Sunday, July 01, 2007

Shots, Shots, and More Shots!

Shots are going OK. For some reason, they sting A LOT more than last time! It feels as if someone is putting alcohol into a cut and it's not comfortable.
We're using a slightly different needle than last time bc that's what the pharmacy sent with them, but we're going to try the ones we used last time to see if that helps with the stinging. One is 25 1/2" while the other is 25 3/8". We'll try that tonight to see if I notice the difference.
We switched pharmacies bc this time around we shopped like dogs getting quotes from all the specialty pharmacies to get the lowest prices. We saved a couple hundred dollars this way so every penny counts!! There's only a few pharmacies who carry these drugs and they're all over the US so it's not like we go to Walgreens, CVS, Publix to pick these up.
Uh-oh, gotta go, the doctor just told me it's about time to ice up!! Gotta listen to the dr. or he gets real upset and can be pretty wild with those needles!! Living with the doctor can be stressful! I do everything in my power to be nice so I get the highest level of care. Sometimes it feels like I'm walking on....

eggshells! ha ha

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