Tuesday, July 03, 2007

100th Post!!!

I just noticed in my blog settings that this is our 100th post on the Baby Hutcheson blog!! This must mean good luck right?? Just got off the phone with the nurse and she said my estrogen is at 262 and I have follicles progressing well. Good news!! They want me to continue doing the same shots and go to Margate on Friday for a pre-op appt at 10:30am. I can't do it in Naples bc I have to meet with a nurse. From there, they'll be able to tell me what to do next.
I had a battle with the lab again today. Maxson called me around 3pm saying they were still waiting for my blood results to be faxed over. That's a BIG GRRR when I hear that since I had my blood drawn STAT at 8am this morning. I called the lab and they couldn't find my results. That's a BIGGER GRRR when I hear that. After many calls trying to track down my blood results, I finally found a nice nurse who I tried to "kill with kindness" and she was on the case. The others that I tried to "kill with kindness" were very rude and defensive. As soon as they pick up the phone, I can hear the defense wall shoot up! I want to say, "Can you throw down the ladder so I can climb over the wall you've put up?" I'm going to get into rock climbing so I can climb up when this happens again! ha ha
The shots are going better. We called Maxson for advice and they said to make sure David plunges the medicine in slowly, make sure the alcohol on my skin is completely dry before puncturing needle into my skin, and massage the meds after the needle has been removed. It still stings towards the end of the shot, but not like before so those tips helped. The Lupron makes me a little weepy and gives me headaches (I NEVER get headaches-knock on wood[dont knock on my head}) and I can feel my ovaries moving and grooving! My entire body feels swollen and bloated; especially in my belly, which I like bc it means the meds are working! The meds are slightly different this round so I think that is the reason for the change in symptoms. Overall, I'm feeling great and hopeful! That's a great combination!!

Happy 100th blog entry and thanks for caring for us so much along the way during our journey to meet Baby Hutcheson!!

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