Friday, January 12, 2007

Retrieval-Monday or Tuesday!!!! OMG!

Quick update as I'm on the run: Had the appt today and they want us to do daily monitoring from now on until the egg retrieval. Unfortunately, that can't be done in Naples, bc nothing is open on the weekend. Fortunately, I wont have to miss any work driving back and forth which is a big concern for me. We're changing the drugs a bit preparing for the retrieval, but it's still a day by day process. From the results, they make the decision for the following day. We know we have to go over again tomorrow morning, but don't know after that. We'll probably drive back over (or stay the night with mom) Sunday morning for more tests to see how my eggies are growing. From that appt, we may drive to Tampa, then home the same day. Lots of driving, but we'll see. The doc guesses it'll be Monday or Tuesday for the retrieval, then the implantation will be 3-6 days after that!! Then it'll be ALL over and we wait 2 weeks for the pg test! Oh dear!! I'm feeling good! I'm taking day by day and not jumping forward!! It's a good lesson!! Thanks for caring!! GOOO GATORS!!!!!!!!! (chomping hands together)


Joanna De Beers said...

Oh Kell... I am speechless and really don't know what to say first. After reading this I can tell that your blog is a form of therapy for you during this intense time. I can see your passion in every word. I fell as though I haven't been there for you as I should have but we never get to see each other. But, please know that every word that you have written is pulling at my heart strings. I am feeling so much for you from inside of me, I can't explain the feeling. I love you so much and am here with you and D every step of the way even if we are not in contact all of the time. I will be checking your blog everyday for updates.
Come on baby Hutcheson!!! There are sooooooo many people praying for you!

Kelle said...

YEA!!! Another blog entry! Where's my chicken, though? I feel like I'm there with you through all of this...the blog makes it so nice to follow every tiny Baby Hutcheson step...can't wait to see those tiny baby feet someday. Right now, they are making their way! I woke up at 7:30 this morning because I couldn't sleep. So, I made some coffee and spent some time praying for you and David. I prayed hard...begged God to be with you both through all of this and give you the desires of your heart. And...I know it's not just your's all of our hearts that want this! I found a sand dollar in a drawer...I'm getting a ladder to climb up above my kitchen soffet today and drop that sand dollar in my wish jar with a Baby Hutcheson wish for you! I know there are lots of Lainey Love wishes in there that came true, and those wishes will take my Baby Hutcheson wish under their wing! It's so close, I can taste it! I love you!
Kelle with an "e"