Wednesday, October 31, 2007


WEDNESDAYS ROCK MY WORLD!!  It's like a gift every week to look up what's happening to Baby H this week!!  It's so hard not to peek ahead, but so far I haven't cheated.  So far.

Speaking of gifts, I have been feeling Baby H move in my tummy!!  YES MOVE! As in M-O-V-E!!!  OMG!  It's magical, heavenly, exciting, surreal, amazing, wonderful, incredible, wonderous and every other adjective in the thesaurus that matches!!  Feels like my tummy is grumbling, but I'm not hungry and there's no noise.  Sometimes he/she is ticklish!!  Sometimes it feels like air bubbles along the inside of my tummy.  Magical.  Speechless.  No words.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Great News!

Just got a call from the dr. and my white cell count went back to normal!!  Yaa!  Love that word!!  They think it went up slightly because I didnt eat or drink anything for 17 hours before all the tests!!  17 hours folks!!  That's a lot of hours!!  I usually drink 70+ oz of water a day so my body was freaking out!  He said stress could play a factor and I dont know about you, but when a dr. tells you you may have to have surgery while 17 weeks pg after trying for 4 years and coming so far, stress may set in!  I'm just sayin!  They still think it's a torn ligament (maybe from my bad cough) on the mend and NOT appendicitis!  YAHOO!   Doc said to take it easy and rest as much as possible.  Will do dr.  10-4 good buddy!  Whatever you say!  Just stay away from my appendix!! (shying away- covering up appendix)

18 weeks tomorrow!  Yaa, we can vote at 18!
Oh and guess what?  We made our gender u/s appt yesterday!  It's for 11/14 at 2 something!!!  Assuming our baby cooperates (which we all know he/she will bc of his/her cooperative, unstubborn parents -haha) we will know if we're bringing home a little girl or boy!! How about them apples?  WOW that's deep!! We aren't sharing the gender until the shower, but the voting polls are still open (see right) so vote now!  We can vote once we turn 18! 

oh, that's tomorrow!  YAHOO!! 

Can you tell I'm a little excited??

17 weeks 6 days (but who's counting?)

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Dr. Update...

Dr not worried about levels being a little higher bc my pain level is decreasing. Said levels may be higher bc i had to fast on friday. He ran more tests to be sure. Feeling good. Xoxo

Labs are In from Friday...

Just picked up my lab results and the message said 'your white blood cell count went up slightly so dr would like to do a re check today at 3'. Ugh!! More tests. More waiting! I was hoping to put this to bed today. I'll keep you posted! 143

Big Day Shopping!!!

Today was a big day for D and I! WE WENT CRIB SHOPPING!! We went shopping all day for other secret parts of the nursery too, but then ended with Babies R Us!! I wasn't scared or intimidated as we walked into Babies R Us like I thought I would have been. I assertively walked in thinking 'mantra-ing', "we deserve this" although I was worried someone was going to come by and ask us if we wanted to look up someone's register bc I still don't "look" pg! I look like I had 1 too many twinkies, but strangers aren't coming up to me asking when I'm due yet!

I actually look forward to that part. When a stranger asks me when I'm due or what we're having or any other random question. NOT looking forward to the belly rub tho!! I've heard those ''belly rubbers'' are out there who think my belly is their genie bottle, but no thanks!! My belly button has always been SUPER sensitive! I think since birth. David knows to stay away from it...miles from it! My belly button use to have a little raisin in it and now it's stretched and looks like you could fit a dime in it! The circumference has doubled; meaning more surface area for people to accidentally graze 'the button' and that terrifies me!!

It was VERY overwhelming to be in that store! Overwhelming bc of all of the choices!! I wanted to cry when an employee came up to us and asked us if we needed help? I wanted to hold onto her leg while she dragged me around the store registering for us!! Some things I care about while others I couldn't care less if a stranger registered for us! I think there are just too many choices for new moms! There's about 103 different car seats all promising to be the safest car seat out there. 59 strollers with every bell and whistle available, gadgets galore; some you can't live w/o and some you can. How can a new mom and dad know the difference? I didn't get too worried about it now as I blocked out those sections!! Too much stimuli!! Our main focus right now is the nursery; starting with the crib/dresser set. My mom and dad have generously offered to buy the crib for us (ya m&d!) so that's a good feeling shopping w/ someone else's money (jk m&d, elbowing u in ribs)!! We are having a hard time finding the crib we want bc we have an exact color and style in mind. We've been looking online like crazy, but colors are super hard to judge w/o seeing it in person. It's $80+ ship so you have to be sure when ordering online. (sigh)

We're keeping the nursery ideas a surprise until the "gender reveal" probably in February at our shower!! I came home the other night and D had surprised me by clearing out the entire room that'll be a nursery!! It made me cry happy tears!! There were bed frames, mattresses, benches, tables all in our foyer and an empty room upstairs! It was VERY SWEET and got this nursery ball rolling big time! Now neither of us can stop thinking about it!! Walking into that empty room is like a blank canvas!! I honestly don't know how I'll keep all the details in that long! I feel like I'm going to burst already!! I spoke to my mom on the phone tonight and had to keep a lid on all the details of the shopping day and it was the hardest conversation ever!! She's the type that gets so excited with every little detail with me, remembers it, researches with me, asks me more questions to think about and wants to know every item we saw and liked/disliked!! It's at the front of my brain now and to push it back is not an easy task!!

D and I talk about it all of the time too so that's super fun! I can tell it's on his mind all of the time too!! Since he doesn't do cartwheels like I do when he's excited about something, I feel so bonded in such a different way to him bc I can actually see how excited he is too with random ideas he'll come to me with or things he'll see in the store that he just has to have! Brainstorming and planning is fun!! We've make each other "project managers" on different tasks which is how we usually handle big projects together like when we built our house, IVF, remodel jobs, etc. This is just the beginning!! Can't wait to "execute" in April!!! :)

On the "pelvic side" of things, my side still has a dull ache, but it feels much better. If I was an 8 on Thursday, then a 6 on Friday, I can say I'm like a 4-5 now. I'm worried about working bc I walk A LOT so it could aggravate it a little. Could have to take maternity leave 5 months early! ha ha I rested most of the weekend except for our shopping excursion, but I knew I'd call it quits if it started hurting too much which it didn't so that was good!

I'm going to the dr today at 3 to discuss my blood work where I expect to see average/low white cell counts (high levels = BAD appendix), he'll check my cervix and see what he thinks overall. I may even be able to get my white cell levels earlier if the labs come back and the post it on their lab calls system. I'll post if I hear anything earlier. I highly doubt it's appendicitis anymore bc of Friday's visit and my pain level is decreasing. He said appendicitis will only get worse and not better!! He'll want to see me in 2 weeks for a cervix check so then I get to make our gender ultrasound appointment!!!!!! OMG!

Our u/s tech won't make any guesses until 20+ weeks so guess when our appt will be?? AT 20 WEEKS EXACTLY!! I want to know more than ever bc we do want traditional colors in the nursery depending on gender! I feel like our tech is holding up the entire decorating project upstairs!! LOL! We're aiming for 11/14 for our gender appt so we'll see what the schedule looks like!! Hey, look at that!!?? Another TWO WEEK WAIT! Argh!!!

We love you all!!! Thanks for being excited with us!!

pregnancy due date

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Saturday, October 27, 2007


Here is a story from my friend Jen's's very inspiring to say the least! You may need a tissue!! Baby Micah just turned 3 last week and is doing fine! Watch the one titled "Micah's Story" first and then the "Father's Day" one. You may have to download the program first, but it's super easy and so worth it!! They are both incredible to say the least! Thanks to Chrissy for finding in her archive of emails!!

PS You may have to register for the program, but it's super easy and free!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

NO Surgery!!

What a looooooong exhausting emotional day! But it's over and no surgery scheduled which is good news to report!! First of all the baby is PERFECT!! The u/s tech did a loooooooong u/s with us and spent so much time watching the baby. Baby H was trying to suck his/her thumb and it was FASCINATING!! We didn't find out the sex, but it was still UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!!!

Long story short....every test they ran came back N-O-R-M-A-L!!!!!.

Bloodwork. Normal.

White cell count. Normal.

Ultrasound. Normal.

Internal Exam. Normal.

Another ultrasound. Normal.

Appendix ultrasound. Normal.

Ovary check. Normal.

Gall Bladder check. Normal.

Spleen check. Normal.

Bunch of other tests I didn't understand. Normal.

Baby Check. PERFECT!! :)

It was nice to hear that word "normal" over and over! My pain level yesterday was about an 8 and today it's about a 6 so doc said that is a good sign too. If it was appendicitis, then the pain level would stay at an 8 or get worse. The pain does not get better with appendicitis.

He did not have a medical reason for surgery today, but sometimes pg-cy can mask the symptoms so I need to keep a close eye on my pain level and symptoms. He's not ruling it out, but is leaning towards no surgery for now. He said I may have torn a ligament causing the pain and maybe it's mending itself on its own. I had a severe cough for the last few weeks so that might have strained it even more.

They ran more bloodwork today that'll come back on Monday. Basically if my white cell count is high (it was normal today) then he'll automatically remove my appendix, but being that it was normal today he's not super worried about that. I will go back on Monday with a pain level report and see my white cell count. If I have any pain, nausea, vomitting or a fever, I'm supposed to go straight to the ER. Will do!

He reassured me over and over that if we did have to have surgery it is not risky to me or the baby. Rupture is a risk, but he's not worried about it over the weekend. I'm not too worried about it at all especially bc the pain level is going down. I'd rather it disappear, but going down is good for now!!

I'm to take it easy this weekend and rest, rest, rest which is not a problem. I'm so emotionally spent from all this that I could pass out all weekend! LOL!!

Again, we are humbled by the support and love we received through all of this!! All the emails, phone calls, texts, prayers and support were sooooooooo needed and appreciated!! We feel more confident after getting the tests run and having them come back normal.

The best part is that we got an amazing ultrasound with a super patient tech that was incredible! We even saw all the chambers of his/her heart. We looked at his/her little bladder, spleen, liver. Every nook and cranny!! It was the best u/s we've ever had!! Usually we feel rushed during our u/s, but this tech would still be there if we wanted!! haha.

Baby H is PERFECT, growing, thriving, active, and happy and that makes us happy!! Tomorrow is our SIX YEAR ANNIVERSARY so we have lots to toast to!!!!! It'll be a nice, happy, relaxing loving weekend with peace in our hearts!!! :) Thanks for loving us through all of this!!

~Breathing Finally Friend

PS I still think it was all just a bladder infection! ha ha JK :)

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Im worried he'll wanna do

Im worried he'll wanna do exploratory surgery. Appendix didn't look inflamed which is good. Ovaries look pristine 2. Still waiting.

Everything looked perfect on ultrasounds.

Everything looked perfect on ultrasounds. Baby was trying to suck thumbs. So cute!!!! Waiting for dr opinion. Xoxo

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tough Day!!

Let me start off with everything is ok with the baby. I went to the dr today because I was having a lot of pain in my lower pelvic area. It wasn't my uterus growing bc I know what that feels like. It was something more. I thought it was a bladder infection because it felt just like that just from what I've read online being that I've never having one before.

After my exam, the doctor dropped a bombshell straight onto my lap! He thinks I may have (deep sigh) appendicitis!! What in the world? I'm having a barrage of tests run tomorrow and depending on those results, may have to have surgery to have my appendix removed. Surgery! Tomorrow! I'm still stunned.

They've ensured me that it's safe for me and the baby to be "under" and have this surgery which would be a laporoscopy. Uh, I've already had that surgery twice. Been there. Done that. Worst case scenario is if my appendix were to burst so they're moving quickly and swiftly to avoid that EXTREMELY dangerous situation.

I'm scared to death and cry just thinking about it, but it's still early and I never like to be an alarmist, but I'm terrified. Please say lots of prayers for the baby and me. David will be by my side through it all so I feel good about that. He truly is my rock. I hit the jackpot with him.

I'll post as soon as I know more. Say prayers! Lots of them! We love you all!! (deep heavy sigh)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lab Results are In...

The Downs Syndrome and Spinal Bifida came back a big fat NEGATIVE! Meaning our baby does not have a higher risk of having Downs Syndrome or Spinal Bifida!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! One less thing to worry about!! I was super worried about having to go through the amnio process after seeing one of my sisters going through the waiting even though everything came back normal. I'm so proud of our baby already!!!
Happy Hutchies

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Finally Belly Pix (with music) - Updated!!

Click "X" in music box to make it disappear to read captions...

We just saw baby H again this morning for another u/s...I'm STILL spotting but baby is fine, happy and growing. Measuring right on target with a 143 heart rate. The baby is saying "I love you" to us again!! That's what it was last time!! Got it on VHS!!! They think my cervix is irritated causing the spotting and they're keep a close watch on it checking it weekly to every other week until week 22!!! Im 16w2d today :) YAAA!!! We were routinely tested today to see if we're at a higher risk for Downs and Spinal Bifida today. Blood results come back next Wednesday - I'm not super nervous about this, but it's definitely on my radar!! Hope you liked the belly pix!! Like Baby H says, 143!!!!! :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sweet Sixteen!!

We can drive this week! I still remember turning 16 when Allison and Becky threw me a sweet sixteen surprise birthday party! And it just so happens that today is my birthday!! For the last 4 years, birthdays have not been the greatest because it's reminded me of how long we've been trying, but not today! Today was so much fun and I felt like I was 16 enjoying every minute of my bday!!

We're 16 weeks today and it seems like the 2nd trimester is going a lot faster than the first trimester! I think I was too terrified to think about anything else that all I did was stare at the calendar and the clock that never seemed to move. Now I'm taking a sigh of relief a little bit more as I see my tummy growing and hearing the heartbeat everyday!! I think I've felt movement a few times, but since I don't know what I'm looking for, I can't be quite sure because it happens so fast! Once I feel it more, I'll let you know if that's what I was feeling!!

I've been fighting a bad cold/cough for TWO SOLID weeks!! That is soooooo unlike me! I've always been proud of my immune system bc I don't get sick often and if I do it's for 3-4 days tops!! Well, 14 days later and coughing like a veteran smoker, I had to call the doctor for some relief! He prescribed some drugs that are safe during pg-cy and it's helping, but I'm still coughing a bit. Much better tho!! Guess my immune system is taking a jab or 2 from Baby H which is fine by me!!

Here are some sites about our baby right now! I never read ahead even tho I'm so tempted, but it's like my little surprise every Wednesday!! I look forward to it all wee!! I just learned that Baby H is the size of the sub I get at Subway!!! He/she is 6"!! Woah!! We have an u/s and cervix check on Friday at 9:20 - can't wait to see our peanut again!!

Off to the Melting Pot for my bday (big surprise huh?) and I feel more blessed than ever on this special day with the little one swimming around in my belly that I don't even need to open any presents!! (shh, don't tell David that - hee hee)

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

15 WEEKS!!! :)

We get to drive (with a parent) today as we are FIFTEEN WEEKS PREGNANT! YAHOO!! When I was a teenager, I went to get my driver's permit BEFORE SCHOOL on my bday bc I wanted to drive so badly and 15 years old was such a big milestone in my life! My mom brought me to the DMV when they opened for my test and then late to school and I thought I was too cool for school with my driver's permit!!

Today is a little bittersweet because when we got pg with IVF#1, our due date was today 10/10. But, of course, we're also very happy to be PG and focusing on that today! We're going to light (or 50) a candle in his/her honor tonight and celebrate our little peanut that tried so hard to be with us and for the one growing and thriving inside my tummy!! It's crazy to think we'd have a little one bouncing around our house right now, but it's a great feeling to know there's a little one bouncing around in my belly as I type these words!!

Below are a few baby pix if you'd like to take a peek. Belly pix are coming I promise. I think I look "thick" during the day, but look pg at night. I can't wait until I really start to "POP"!!
Thanks for caring and celebrating all the highs and lows on our quest to Baby Hutcheson. :)

Monday, October 08, 2007


Everything is perfect! Baby's heartbeat was a lucky 143bpm!! For those who don't know what those #'s stand for it really means "I love you" which is Baby H's way of saying it to his mom and dad!! We use that frequently to say I love you as 1=I, 4=love 3=you bc that is how many letters are in each word. If you're active in the "texting world", you probably use it frequently too as it not something we came up with on our own.

Baby is measuring perfectly and wiggling on the screen which was SO exciting to see! I brought in a VHS tape to record it at Jen's urging!! I never did before because I didn't want to jinx the u/s! Forget those silly jinxers! They can eat my dust! I also accepted donations of a changing table, breast pump and boppy from the GENEROUS CHRISSY ROGERS and didn't feel too guilty as D was bringing it all in the house. It felt right.

Doctor wants to keep a close eye on my cervix because it is so "sensitive", which I told him is like its owner. Ha ha, that's me! The spotting has subsided completely so that is good news too. He said if I have it again not to worry unless it is red and I should come in to get it checked out. Brown spotting is ok. Red/pink doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong, but it's just something he wants to stay on top of with my cervix risk history. I had part of my cervix removed years ago (due to cancerous cells that were present) that can make the cervix weaker during pg-cy. He said he'll monitor me VERY closely until week 22 and then it won't be of concern by then. Not sure why that is.

I don't mind being "closely monitored" because guess what that means?


MORE ULTRASOUNDS!! (crowd goes wild, streamers flying, balloons released, wave begins)

Our next appt. is next Friday, 10/19 where he'll "monitor" me some more! That's just 10 days away!! YAHOO!! It'll be my NINTH ULTRASOUND and I'll be just over 15 weeks! WOAH!!!


I don't want Kelle's slide show to get lost in the shuffle of my entries - I was able to watch it from school and I was BAWLING! Happy, excited, inspired tears! Make sure you watch WITH the music!!

Did this work to play it? Press the play button on the bottom left of your screen. Turn on your sound. It has music so do NOT view without the music attached - it'll lose it's meaning! Kelle made this for us, but I can't get it to play at home - maybe you'll have better luck?? I'm DYING to see it!!!! Kelle is a creative genius!!!!!!

pregnancy due date

Lilypie Expecting a baby PicLilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

Baby is doing great! He/she

Baby is doing great! He/she is huge and heart is happy. Waiting to see doctor to check my cervix. may be the cause 4 bleeding.

Dr. Appt.

Dr appt is set for 10:40 today - I hate all these impromptu appointments that gets my blood pressure pumping!!

I don't want Kelle's slide show to get lost in the shuffle of my entries - I was able to watch it from school and I was BAWLING! Happy, excited, inspired tears!

Make sure you watch WITH the music!! this work to play it? Press the play button on the bottom left of your screen. Turn on your sound. It has music so do NOT view without the music attached - it'll lose it's meaning! Kelle made this for us, but I can't get it to play at home - maybe you'll have better luck?? I'm DYING to see it!!!! Kelle is a creative genius!!!!!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Did this work to play it? Press the play button on the bottom left of your screen. Turn on your sound. It has music so do NOT view without the music attached - it'll lose it's meaning! Kelle made this for us, but I can't get it to play at home - maybe you'll have better luck?? I'm DYING to see it!!!! Kelle is a creative genius!!!!!!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Back on the Roller Coaster...

Ugh! Just when the pg-cy confidence was starting to shine over here, I started bleeding and spotting last night!! I'm so bummed and confused by this as it's very uncommon in the 2nd trimester! Thank God I have the home doppler and can hear the baby's heart beating away at 150 BPM!!

I haven't spotted or bled any for the last 5-6 weeks so this is a VERY UNWELCOME happening! Of course it started at 6pm on Friday when the doc's office was closed, but they will be getting a call from me first thing Monday morning. I'm wondering if it's my cervix starting to weaken from the weight of the baby?? I really have no idea, but of course I'm worried and my confidence level is starting to waiver a bit!! I'm going on unofficial bedrest until I can talk to my doctor.

So much for a worry-free honeymoon 2nd trimester.


pregnancy due date

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Buh-Bye First Trimester!!!!

14 and Fabulous!!! Yesterday was the beginning of week 14 and no matter which book, website, or doctor you ask, WE ARE OUT OF THE FIRST TRIMESTER!!  Signed, sealed and delivered!!!  There are conflicting answers everywhere I turn about when the first trimester ends, but it is over!!  We have a 99% chance that everything will be ok!  We started off with 30% success odds, then we crept up to 50% when they saw our high quality embryos(patting self on back), then 85% when we heard the heartbeat and now we've shot up to 99%!!!!!!!  Those are my kind of odds!!!
I've told both schools so I'm officially "out" and the public knows.  Makes me want to park in "Expectant Mother Parking" bc I don't have a fear I'll see someone I know unexpectantly, but I may wait a bit longer until I'm showing to park there.  Maybe I'll pack a pillow under my shirt this weekend if I park there!  Belly pix (no skin) are going to be posted soon....just need enough courage....thanks for caring and loving us through this incredible ride!!!

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