Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Julie sent this email to Oprah on my birthday last year!! The support we received through all this has been humbling!!

October 17 (Kelly’s 32nd Birthday)

I met Kelly Hutcheson ten years ago when I first became a counselor at Naples Park Elementary. I always admired her pleasant smile and her positive attitude with her first grade class. She was not like any other teacher. She was magical! A known behavior problem soon became her star student. My son was fortunate to have her for his first grade teacher. He would often tell me “Mom, can you be more like Mrs. Hutcheson. She never yells.”

Two years ago Kelly was chosen to become a counselor at our school of near 1,000 students in beautiful Southwest Florida. Behind that smile and caring attitude for others, I was to learn that Kelly was carrying a huge burden. Once a month I would hear crying behind a closed door. Finally she was able to tell me that she and her husband have been trying to have a child for years. She has worked with an outstanding doctor, but no luck. One month we became excited as she found out she was pregnant. Weeks later, the cries were no longer quiet as she was told it was an ectopic pregnancy.
Ophrah, I’ve watch you work magic for many years, please send your angels to help Kelly somehow find the right help to get her a baby!!! She will make the best mother in the world!!

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