Wednesday, July 11, 2007

14 Eggies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was great! Very happy with the results! I'm so exhausted and feeling nauseous, but wanted to post asap before I go back to bed....I'll post more later, but here's the nuts and bolts...Here's part of a text I sent to my dad right after so it might read a little like slang/shorthand, but I'm too tired right now to think.

They got 14 eggs out of this pretty hen today!! lol.....I just wanted double digits today and really didnt expect it tho bc they got 14 eggs out of 15 follicles. I'm excited! I was expecting only 7-8 eggs this time from the percentage of last time. Last time they got 14 eggs out of 20 follicles! Then 12 of the 14 fertilized so I'd be VERY happy with 12 fertilizing tomorrow. We'll get a "fert report" tomorrow telling us how many fertilized. Please pray!!

Feel nauseous and tired but happy with the results. Don't remember feeling these symptoms last time. On pain meds now.

They almost sent me home wearing a catheter today bc i couldn't pee on my own after drinking tons of water!! Tons. What the? Took forever to pee even tho i had to go.

The anesthesiologist said he could tell I've never done drugs bc i didn't need much to put me out and took me longer than expected to wake up.

Just got home and cant wait to sleep the day away. We felt all the love and support while in the room going through all this. Feeling very hopeful!! Anxious for the "fert report" tomorrow - say lots of prayers! Love you all!!

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Jessica said...

Awesome news, Kelly!!! :) Yaheee for your 14 eggies! I can't wait to hear the fert report tomorrow! Will continue to say MANY prayers for you!!! :)