Monday, July 09, 2007

Retrieval is Wednesday!!!!

We are retrieving the eggies on Wednesday! Doc said I have 5 mature eggs right now that are ready and 8-9 that will hopefully mature by Wednesday. They didnt want to run the risk of going another day on stimulation bc the 5 mature eggs could be lost in the process which would be bad.
I'll get a fertilization report on Thursday and they're guessing that we'll transfer the embryos on Saturday! OH MY FAST!! It's exciting how quickly the whole process is and so wonderful to do all these appointments during summer break! I have an acupuncture appointment tomorrow which is perfect timing! Then I'll have another acupuncture before and after the transfer on Saturday ....keep praying and loving us! Thank you for all you do!!


Jessica said...

Oh yaheee!! Retrieval is TODAY! Saying many prayers that all goes well and they get many eggies from you! Can't wait to hear an update... Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Just catching up with you and realized you could be getting your egg retrieval right now!!! I'm also praying all goes well and they get many beautiful eggies!! Love ya Donna