Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Feeling Better Today...

We spoke to the nurse for a LOOONG time today about what happened to our potential snowbabies. They said only 20% of couples actually are able to freeze some embryos for future use which made us feel a little more in the "norm". They could survive if implanted in the uterus, but have difficulty surviving in the incubator and freezing process. They went over each embryo, its grade at every stage and their criteria for implantation and freezing. Looks like we had some close, but they wouldnt have survived the freezing or thawing process bc it's so strenous on those fragile embryos. She continued to stress that the level of embryos they implanted were the "best case scenario" and they could not have gotten a better score of 8.1 so that was reassuring. Feeling positive and happy, not so disappointed....still hopeful!! Keep praying!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!! XOXOXOXO
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Anonymous said...

Proof positive you won't need those eggies or even a "next time" b/c the two inside you are healthy and growing and feeling the love! :-)