Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Heart singing

when this happens my heart seems to sing a song internally photo IMG_2885_zps7b01857c.jpg

where is lily?

 photo IMG_2883_zps1b82a144.jpg

friends forever

 photo IMG_2855_zpsf87d6f3a.jpg

chilling with her mama at a dr. appt.

 photo IMG_2828_zpsef46ad2a.jpg
zoo fun!

 photo IMG_2796_zpsbeb7321b.jpg

They love the zoo soooo much and Grady would go there everyday if he could.

 photo IMG_2791_zps210a6e02.jpg
and they love pictures at every landmark

 photo IMG_2790_zps00a6af0d.jpg

princess night

 photo IMG_2789_zpsd02ece52.jpg

How did we ever get so lucky?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Flashback to Kinder

A look back!


I found these gem of pictures in the kinder pic vault and can't believe she will be going into first grade next year!  Kindergarten was a game changing year for Lily as she gained confidence, bravery and her learning went to another level.  She worked so hard and conquered a lot of fears she has in social settings.  She went from someone who shied away from bday parties and playdates to someone who begs for them and is ready and waiting by the door when it is time.  I love her heart and when she loves someone, she loves deeply! photo IMG_3088_zpsc622271a.jpg

big day and all smiles photo IMG_3011_zps9a2a8c52.jpg

Grady asks "where is lily" almost every hour everyday when she was at school photo IMG_3009_zps60c5fc61.jpg

K is for kindergarten! photo IMG_3005_zps845839ee.jpg

chalkboard sign was a cute idea i saw on pinterest photo IMG_3001_zps77927de6.jpg
checking out the digs photo IMG_3012_zps90964c8f.jpg

To say we loved her teacher is A HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT!!!

 photo IMG_3014_zps65fc7f8a.jpg
be still my heart...so much gratitude for her teacher!

  photo IMG_3015_zpsa5dc8f28.jpg

if daddy was nervous, you sure couldn't tell photo IMG_3013_zpscf888d00.jpg

Lily seemed pretty cool too photo IMG_3008_zps68c2a492.jpg

prepping her the night before and she got "Brave Shoes" to help her feel brave photo IMG_2974_zps86d4a7da.jpg

she was super nervous all summer but once meet your teacher came she was so excited photo image-4_zpsa2a34fa0.jpeg

she's the type of kid who gets very nervous about the unknown so once she checked it all out and realized it was safe, then so was her heart

 photo image-6_zpsb2b1d81c.jpeg

Life is good in Kindergarten!!!!  On to First Grade!!