're going to have a quick u/s on Monday to see if she can determine the gender or not.  This one is "on the side"/"off the record".  And then we have a regularly scheduled appt that Friday (11/30)  where she has to check my cervix so she'll try again then.  That's 2-3 u/s in one week so we should find out.  Friends have told me to drink OJ and have a little sugar before the appt to wake the baby up.  I'll try anything!!!  So I'm estimating that by the end of November, we'll know if we're bringing home a little baby girl or boy!!  I'm sooooo excited to find out!!

Here are some baby pictures for your perusal :) :)  I'll post a belly pic later on, but just look at week 20 and it's pretty much the same belly!!!!  We check the heartbeat daily and it's going strong!!  YAAA!!!

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

We're Officially Registered!!

Wow, what a big event we had registering this weekend at Babies R Us!!! Something we've only dreamed of and couldn't believe it as it was happening!! It was a good thing I went with some of my mom friends for a prelim run so I had an idea of what we needed bc that store is EXTREMELY overwhelming! It still tooks us 3-4 hours!!! So much to choose from and we were clueless in most aisles! We would both look at each other and laugh bc we were each looking at the other for some idea of what to choose, but we both looked more clueless than the other!! So this is a rough draft where we'll be adding/deleting as we hear from all the experts out there. We were especially clueless in the bottle, pacifier, breastfeeding accessory aisles!! We still need to register for clothes, but the manager said to wait until it's closer because most of the clothes are seasonal and won't be there in the Spring. some items are not on there because friends are letting us borrow theirs. (bassinet, swing, etc)

With every shot of the scan gun, it felt awkward and surreal! Awkward because it felt greedy to scan an item which essentially meant we'd be asking friends and family to buy something for us. That just didn't feel right. It's like going to a restaurant for dinner and calling up a friend or family member to ask them to pay for it. Weird. Strange. Odd. Awkward. Greedy? I know people do it all the time for the first baby, but it still felt selfish in a way; almost like we're saying we're entitled to all these gifts which isn't how we feel at all!

It also felt surreal because all these toys, pacifiers, gadgets, machines, contraptions, bibs, bottles, will be for OUR wittle, itty bitty baby in April!! Imagining that was overwhelming and surreal at once! I wanted to take it all home to play with to prepare for him/her.

So here's a sneak peek of what we registered for and tips/suggestions/advice is welcome and appreciated. Some things are set in stone, while others were wherever D pointed the gun and shot the scanner!!

Go to
Last Name: Hutcheson, Kelly in FL
Or use our registry number: 69067108

Please email me or post comments to the new, inexperienced and clueless parents that just want the best for our wittle wuvable wugwat in April :) :)

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Friday, November 16, 2007

20 Week Pic

I still haven't "popped" per say, but I did have a friend see me yesterday who didn't know I was pg and after I told her she said, "I was wondering that when I saw you" so that's a step in the right direction!!

Most of my shirts I wear daily are long and not form fitting like this one so it's even harder to tell. I can't believe we're in the 20s!! Still wish I knew if we were having a boy or a girl, but hopefully we'll find out after Thanksgiving! That seems like months away, but we'll be super busy with family so hopefully it'll fly by w/o thinking about it. Yea right!

We're going to register this weekend and will go to Burlington Coat Factory when we're on the east coast for Thanksgiving so it's nice to do something big or small for Baby H every weekend. I'm not good at sitting on my hands.

Here's a picture of the slow growing bump at 20 weeks. Please excuse the stretched wedding photographer told me if you stick out your neck, it'll make you look 10 lbs lighter. I think I went a little overboard!! lol.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dr. Update

BABY H IS IN PERFECT HEALTH!! I know that's all that matters!

Well, we weren't successful in finding out the gender today because Baby H wasn't cooperating!! The u/s tech did give it a valiant effort though because she tried once and then we had to see the doctor and she offered to try again after our appt with the doctor which we did! She even tried vaginally! Still no luck.

She said the baby was fast asleep, legs crossed and she couldn't get a read on the gender. We have an appt on 11/30 where she'll check again, but as we were leaving she offered to give us an u/s "on the side" on the Monday after Thanksgiving where we can just stop in for one "off the record". So that is 11/26!! The way I see it is that we'll find out the week after Thanksgiving because we'll have TWO OPPORTUNITIES in one week to try to see so I'm good with that!! We were planning on painting the nursery this weekend so it's a little disappointing, but I think we'll register this weekend instead which will be a lot of fun!! It's hard to sit on our hands with the nursery, but we have plenty to keep us busy in the meantime. We ordered the furniture for the nursery today and it'll be delivered in the next 2 weeks! SO EXCITING!! We've been shopping like dogs trying to find just the right pieces and I think we did!! :)

Baby H is healthy. We are happy. We are 20 weeks! We're halfway there!! This is a happy day with Baby H!!! Even if he/she is stubborn and going straight to time out when he/she is born!! lol.

Baby is perfect. We didn't

Baby is perfect. We didn't find out sex! Baby was asleep with legs crossed! We go back in 2 weeks so they may look then!!

1/2 Way Mark!!!!

Are you kidding me with hitting 20 weeks?  Entering the 20's feels like we just hit the lottery! 
20 freaking weeks!?? 
I pinch myself daily!! 
I can feel Baby H swimming around more and more and sometimes he/she tickles me which I will pay back with lots of tickles and giggles when he/she is finally here!
We have a big ultrasound today at 2:50!!!   Darn late appointments!  Today is going to drag on!!   I just want our baby to be healthy, growing, thriving and just what we expect to see.  Doc will also check my cervix to make sure it's not distressed or dilated at all.
The other big part of today is that we have the HIGH potential to find out the gender!  Assuming his/her legs aren't crossed and our u/s tech is willing to take a peek, we will find out if we're bringing home  a baby boy or girl in April!  It's more exciting than I ever imagined!!  Way beyond my expectations!! 
We're keeping it a secret until both families are together in February, but I think/hope it'll be worth the wait!!   I'll post afterwards to let you know if we found out, but I'll keep the results under our hat for now.  Don't be offended bc we're telling no one and planning together for either way has been so much fun!!
I'm so nervous, excited, restless, and happy all at once!!  I just want to find out that Baby H is healthy and perfect and then we'll move onto the gender stuff!!  I feel like we're living  a dream everyday and I know it's only going to get better once he/she is here!! 
20 Weeks Rocks!!

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Weekend Warrior

David worked his little hands to the bone this weekend in the nursery. Literally morning until night!! Most of it I couldn't help with, but I tried to provide moral support and lemonade as needed. I'm so excited to find out the gender this week because that will determine which direction we go next. I wish I could share all the details, but we're keeping the nursery a surprise until the gender reveal on 2/2/08 when our families will all be together and we can tell them at once. Kinda like if they were all in the delivery room when the doctor announces, "It's a ....". We're going to recreate that here. Very exciting!!

In the meantime, here is a 19 week belly pic. It's not that realistic bc I had just gone to dinner with some girlfriends and ate almost a loaf of bread and some pizza. Other than that night, I have very little appetite lately and I don't know why. I don't feel nauseous per say, but it's like my taste buds have disappeared! Strange!! I have to force myself to eat more everyday! I was looking forward to "eating for 2", but I'm just not feeling it. Hope that doesn't mean our baby will be a picky eater!!
Please excuse the oversized striped jammies! They're about 3 sizes too big, but they are sooo comfortable and I'm sure they won't be too big on me in awhile. Steph and Sam bought them for me for my bday. I'm still in the "Twinkie Stage" where strangers don't know if I've eaten too many twinkies or if I'm pregnant. I'll know I've "popped" once a stranger asks me when I'm due. I will hug that person when it happens!! Truly hug them!! This awkward stage is lasting A LOT longer than expected!! Sigh.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happy 19 Weeks!

Happy 19 Weeks Baby Hutcheson!!!! So many people love you already!! :) :)


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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Preliminary Registering...

Some of my mom friends offered to take me for a preliminary tour of Babies R Us and helped me with tips/suggestions/advice about what we need. Their knowledge about all the products was so impressive!! David and I will go back to register with the fun scanner gun!! I feel really good about what we need, but am overwhelmed by all the stuff needed and how much it all costs! WOAH!!

Signing up for the BRU mailing list. I felt like I was signing up to be in a sorority that I've been pledging for 4 years and they finally accepted me.

So many choices....which one will Baby Hutcheson like best!!!??

Katie was the most helpful, patient, sweet and loving 9 year old I've ever seen! We were there for HOURS!!! :)

Jen getting in on the fun!! (see bib)

Look closely at our eyes! We all just had a crying spell after Jen's voice cracked as she said, "I CANT BELIEVE WE'RE HERE" and then 'In My Daughter's Eyes' song came on the BRU radio! We were all crying in the rockers!! Katie was the only stable one!! It was a moment for sure!!! It was a beautiful day!! The next day D and I worked in the nursery all day long and it felt like a miracle weekend!!

Even Lainey Love was wiped out from a day of shopping with the girls!!!!!! :)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

18 Week Pictures...

Kelle made these onesies for my birthday. Aren't they INCREDIBLE!?!? I can't believe we'll be putting a little body in these!!!! They look so teeny-tiny in person!!!

Charley bonding with the onesies. I hope this continues! It should be interesting how he adjusts to Baby Hutcheson because he has a bit of a jealous streak!!

We're trying to stay organized with everything we're buying for the baby/nursery. Somehow I think we'll need about 44 of these envelopes!!! LOL!
It's growing slowly, but surely! I can't wait to pop and strangers know I'm pregnant. Still feeling in the "awkward" stage. Exuse the red mouth - I just had a cherry tootsie pop!! :)
Up close and personal...
The room for the nursery is cleaned out and a blank slate!! Here's what I came home to in the foyer when D surprised me by clearing out the nursery all by himself!!!! Furnishings went to my dad's empty 4th bedroom. So exciting to plan I can hardly stand it!! Charley is a little confused by all that is going on in the house!! :)

The most beautiful and vibrant double rainbow D and I have ever seen!! Pictures don't do it justice!! What a miracle in the sky! And in my tummy!! :)