Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I had bloodwork done at 7am this morning and go for an ultrasound at 9:15. From those results, they will tell us what to do next. I'll post later today. If I had a crystal ball (hence the picture), I'd say that we'll continue these shots and have further monitoring on Friday. I have no idea, but that's what I guess. They're in total control of my body and taking my ovaries on a little roller coaster ride and I'm watching from afar! The shots are getting easier. David says he's doing the same way as day 1, but I dont believe him. They seem to be over sooner than in the beginning, but I can't imagine I'd have a lying doctor. Isn't that unethical? Could I sue? Maybe I could pay for IVF that way! ha ha.... so today I'm feeling good. feeling hopeful. feeling excited. feeling supported. feeling bonded with David. feeling peace. Feeling like we're doing everything in our power no matter the outcome. that is a good feeling.

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