Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hutcheson Hen House

Here's a candid shot from the waiting room. It was Saturday morning at 9am and it was packed with a bunch of hens like us trying to get some good eggs out of our basket. We had more bloodwork and more wands poking around where the sun don't shine and the waiting game estrogen level is a whopping 2,620!!! Did you hear me? That is worth repeating....two thousand six hundred and twenty!!! The average woman ranges between 50-100!!!! If I were to do the math, that would mean my estrogen level is 26 TIMES the average woman. Who said I was average?

We drove to Margate early this morning and when I asked the nurse our chances of being back on Sunday morning for further tests, she said my chances were "BIG"!!! So we decided to stay at my mom's tonight since she is only 30 minutes away from the dr. A little side note about the dr's location is that it is 10 minutes from my mom's work and 5-10 minutes from the house I grew up in!!! I lived there during my formative years and I think it's ironic that the place we're trying to have a family is just so close!

Tomorrow we have a dr. appt at 7am (GULP!) and then we're driving 4 hours to Tampa to be on Extreme Makeover Home Edition for our 2-8 shift!! We are THEN driving 2 hours back to Naples....that is all in one day!! We hope it'll be worth it, but it's one of those things that we won't know until we experience it!! Since math is my favorite subject tonight, that is almost 7 hours of driving in FL in one day!! OH MY!!!

I'll probably go back to Margate on Monday morning for further monitoring. Usually, I can get that done in Naples, but I don't have an appt. and they are tough to get before 11am. I need an early appt, so they can STAT (that means "really fast" in medical terms) the results to Margate. I wont know if they have any openings in Naples until they open at 8, but Margate only does monitoring between 7-9 so I'd be S.O.L. if they didnt have an appointment. I hope all that just made sense. I'm a bit tired and my estrogen is 26 times the normal woman, so I can't be held responsible for my entries at this point!!!

A minor concern I have for tomorrow is that we have to take a big shot (in the muscle-yikes) 36 hours before the retrieval and if the retrieval is on Tuesday, the shot will take place 9pm tomorrow night. We won't know until after the test results come back from the monitoring tomorrow. The only problem with a 9pm shot is that we'll be on the road so I may have to ice in the car and pull over at a fancy gas station and shoot a moon to D bc that's where the shot has to be! Not sure how we'll work that all out, but we'll figure it out, laugh the entire time, and have a really good blog entry afterwards!!

This probably all sounds like a lot that we're going through, but we're actually having fun, we're together, we got to see the famiy unexpectedly today for some hugs and encouragement, we're making memories through all of this, and can't wait to make new memories with our baby chick(s)...


Kelle said...

Thanks for my CHICK! So happy things are going so perfectly so far! God is GOOD! Love you both! I'll be praying at 9:00 tonight for your bootie!
k with e

Jennifer said...

Your entries are so warm, hilarious, loving, and informative. If you were not already my beloved sister, I would SO want to know you.
I love you to pieces, Kel.