Saturday, July 14, 2012

fishing with anna

There's something very nostalgic and wholesome about fishing. I don't like it per say, but I like to watch out the window when the kids are fishing with ones they look up to in life.

There's something profound about it.

It's like the noise of life quiets for the time they're fishing together.
Grady is quite the fisher boy yet, but he likes to observe and actually sits still for an extended period of time while he observes. That's like a small miracle.

I love pictures of kids reading with adults, but I think fishing pictures from behind rank right up there too.
So when I was setting up the picture via tripod of the family by this beautiful tree outside of cousin Sandy's house, I took a few test shots before bringing them all outside to position everyone. I saw these 2 shots in my camera later on in the night and it made me laugh so hard....especially when I'd toggle back and forth quickly.

Here's before the test pic....

and here's after. (imagine toggling quickly between the 2 shots)

the joke might have been lost in translation, but it was funny at the time. Maybe you had to be there. Oh wait, you were. lol.

Have a happy day!

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