Friday, July 20, 2007


Dreams have been vivid lately! More than usual! They say it's a side effect from the shots of progesterone at night. Well, I had a dream last night that David and I found out we were pregnant in the ultrasound room and my brother in law was in the room with us!! How funny is that?? Duane was there too!! I was laying on the table and David and his brother were hugging/high-fiving and crying as the ultrasound tech told us the news! I was laying on the table watching not even caring that no one was hugging me!! I was hugging myself!! It was surreal! First of all, you don't find out your pg in an ultrasound room. It's a blood test followed by a phone call, but I thought it was funny that Duane was in the room with us! He lives in South Carolina! I think it was symbolic of how much I want this pregnancy for David!! David loves his brother dearly! Of course, I pray and hope to be pregnant everyday and that's a no brainer, but the strength in wanting this for David is just as strong if not stronger. Just because of everything he's been through too and sometimes men can be the forgotten one when a couple goes through infertility. He's been through everything I've been through. Felt every bump. Felt every up and down. The only difference is my body is the vehicle we needed to use for this Sunday drive. And everything he's been for me has been the fuel for this ride. Being parents together is the best dream of all!!

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