Wednesday, January 03, 2007


WOAH! It's getting more real everyday! The meds are here!! They came first thing this morning!! I was on typing in the tracking number and as I was typing the #'s, up he pulled!! Seemed like a nice fed ex man running a usual route carrying 2 boxes and bringing them to the door like any other box and I wanted to scream at him...."DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE CARRYING RIGHT NOW? Why are you walking so fast! Slow down! Put them down slowly and carefully! You're carrying gold! You're carrying hope. You're carrying Baby Hutcheson!!" Instead I just opened the door politely and signed for the precious packages. I was a bit surprised at how many syringes were in my "starter pack"! There were about 100-150 of them!!!! Some were empty and some were prefilled syringes, but I'm pretty sure we'll use them all from all I've heard and may have to order I going to turn into a pin cushion???? OMG! I'm so excited to learn more on Friday about our schedule and what to do in our new labaratory!!

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