Sunday, February 24, 2013

face painting, fishing, hand holding and dancing.

I remember the day Lily was scared to have her face painted. My, how times have changed.
Whoops, this was dinner one night.  Gone bad.

nothing will stop her from playing soccer.
or fishing.  love this marriage between fishing in a cinderella dress.

stamp painting at the zoo
and dancing on the wall too.

G will stop in the middle of a sidewalk and put his hand up in the air hoping for a recipient.  someone is always there for him to walk hand in hand.  we always will be.

fishing in mommy's shirt.

we were wet like drown rats and it was late at night after dancing in the fountains, but still smiling.

she's such a poser.
mommy, take a pic of my purse.

he loves his dan dan.
one of my favorite pictures ever. they stood listening to music like this forever while shaking their hips.

Lily doesn't like when Grady doesn't fall the rules.  And she will swiftly tell him.  every single time.

where's grady?
more painting at the zoo.
life is good.

Monday, February 18, 2013

zoo and Pre preschool pix.

ok so maybe these are from halloween - so im a little backed up in the drafts department. lol

she had a few different costumes for all the different costume events we had - there's always something to do around here so you can choose to stay as busy or not as you'd like  ; i like to choose the former.

pre preschool shots.  G wants in on the games too.

Lil wants her solo shots too.

and she wants to wear glasses ever since seeing her friend Elliot wearing them.  She put this on her christmas list alongwith a dollhouse!

cozy rosy!

her princess tower she loves dearly.

she has since lost these glasses, but was insistent on getting another pair at Claires as soon as possible.

Grady hasn't caught to the newest trend yet.

Im trying to get in more pictures lately and Lily is helping me do that.

She asks for wacky hairstyles for no reason such as a bun and braid when she's in the Hutcheson salon.  I act the part of Zelda, Laquisha, or Tatiana and she doesn't flinch at my funny names as she pays me with hand slaps and always remembers her coupons.

shopping the lunch box.

Thanks Elliot for the awesome gift for the car.

moments like this take my breath away.

life is good.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

oldies but goodies...

Some oldies but goodies!

Grady wanted to join in the morning pictures...

Im always trying to let go of the structure more and let the kids step outside their box which allows me to too.  Running through puddles in normal shoes and normal clothes is case in point.  I cringed at first, then laughed seeing how happy it made them.

from 9-11 and no idea how it wasn't posted then.

G swallows so much water while swimming, his tummy looks like he just had steak and ice cream for dinner.

he loves being on the phone.
and coloring super close.  he had some issues with his eyes and his close writing was one of the items on the list of concerns, but after an EXTENSIVE checkup where he acted like a mini adult all was clear and he has 20/20 vision.  phew! (wiping brow)  I guess he just likes to get up close and personal with his coloring.  Oh and he loves to lay on his tum-tum too.

i love their relationship so much; it's better and sweeter than i could've ever imagined.  Lil has to be there for everything.  She has to help put him to bed for naps and nights and will drop whatever she is doing to wake him up in the morning and after naps.  They snuggle and play in his crib forever after naps.  
D sent me this picture when i was out of town.  be still my heart. (good job with the pony tail david:)
this one too.
Soccer season is up and running again...her first game is saturday!  this is from last season, but oh so cute.
She has a princess and dora soccer ball and now wants a Tinkerbell soccer ball to add to her collection. 

Have a butterfly week!

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Friends, monkeys, beach and time out.

G makes friends wherever we go.  Here he's hanging with a sis of a friend of Lily's during soccer practice.  she was taking his picture.
are these 2 brothers?  they're cute as pie on the train together.  G looks so little here and this was just a few months ago!!??

picture day at school

she loves her before school glamour shots.

and G just likes hanging out. literally.  i think he's part monkey with his antics.
he's never met a playground he doesn't love.
hi lillers.
making deals.
a year from how, im going to look back on this little preschooler with such heart pangs i can almost feel it now.
a rare time she fell asleep in the car. she prefers her comfy-cozy bed.
i love when they read together.
G still doesnt love the beach and can't wait for when he does. Lily went through this phase too and loves the beach now.

a Naples sunset we miss desperately...g especially likes it when his feet aren't on the sand.

Aunt Jeffer helped him navigate through the sand and he said "All Done" about 584 times from point A to point B.

Lily put Grady in time out at Granpa's house for no apparent reason.  He was sure excited about it. ( he happens to be holding the prayer bear we used as a good luck charm during our 4 years of agony waiting for them . holy full circle moment)

life is good.