Friday, July 06, 2007

Appt Update

Drove to and fro Margate today and am exhausted, but happy that it went well. My estrogen is up to 960 and they said I have 15-16 eggs looking great and as they get bigger, the monitoring will become more frequent. Since my acupuncturist is out of town this week, I conveniently scheduled an appt in Margate to have an acupuncture session there. I wanted to meet the Dr. and see the lay of the land before plopping down $300 smackers on the transfer day. I was impressed with his knowledge and he sees a lot of patients from the IVF clinic so I like that he's familiar with it. He said the success rate jumps from 30% to 67% when doing acupuncture with IVF. That seemed a little higher than what I've read, but any increase is great! I've read it increases your chance by 12-15% and I say every bit helps!! Every patient has different success rates based on many factors so it's hard to make any blanket statements, but I've been told that my chances are a little higher bc of my age and that it's worked before...I keep holding on to that like it's a piece of gold in my hand!!

Our next appointment is on Sunday so we have to make the trip to Margate again bc nothing is open over here and I may stay over there for a few days with my sissies and mom as it's VERY close to the clinic. The only problem is the shot-giving. David will have to go back early for work so we're trying to think of who will give a shot or 2 since he won't be there. Molly said she might be able to do it if David can show her just how it's done. I only want her doing it if she feels comfortable with it so we'll see how it goes. I'm wiped out from the day I might just sit here and take a....

POWER NAP! ha ha :)

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