Sunday, July 08, 2007

Nurse Jen

D and I came to east coast this weekend for some appointments and decided to stay with mom instead of driving back and forth. Jen happened to be over here too for the American Idol concert (which was INCREDIBLE) so I'm driving back with her tomorrow since David just went back to Naples for work tomorrow. That meant someone needed to give me the shot tomorrow morning before another appointment. Jen has been coached by Dr. David and he watched her give me one last night. It was pretty comical to have him preparing the shot and have a 'note-taking audience' of Katie, Mom, Jen, Molly, and Bob all watching on while I lay on the couch waiting for the pokage. Quite a scene!

Then Jen felt confident enough to try it on her own while David coached from the sidelines. She was so worried about resistance when the needle punctured my skin that she had a wild wind-up going in like she was stabbing me, but it didnt hurt and it went amazingly well!

Tomorrow we're going to have David on speaker phone and she's going to talk through all the steps as she's preparing the medicine. Injecting is not very confusing as it's pretty clear cut, but there are a few steps in mixing and preparing the shot that David will be "on call" if need be, but Jen is feeling more confident the more she psyches herself up for it! Jen even kissed me on the forehead like David does after every shot so it would be exactly the same experience! lol. I'm sure it'll go just fine!

My estrogen is 2403 so they lightened my dosage a bit, but I'm still stimulating and will probably have the retrieval on Wednesday or Thursday depending on how my body reacts to the new dosage. I still have around 15-16 eggs ready to be picked so hopefully they are strong and ready to unite in the petri dish!

I'll post more after our appointment tomorrow. Dr says we'll probably be there everyday for monitoring until the retrieval so I'll probably spend another night or 2 at mom's house, but have to go home tomorrow to get my car, which is currently in the shop! Woe is me!

I can't believe most of our appointments/procedures will be over in a week! Then, hopefully, we'll be just going to ultrasound appointments to see our baby on TV!! The whole process just seems to fly by!! Thanks for caring and loving us! I'm off to bed to warm my nest as I rest my eggies and make sure they get a good night sleep!!! :) :)

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