Thursday, July 19, 2007

Progesterone Results

I had a progesterone test today and my levels were "excellent" according to the nurse. 36.2 to be exact. I asked if this is any precursor to +/- pgcy and she said no, but if I am pg, then it means I have a nice thick sticky uterine lining for them to hold onto while growing. That's all I needed to hear!! :)

No symptoms either way and my mom said it best today when she said "time is stuck in cement" with waiting to find out. Still doing acupuncture assuming that I am pregnant as it helps to support the pregnancy. I am having trouble breathing as far as deep breaths. Breathing is shallow and when I go for a deep breath, it is difficult. Nurse said it could be mild hyperstimulation and to drink more water and eat lots of protein. I've been doing both so I'll continue to do the same. The clock that's in cement has not moved, but trying to stay busy while David and I ignore the ELEPHANT in the room of wanting to know so desperately, but with nothing we can do about it, but WAIT!!!!! Love you all!!

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