Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2.5 years


Going back in time some more. Grady is 6 months old then and smiling then like he does now.

Lily is going for her 3 year checkup.

She used to hate haircuts and now she doesn't mind them at all; as long as there's a lollipop at the end :)

Just a year and a half ago and everything is so different, yet still so the same.

I remember going to the park and Grady went in the swings for the first time and it felt like I had 2 real kids for awhile; not one newborn and a toddler.

Be still my heart when they're together.

I love watching them grow together. Where's Grady? lol

It took her awhile to warm up to him and realize he's not going anywhere, but she is smitten over him these days.

She looks the same to me even tho this is a year and a half ago.

Nothing better than seeing your kids happy from their bottom of their toes kinda happy.

Im still keeping up with these monthly shots even though it's SO easy to forget, but I know we'll be glad we remembered.

A trip to see the Easter bunny for the first time for Grady. Ummm, his head is as big as the bunny's head here. lol

face painting.

Our cute little bunny...

Who is that? she says to herself.

"Hey, this baby is a pretty fun toy." she says.

Fun looking back and I can't believe how many drafts I have to catch up on. I have lots of live up to date pictures too don't worry! :)

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