Wednesday, July 04, 2012


September 2010. Lily is 2.5 and G is about to arrive. So we took a trip to Botanical Gardens as a family of 3 for one of the last times.

this place is stunning!

potty training chart.

she still wears this hat and I can see this face all of the time.

she seldom wears shorts, but David loves her in them so you can tell who dressed her that morning. So cute!

she still wears this suit too...

playing house

she still loves to pose for pictures.

daddy does too (not so much)


she looks so little here. maybe because she was.

cooking with's funny because the crocs she's wearing here are the ones that Grady wears every time we go to the pool. Crazy cool!

Is it bad I still have those same kitchen towels? lol

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