Sunday, July 15, 2012

Woah and Doctors

Grady doesn't have much of a shy side , but it will show itself every once in a blue moon. One of his ways of acting shy is to hide inside his stroller. He'll whip down his sunshade in seconds flat. Now that's funny stuff.
See im stepping out from behind the camera a little bit more here and there.
I took this picture because I thought it was funny Grady was showing off his swim diaper and baggy pants, but then realized later his friend from swim class was running wild from his mom and caught her in the act.
There's 12 years between Jordan and Lily and it's so cute to see them interact together...mostly Lily watching and adoring his every move....even when he's eating pancakes.

Lily is so sweet to Grady and loves to read to him because she knows that's the way to his heart. She insists on helping put him to bed every night and every nap time and she'll whisper things like "i love you grady. don't cry grady. you're safe here with mommy, daddy and lily" and I want to melt in a puddle hearing her whisper stuff like that as she tip toes out of his room. And when she insists on reading to him and he attentively listens, I don't know what to do with myself. One of my fav pics taken in a long time.
eating a muffin all dressed up for Meemaw's funeral. I have no idea why his face looks so red here.
and Lily in the matching dress.
If Grady doesn't say "woah" 300 times a day, then he doesn't say it at all. He says it at every turn we take in the car, every time we stop, if we go up a ramp or if he sees anything fascinating out the window. Needless to say he was in woah-ville being up on the 5th floor looking down.
Lily joined in...

Ok, I don't know what is wrong with my camera, but he looks like he's 5 here when he's only 1.5!

She never falls asleep in the car unless we're on a long trip so it's neat to capture sleeping shots of her. She looks like she's faking it here, but she's really snoozing away.

Playing catch with her idol and cousin Katie.

A pic from April, but he's still just as cute.

We had a major health scare with lily and her back...we found the best of the best back specialists to look her over and after a battery of tests she's gonna be okay and doesn't need surgery. Thank God to all the stars in the sky! There's not a more vulnerable feeling than when you think something might be seriously wrong with your babies. It's gut wrenching and heart breaking all rolled in one.
and to see her go through the series of tests like a champ made me and everyone around her so very proud.....she was so nervous, brave and sweet through it all. You can see all those emotions in her face right here.
Anna was with me in the waiting room and I was a nervous wreck. She said my eyes looked like they were about to pop out of my head just sitting there. I had no idea. So we all imitated what I looked like for some comic relief.

Apparently Lily has a little nose trouble while at the dr. I caught her listening at the door to hear what was going on with other patients. Hipaa police would not be happy with this. ha

Kissing Lily's back and hugging Grady a little tighter knowing that they are both healthy and happy. What more can you ask for? Life is good!

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