Monday, January 08, 2007


Check out this cartoon Kelle drew for us...her talents are beyond my comprehension!! Double click on the cartoon to see it closer - the captions are absolutely HILARIOUS!!
Shots are going well. They're getting easier for me as I know what to expect and David is like a lab scientist mixing and injecting with ease!! I had an ultrasound and bloodwork done today to see how my body is reacting to the meds. The doc should tell us what to do next by 4pm today - might be something different or more of the same.

David and I are anxious to see what the next week will look like bc we have plans to go to Tampa this weekend bc David will be working on the show, "Extreme Makeover-Home Edition"!!! His company is building the next dream house for a family in need!! See link for up to the details on the house they're working on...
They tore down the house yesterday (sunday) and promise to have it finished by THIS SUNDAY! WOAH!!! That's a lot of building!!!!!!!! He has the last shift is on the last day so we'll be there for the moment when we say, "DRIVER, MOVE THAT BUS!" I think it'll be inspiring and a neat experience! We're hoping IVF doesnt get in the way for Sunday...hopefully, we can do both!! :)

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Anonymous said...

That Kelle is GREAT and I understand now how her talents know no bounds!