Sunday, January 30, 2011

playing and what babies do...

Some more video fun...i can't get enough of these two together...

same video of them playing just different upload steps...

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We are always telling Lily what big girls do so she thinks that babies do the exact opposite. Like big girls use nice words, then that must mean babies are mean and yell. If big girls use nice hands, then babies hit their mommy and daddy. If big girls clean up their toys, then babies must throw them across the room. Poor babies get a bad rap in her mind. She likes to act out both versions. For example...

can't see video? see here

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Around the House

I think I have the record for most posts titled "around the house" or "random pictures". I can never think of a clever'er (yes, that's a word I just made up) title because my pictures are always so random

I had to take a breather from pictures and videos because I thought I'd drown and still feel that way, but here's just a little taste of life. Probably more like 10%.

I can't say i "looooooved" lily's newborn weeks/months because I was SOOO overwhelmed with caring for our first newborn, trying to breastfeed and feeling like I was failing her because she was losing weight, post tramautic stress from her delivery and a few health scares we had with her (that turned out ok) so I don't remember that time with a lot of carefree adoration. I remember saying "next week will be easier" which was the mantra Colleen told me tell myself and it was SOOOOO true! It did get easier every week. But with Grady, I havent felt that way at all and I feel like I'm enjoying newborn phase for the first time with true appreciation for how sweet and fleeting it is. I feel like a broken record, but I truly can't believe how sweet this boy is. I tell him all the time, but I wish he could understand. I dont think kids ever truly understand or grasp it until they have their own. I think Lily is a big fan too! She is so gentle and sweet with him which makes me love her even more which I didnt think possible. And Grady flashes these big open mouth smiles to anyone which makes me think he's hung the moon. And then the 2 of them together? It's like heart combustion explosion time. And when I talk to other parents, it's crazy because they feel the exact. same. way. about their kids which is so uber cool I can't stand it. Whether they're kids are young or old, the feelings are universal.

I've taken his monthly pictures on time, but haven't posted them on time. Here he is in MY FAVORITE jammies ever known to mankind on him!! Thank you Janet. I'll keep these forever and he's in them as soon as they come out of the dryer. The little feetsy have faux baseball shoes on them!

Lily got really sick right before I did over break and spent some serious cuddles in bed with us. It was heavenly even though I felt so badly for her.

Grady was busy being an elf making presents for family at our local pottery joint....look at those little feetsy! oh my goodness! Did I say "feetsy" 2x in one post?

My Godmother Jan sent us this in the mail as a surprise and it made me cry when I opened it. Never did I think this would happen to us that we'd be able to have an ornament like this. When I read back in my diary while TTC and I can't tell you how I BEGGED the universe for this.

Thanks Lindsey for telling us about this awesome neighborhood park I didn't know about that's right around the corner from us! Lily was all smiles, but I can't say she's really a park snob since they're all the same to her and she could go to the same park 3x a day and she'd be a happy camper. I never knew kids loved parks so much, but holy moly this girl is a true addict! Grady just chills on the sidelines taking it all in.

Not sure if i posted this picture bc it was in photobucket, but look how cute he looks on the scale with his little hat. It's worth reposting if I already did.

My dad was waiting for Lily at the bottom of the slide and kept saying over and over "Ready, set, go! I'll be here for you to catch you if you fall." I was so taken aback by that because it is so symbolic of how our parents raised us feeling they'd be there for us no matter what and now we, along with all the other parents out there who think their kids hung the moon too, are paying it forward to their own kids.

Truly amazing!

life is good.

Sunday, January 09, 2011


Lily usually asks for our help on the potty, but lately wants to do it all herself even though she can barely manage it all. Usually she realizes this mid-pee and calls for our help. But, there's always an announcement or declaration of some sort to let us know it's about to commence. Well, this time, she came bounding into the den and said she had just already gone poopoo in the potty. I barely believed her, but she kept insisting and then grabbed my hand and proudly escorted me to the potty. She didnt want me to flush it because she wanted to show daddy. When he got home, she wanted to save it to show Santa. lol

(if u listen closely, when i ask her what she did, she reenacts the deed and even throws a grunt in there)

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Here's Grady ala Bob Marley. He's so chill and happy all of the time I swear he sings "Don't Worry. Be Happy" in his sleep!

can't see video? click here

This is before Christmas when all she could think about was that stinkin' Barbie car.

can't see video? click here

And here she is for the first time in it. I love how her head jets back after she hops in the first time.

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life is good.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

holiday break

I love when everyone is off work together at the same time; it's like a giant game of Senior Skip Day except no one gets in trouble. And I think this would be an example of "parallel play". Holy good posture Lillers.

she's obsessed with computers and can't put down her new LeapTop. We finally just took the time to personalize it tonight, added her favorite songs and can't wait to see how surprised she is tomorrow when she logs on and it says "Hi Lily" then gets emails from Grandma, Papa and Daddy. She'll freak out!
She was talking to Grady showing him how to play her computer. This pic is pre-leaptop and look how focused she is. I want to wake her up just to show her all the new tricks we added.
I was sick as a dog few weeks ago. Like really sick. Like couldn't get out of bed and be vertical for longer than 30 seconds without almost fainting or crawling to the bathroom. Seriously, can't remember a time I felt worse, but thankfully it was short lived! Since I was worried DCF was going to my house and take my kids due to neglect, Dad took Lily to the park and Grady slept while I moaned. Finally, I had to call David to come home from work. It was that bad. I told Dad to take Lily for an hour or so while i santized the house, but he missed that detail and was waiting for me to text him that it was okay to come home. He was at the park for over 3 hours! OMG! They both had a blast...not sure who had more fun! THANK YOU DAD/PAPA!!! Isn't he so cute?

Brian and the little cuddlebug G-Money...

Lily the multi-tasker. She was playing Candyland with Grace and Katie while playing on the computer. Then Daddy called so she kept doing both and discussed the events of her day.

Somehow Molly talked me into a last minute trip to the east coast by myself! As in with 2 kids, but without David. David and I have a nice rhythm when we travel together and to do that with 2 kids alone seemed impossible, but with all the helping hands over there, it was a cinch. Packing, on the other hand, was not. Midway through packing, I texted Molly I was going to borrow everything of hers because I ran out of brain power to pack for myself. So glad I did it and will be doing it again soon for sure! We took the herd bowling and I can't believe I have a kid old enough to bowl. Well, kinda...

Tonight, Lily randomly asked "where's bob"? and I said "do u mean Grandma's Bob?" and she said "No, not Grandma's Bob. Where is MYyyyy Bob?" awww.
I have no understanding for how Bob was able to pull this bowling move off. Seriously, this picture could be put next to Gumby and he'd have some competition.

one of the cutest bowlers I've ever seen...

The Wii was under our tree this year and oh what a fun family game this is....Lily sat with Brian forever watching intently and pretending to play along. She especially liked the "Just Dance" game. OMG! I just realized David is in the background cleaning up spit up on his brand new t-shirt. David and spit up don't go together. David always looks at it like he's scared of it when it happens to him.

and the budding artists...

My mom bought the book "Guess How Much I Miss You" where she recorded her voice reading the story to Lily and Grady. It's super cool and Lily has listened to it about 100 times! It seemed a little ghost-like at first, but it's kinda nice having Grandma around all the time. haha I love the way Grace is looking her Grandma.

love this picture...Tara, you have a keeper...just sayin.

Look! We all survived Senior Skip Day and no one was suspended. Life is good.