Thursday, January 25, 2007

Progesterone Results...

Had a blood draw this morning before school to test my progesterone levels and they said it was at 47.4 which is "WONDERFUL", do I love that word when it's matched with any lab results!! Don't know what that # means, but they seemed happy with it then so are we!! This has no effect on a + or - pg test, but helps if we are indeed pg. Progesterone helps build the lining of my uterus strong and sticky for any babies to grow and thrive and snuggle up in! I pray that there are 2 in there right now doing just that!! (kneeling on floor, pressing hands together) Of course we'd be happy with 1 too, but dont want to leave anybody out and get their feelings hurt! :)

The main reason why I'm happy they liked these results is because if they were too low, they might up the ante' on these shots to 2x per day and that would NOT be fun!! These shots are the worst of the bunch. This needle seems so long that I feel it should pop out the other side of my body when he puts it in!! I may be exxagerating just a tad, (ya think?) but that's what I visualize when I see it. I dont ever look at the needle, but I caught a accidental glimpse last night and it was shocking!

The progesterone is in oil so it's really thick and hard for David to push in! He said he gets A LOT of resistance when injecting it. EWWW!! He said it's comparable to pushing honey thru a syringe!! Hey, maybe that's why I'm so sweet!! ha ha....

I'll continue to get my progesterone checked until the day I get a call when they want to do the (drumroll please) PREGNANCY TEST! OH MY! They're not exactly sure when that'll be, but they'll let us know depending on how these tests go. We'll probably need to do it in Margate bc they have to use the same machines they've been using to measure my "Beta" to compare. OH DEAR! They said we can get results on the spot. DOUBLE OH DEAR!! I get butterflies just thinking about it!! Keep praying!! We're almost to the big test!! This is like the FCAT for Life!!! Probably another 2 weeks!! OH MY!!


Anonymous said...

Keep the faith going strong.....God is good!

Rebecca D said...

OMG - I apologize for not communicating sooner, but every day, I look for a new entry to see what is happening and how you and David are doing. I only wish I weren't so far away so I could give you a great big HUG!! It's such an amazing journey that you two are on. Every time I read a new entry, I feel like I'm reading a new chapter in a book and I can't get myself to put it know the kind I'm talking about...I just want to rush to the last page to find out the ending!!!!

You two are in my prayers every single day and I just can't wait to read the ending of this amazing, courageous and inspiring novel that has become your life and and your dreams.

All my love,

Chrissy said...

This entry is such a GREAT insight to the GREAT Kelly Hutcheson!
Happy, Positive, Loving, Nurturing, Caring, Funny, Faithful, Patient, Kind, and the list goes ON and ON and ON!!! All things POSITIVE! In essence, all the things that make a great mother! YOU are going to be a GREAT mother...and soon! I just know it and feel it and pray for you and think of you all the time.
Little Hutcheson(s) will read all this someday and be so proud of their MOM. Love you. :-)