Monday, March 31, 2008


Just trying out our new camcorder to see if I can upload video to the blog? You can mute the music by clicking the pause button (middle right panel on playlist) and then click video 2x to play. Did this work? It's only 30 seconds.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


So everyone tells us we won't have time to cook at first once Lily is here so we're trying a new concept thanks to Allison's suggestions...she swears by this place called "Let's Eat" where you can prepare your healhty/nutritious meals in advance, freeze them and have them ready any day of the week. This is great for after Lily is here so I dont feel like we're ordering pizza, eating cereal and/or eating the unhealthy frozen dinners every night!

Here's an article about the concept:

Here's the place we're trying this month:

We may try this place next month which Carie loves:

Here are 2 others with the same concept, but haven't tried:

I think most of these are a chain so you may be able to find one in your area. I just love the concept especially for new moms (and dads). We just got 16 meals (8 meals halved) and it came out to less than $5 per person!! Grocery shopping will be easier this month too as I'll only need staples...and diapers! Woah diapers!! I finally get to mosy down the baby aisle in Publix; something I used to run past and not even glance down bc it was too painful!!

Usually I'd prepare the meals in advance myself (with some gigggling girlfriends), but when I went in there, they said bc I'm a new mom-to-be (how did they know? lol) they'll prepare them for me complimentary! How nice is that? It's usually $20 for them to prepare.

Everywhere I go, cashiers, strangers, colleagues ask me when I'm due and I love to say "THIS WEEK". They all get so nervous and have this big surprise on their face like they want me to be at home in a wheelchair or already in the hospital and not out and about. It's so funny to say and see their reaction. By our dates, I'm officially due Wednesday, 4/2. By our ultrasounds, we're due Friday, 4/4. He said we have 2 due dates because our conception date is so exact bc we did IVF. Doc said she can come at anytime!! He doesn't want us going much past our due date because it is not good for the baby to get "overcooked".

As for me, I'm feeling great!! I have lots to do this week and feel like she can come anyday which is so exciting!! Lots of people are asking if we want visitors at the hospital. Since I've never had a baby before(did u know that? tee hee) , I'm not sure how we'll be feeling. I know we won't be up for any visitors before (obviously) or during (more obvious), but not sure about afterwards. Maybe a day or so later. Probably not right after. Depends on how Lily and mom/dad are feeling. But what do I know? Maybe I'll want Oprah visiting right after and doing a cover story!! lol. Jen will probably post pictures/stories as soon as possible as she has my blogger password so we'll see how Lily and parents are doing then. Keep praying that everything goes just as expected and Lily is here healthy and happy!!

The anticipation is so amazing! I want to put this feeling in a box and lock it up forever. I feel like I'm waiting for the biggest Christmas day of my life!! I'm trying SOOOO hard not to fast forward and enjoy/savor every minute because there is nothing like this feeling of anticipation and being pregnant. This might be my last time being pregnant (hopefully not) so I'm trying to enjoy every last second. Every kick. Every roll. Every fake contraction. Every hiccup. It's like I'm getting ready for 100 'Christmas-es' rolled into one!!

I can't wait to see her. Actually "see" her! What will she look like?

I can't wait to see David with her. I can just picture it. I picture it all the time.

I can't wait to see family and friends hold her who have gone through the same pain we've felt for the last 4 years. Finally some relief for them too! Finally. I feel like Lily is a gift from God for everyone. Not just us. We didn't get to this point alone.

I can't wait to hold her.

I can't wait to kiss her.

I can't wait to smell her.

I can't wait to talk to her.

I can't wait to have her look into my eyes.

I can't wait to see her in all the cute clothes we have for her as they drape from her body.

I can't wait to hear her cry.

I can't wait to breastfeed.

I can't wait to inspect every single toe and finger and stare at them in amazement.

I can't wait to stare at every square inch of her and realize this is our little miracle that we worked so hard to hard!

I can't wait to be a mom.

And then we get to take her home and call her our daughter. Our Lily Grace!

The anticipation is just too much!! xoxo

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

39 Weeks!!

39 WEEKS!! Wow!!

As in



I went to the doctor and I'm a whopping ONE centimeter dilated! It may not sound like much (and it's not), but it's progress for me that things are heading in that direction which I truly can't believe! Next week is my spring break so my last day of work is Friday, 3/28 so it's starting to feel more real as I'm officially on maternity leave!! I'm so excited to tie up loose ends at work and start this new chapter of having a baby. Having a Lily Grace!!

Here's the latest belly picture...thanks to Kelle for taking our beautiful maternity pictures!! Lots of bare belly ones that I'm too shy to post, but here's one of Lily hiding in the white. Can you see her? teehee

This could be one of my last ones!! Other than swollen and sore feet, I'm very comfortable and don't feel 39 weeks pg!! Not waddling yet!! As much as I can't wait to meet sweet Lily, I'm REALLY going to miss being pregnant and having her with me all day everyday!! I never dreamed being pg could be so miraculous!! The bond is so strong already; I can't even imagine when she's in our arms!! happy sigh.

Whenever I'm looking forward to something, I use the expiration date on the milk carton at the grocery store as a guide to how close/far the event is. It could be anything from a movie release, long weekend, vacation, upcoming wedding, to having a baby! Well, Jen sent me this text that says it all... showing how close it really is...

Here's what our sweet Lily has been up to this week:

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Support System...

They say when you go something in your life, it's so important to have a strong support system. Whether it's sad times or pure euphoria like we're feeling right now, the support system you have around you is oh so important!

Well, I think we have taken the cake, ice cream, brownies, with a cherry on top as far as a support system goes! We have family and friends who love Lily so much already and can't wait to meet and love her just like her parents.

Some are even nesting, while others might believe they are delivering an actual baby next week! Ha! To say we're lucky and blessed is an understatement and I'm just so excited for Lily to come into this world surrounded by so much unconditional love from all over!!

We received these HOMEMADE cookies in the mail yesterday from Cousin Bridgid! They are for the hospital room! How "sweet" is that?? Thanks B!!! xoxo

Then out of nowhere, Godmother Jan decides to send this adorable frame to teach Lily a little early math lesson. Can't wait to fill the frame!! Thanks Jannie!! xoxo

I thought the surprises were over until I opened my sister's blog and read her latest posting. Tears were streaming down my face!! She represents how excited, thankful, loving, and amazing our families and friends are throughout everything. It is very humbling to say the least!! (happy, heavy sigh)

Waiting For Lily...

My sister is pregnant.

My sister is pregnant.

This is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen of my sister.

Happiness radiates from her entire body.

My baby sister...

is going to have........a BABY.

This is a much celebrated baby.

Her name is Lily, and I love her
so much already I can barely stand it.

We have all waited for her, dreamed of her, hoped for her, prayed for her..... since she was a cluster of cells in a Petri dish.

We have wished for Lily even before then, when Kelly and David were in the depths of despair, coping the best they could against steep odds, and doing everything they could and then some, to get pregnant.

We cried, hugged, and grieved with them when Lily's two siblings went to heaven. They are not forgotten. They were loved, and always will be. I know they are watching over her right now.

Lily is surrounded by love........both up in heaven, and here on Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles, cousins, friends........and parents who yearned to hold her for years.

She is so deeply loved already.

Now Lily is just days away from her birthday. It is going to be a beautiful, magical day.

Just thinking about it brings me to the verge of excited, heart thumping, happy tears.

My baby sister is going to have a baby.
Her name is Lily.

And I can't wait to meet her. :)

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

38 Weeks and Dr. Visit...

I had my 38 week doctor appointment and everything is similar to last week which didn't surprise me much. I feel the same. He said my cerv is softer than last week, but I'm not dilated. I did have a lot of contractions last night; more than ever. He said that's my uterus doing a dress rehearsal for the big show!! Direct quote. He doesn't suspect I'll go this week, but "you never know" was how he termed it!! I go back next Wednesday. I feel like I'll go the full 40 weeks so I find myself in another "2 week wait" although this one is much more fun than the average "2 week wait" I used to dread!! Lily will be at the other end of the wait! Happy sigh.

Many people/strangers ask me the famous question now..."when are you due?" and I used to say "4/4/08" bc I loved the ring of those numbers together, but now I've switched my answer to "2 weeks" and it sounds SO close I can taste it! I love this happy anticipation!!

I'm so proud of my body. Not in a vain, egotistical way, but in the way that it's doing everything it should to support this pregnancy! I used to feel so "broken" on the inside as doctors would tell me my body just wasn't cooperating with the battery of tests they would run. Doctors tried to tape me back together with treatments, medicines, game plans, but I never felt my body would do what they wanted.

But not now. Lily makes me feel like a new woman and so proud to carry her this far with relatively no problems for 10 months! That's a miracle in itself! More happy sighs.

Here's a current picture of Lily at 38 weeks and thriving. Pix are a little dark, but they sure won't go in the scrapbook like that as I can lighten them there. I sure can't wait to meet this little kicker!!!! She sure feels cute.

For my bday in October, David bought me a pregnancy massage and made it from Lily with a card that read "I thought you and I could enjoy this together while I grow in your tummy. Love your peanut". VERY sweet! It was before we knew it was a Lily. Well, I've been waiting for just the right time to use it and now is the time! I was waiting until I was feeling the pains of the belly and feet issues so I'm getting it on Friday and I can't wait! I've been sooooo patient with this present (VERY unlike me) and hesitated each time I wanted to redeem it. I've been looking forward to this massage since October! Who says I'm not patient? lol.

Many of you have commented or emailed me about how to digital scrapbook so I included a section to the right with literally the ABC's of how to get started. It helps to have software you feel comfortable with and a few templates to get you started.
Warning: It's addictive and a whole lotta fun! There's a whole underground world of digital scrappers out there and I'm learning more and more everyday!! Hope you do too!!

Here's what Lily has been up to:

Monday, March 17, 2008

Fighting Addiction...

Ok, I'm officially addicted to scrapbooking now!

I need a 12-step program to rehabilitate me!

I need a sponsor to call in the middle of the night when I'm thinking about scrapbook spreads!! lol.

I'm reading magazines, shopping at stores, surfing endless sites, signing up for classes, asking friends, and perusing my pictures! I know I won't have this kind of time after Lily is here so I'm taking advantage of it now as the learning curve is a bit steep for me!! I feel like I'm rushing to get my master's degree and stuff all this information into my brain before I graduate!

Graduate into motherhood! WOW!

Here are some pages I've been working on....remember I'm still learning!! :)

Btw, IT IS SOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!! I love having a "hobby" that I love and gets my creative juices flowing!!

Click the link above the page to see it up close...












We bought one of these this weekend to document the days and times of Lily! I'm reading the manual like a college textbook so I can learn all the ins and outs about it. Can't wait to post some video of Lily here on the blog!! Won't that be cool? (pausing for choral "yes" from crowd)

Congratulations to Serenity at because her water just broke and she's about to have a baby boy/girl!!!! Uh, note to self...she's due a few days AFTER ME!! OMG!





Woah! (fanning face, gasping for air)

I've been following her blog since she got pg so it's VERY surreal that she's about to deliver. I don't know if you heard me...

she's due a few days AFTER me!! WOAH NELLY SAYS KELLY!! Tee hee!


And if you missed it in the last post, you HAVE TO SEE this video my friend Kelle made for us! It's amazing!! She put together for us to show at our family baby shower as a surprise for us! Boy were we ever!! You may have to download the program "Photodex", but that takes just a few minutes to do. The video is 10 minutes so close your door, blare your speakers, grab a tissue and enjoy!! It's the one titled "Baby Hutcheson"...let me know if it works :)

Could I have any more tickers? lol. I seem to find another one every week!!

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking...

I have a new hobby that I've been thinking about for a long time. It's called "Digital Scrapbooking"(DS) and it's a way to preserve pictures and make scrapbooks with a little help from the computer! Since we got married, I've always wanted to get into traditional scrapbooking, but never had a dedicated work space, patience, or the plethora of materials needed to get started. It all seemed so overwhelming.

But not anymore!! All I need is my computer and snapfish (to develop the pictures) for me to place into a traditional photo album. I can also share them on here. I'm really excited as I want to commemorate this pregnancy, the amazing showers, and ,of course, Lily once she is here. I feel like I finally can! Thank you to Kelle and Allison for helping me get started being that there is somewhat of a steep learning curve to my new hobby. I'm having fun already!!

Remember I'm just starting's something I just whipped up and boy was it fun!! I'll print this up (@ snapfish, walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc) as an 8x10 and put in my new scrapbook so Lily can see how loved she was even before she was here!!

More to come....xoxo

Click this link to see it enlarged...


I have a secret....

There are only 19 more days until she is here!!!!!! We're in the "TEENS"!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today marks 37 weeks which in pg-cy lingo means FULL TERM BABY!! Lily can come at anytime and she's considered "full term"! Love those words! I had a dr. appt today and I'm not dilated, but my cervix is "very soft" so that means my body is getting ready to do something big. "Could be anytime" were the exact words from Dr. T! Although I'm not expecting to go in labor the next week or 2, I can just feel it around the corner! The anticipation is so exciting!! She is "head down" still so that's a great sign I'll have a normal v-delivery!! Here are some pictures of Lily still hiding in the belly, but she is growing and moving everyday!! One is blurry and one is a super funny face I was making on accident. Oops! You get the drift!!

Random picture....How in the world did Charley get in the cupboard? If our cat is doing that to our house when we turned our back for "just a minute", what will Lily do??

PS We put Charley in time out after this discovery!! teehee

D&I have been starting to feel a little stressed out with all the STUFF that is taking over our house! I can not believe how much one baby can need and we seem to have it all which is great, but it's stressful when every closet is jam packed and not any space to "grow into" if you know what I mean. We were starting to feel a little clausterphobic, but came up with this solution! We thought these needed to be professionally installed, but Colleen told us you can get them at Lowes. I love organizational tools and this one takes the cake! I could go on the road and be a sales rep for these! They are brackets you hang in your garage to store stuff and I love them so much I could put a sleeping bag up there tonight and sleep there! I feel like we can breathe again as we're cleaning out the closets of the big stuff and storing it up there until we need it. Very easily accessible too! (we have terrible attics in this house; almost unusable)

Thanks to my very own live-in professional David who installed this last weekend!! I heart you, your "handy-ness" and these hangers!! Yippee!!

Here's what Lily has been up to:

Saturday, March 08, 2008

9 Months!!

9 MONTHS!! Woah, that sounds so


Whenever I tell people how far along I am, they go into a brief panic mode like they want to rush me to the labor room immediately! It's so funny!!

I have a dr. appt on Wednesday and will go weekly after that. I'm excited about going to see if there's been any progress and what the game plan will be. Not that he knows because it's really up to Lily, but it's just fun to talk about with him. Also, I'm anxious to hear her heartbeat again. I had to return the doppler because my rental agreement was up and boy do I miss it!! So long doppler and thank you for reassuring me more times than I can count and bonding daddy and me with Lily!!
It's funny how my readings have changed from reading books like this...

to now reading books like this...

and this book that I received as a gift from a friend at work...

It seems so surreal!!

The hospital bag is packed! Not that I think we're going to fly out the door any minute, but it gave me something to do when all I want to do is hold and play with Lily! I guess you could say I'm nesting. David may be nesting too because he planted these flowers outside for her arrival. Think she'll like the color? So cute to see him planting these with so much love!! I heart him.

Wanna see what she'll be wearing home from the hospital? It's cuter in person and will be even cuter on her, but here it was love at first sight when I saw it at the store. I literally made an audible gasp and ran to the checkout with it!! It's JUST what I've been looking for!!

Baby bonnet given to Lily from my Godmother. Lily will turn this into a hanky to use on her wedding day!! woah!!

Got great news at work this week!!! They are starting an ON SITE DAYCARE!!!! Can you believe it? It'll start when she is 1, but what an amazing opportunity to take her to work with me, have lunch with her and just stop by to chat whenever I can!! My sister and good friends work there too so I think Lily will have MANY visitors throughout the day!!! I'm so excited! It feels too good to be true, but I'm hopeful it'll all work out. It's been approved by the big whigs so it's still in the planning stages, but we'll have a lot of input on who's hired, as well as getting the program in place. Cool or what?? (knocking on wood all goes as planned)

And if you're still reading this post, here is a 9 month belly, Lily is really growing in there!! Still feeling great!! I officially gave up high heels/baby heels/cute shoes this week and my feet couldn't be happier. I'm wearing skechers for the home stretch and can't believe the difference! I was coming home before with extremely swollen, aching feet, but now I'm pain-free!!! I would post a bare belly picture, but don't want the blog police to come after me if I show my belly button!! I could get arrested for public indecency! lol.

And if you missed it in the last post, you HAVE TO SEE this video my friend Kelle made for us! It's amazing!! She put together for us to show at our family baby shower as a surprise for us! Boy were we ever!! You may have to download the program "Photodex", but that takes just a few minutes to do. The video is 10 minutes so close your door, blare your speakers, grab a tissue and enjoy!! It's the one titled "Baby Hutcheson"...let me know if it works :)

Here's what Lily has been up to lately...

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