Friday, July 06, 2012

Y Fun

Lily was 2.5 and Grady was about 3 weeks old. I remember feeling so overwhelmed of how I could give Lily what she needed because her world was just rocked by Grady and we were all dealing with the fallout of her tears. But school for Lily was the same and thats just what she needed. And some candy from aunt jennifer for the trick or treating around the school.

Her heart was confused by it all, but school was a place that helped her through it all.

and that smile helped us through the adjustment...

and so did our family.

who never leaves her (or our) her an extra dose of TLC when she needed it the most.

candy always makes anyone feel better.

and a nap...

I remember carrying Grady around in a sling and trying to fake it until i make it kinda feeling juggling 2 and wanting to know I could master this....was feeling good for about an hour until he peed through his diaper onto a teacher and I left the extra diapers in the car.

she loved going to Aunt Jeffer's classroom the most.

her hair even looks little to me here...

She didn't want to change into the school shirts and Gpa was trying to talk her into before I arrived.

and somehow we negotiated the shirt on...

and watching her off in the distance holding a newborn made me realize how much she has grown up.

waiting for aunt jeffer to open her door.

aunt jeffer took over while I dealt with the diaper blowout.

painting a flower pot for my birthday which I still have in my bathroom 2 years later.
I still treasure it deeply

Daddy doing drop off...

Lily calling me on the phone. Holy teenager look here.

And Grady makes his appearance.....swaddle and all. Wow. He's teeny tiny!

And lily still loves reading...

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