Saturday, July 14, 2007

Terrific Transfer!!

Today could not have gone better! Tears were rolling both of our faces as they placed the embryos in. It was relatively painless, but it was such an emotional moment as we saw the whole thing on the monitor. The best part of today was finding out the grades of our embryos!!

Here's how the grading system works on day 3:
First Number = Number of Cells ranging between 6-8 (8 being the best)
Second Number = Grade which they want between 1-2 (1 being the best)

Last time we put in 2 perfect graded embryos at 8.1 and those were the only 2 out of 12 with those grades so we got really lucky. The others were good too, but not the "perfect graded embryo" of an 8.1. We hoped for another 2 embryos rated at 8.1, but thought it was a long shot since it's rare and we only had 2 last time which we were lucky enough to transfer resulting in a + pregnancy.

Well, are you ready for this? Butterflies were floating around as she went to get our "Embryo Report" and guess what? The first one was rated as an 8.1!! BINGO!! I felt like we hit the jackpot knowing at least one had a perfect rating until she told us the second one rated as a (drumroll please) 12.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was off the freaking scale!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The scale goes to 8!!!! OFF THE CHARTS!! Our children are already gifted I just know it!! ha ha 12.1!?? I didnt even know that was possible! She said it's very rare and "that embie is going crazy in there" and was VERY HAPPY with both of them to say the least!!!!!

We have 8 more embies growing right now and hope to freeze some, but the criteria for freezing embies is very tough so we're not getting our hopes up like last time as only 20% have embies able to freeze. The freezing/thawing process is very tough on those little guys (and girls) so they have to have an extra high grade after being in the incubator for 5-6 days.

I had acupuncture before and after and that was awesome! David even came in the room for the post-transfer session just to see what it was like. Today was bonding, inspiring, peaceful, stress-free, happy, exciting, relaxing, and so so encouraging! No matter what happens, we know that we did everything we can, wouldnt do anything differently, and it's now out of our hands. I think God heard all you loud prayers begging and pleading for Baby Hutcheson(s). He sure did deliver today! Thank you for your love and caring support through all this.


Jessica said...

Truly amazing Kelly...God is great!!! :) I am so excited for you and so glad the transfer went well! My prayers will continue for you and your 2 little ones!!!

bells said...

Congratulations! This is absolutely wonderful news!

baby hansley said...

I just wanted to say good luck. I belong to babycenter also and I have been reading your blog this whole time. I am starting my first IVF on August 2nd and I am scared out of my mind. Your posts have been inspirational and very helpful. My email is Maybe we could write back and forth to support each other. Good luck with everything and I can't wait to hear the results. Nicki

Anonymous said...

Kelly and David, I'm laughing as I read your "gifted" embies!!! too cute...My heart is jumping for joy with your new little treasures. Keep getting that rest!!! Love, Jazzy Janet