Tuesday, July 17, 2007

No Snowbabies! :(

Although I have expected it, I was more hopeful than I realized that we'd have some embryos leftover to freeze. I burst into tears when they told me. I wasn't expecting that. I know only 20% of couples are able to freeze embies, but I was hoping we'd be able to save a few. Nurse said our clinic has very high criteria for scoring the embies before freezing bc it's very tough to freeze then thaw those little embies. She reassured me that they put the very best 2 back in me and that is the safest place for them. All we can do now is hope and pray they make it!!!!

Feeling good lately. Taking it VERY easy, resting a lot and still on bedrest. I've never watched so much TV and read more in my life, but it's good for the babies cooking in me right now. Still doing the nightly shots of Progesterone in my booty muscle which dont feel so hot. This is the sticky stuff that helps the embies implant and grow so I'd do those shots 10 times a day if it helped!! I have bloodwork on Thursday to see that my body is absorbing it well and will continue same dosage if that is the case.

So now all of our money must be on our 8.1 and 12.1 embies!! Please pray hard that they are nestled right where they need to be, cozy and warm and growing like crazy!!


Amy R said...

Hi Kelly, I found your blog on cyclesista. That is great news about 12 cells! I am excited for you and I hope the psychic from the radio was right (I read a few of your other posts too)!! Good luck :)

linda said...

I've worked with three REs and this is the first I've heard of doctors being selective in freezing embryos. My REs just freeze them all rather routinely. I wonder why your doc feels differently? Worth asking at any rate. Did you do PGD?