Friday, June 29, 2007

On Your Mark....Get Set....Go!!

We felt like the hare today! Not the turtle for once! Today's appointment went just as we wanted! YIPPEE!!

Here was our checkoff list as we went to every station.

They want my estrogen level below 90 and it was 24.6. CHECK!

They wanted my uterus to be free and clear of any cysts, polyps, fibroids, etc and it was clean as a whistle! CHECK!

They wanted my ovaries to have more than 5 follicles combined and I had 20!! 8 on the right and 12 on the left! CHECK!

The follicle sac is where the eggs live and thrive. More could grow or shrink with the drugs, but they said 20 total is a solid number to play with as they start to stimulate the eggs/follicles. I felt like we had a checkoff list and kept getting the smile of approval at every stop! It was a good feeling!

I'll be doing 1 shot of Follistim/Menapure (combined) in the AM and then another at night alongwith 5 units of Lupron which will prevent me from ovulating until they think I'm ready. If you did the math, like I did, that is THREE SHOTS A DAY! GULP!! Last time it was 2x a day, but it changed to 3 with the Lupron addition this cycle. All in my abdomen. She said if I run out of room, I can move the thigh. RUN OUT OF ROOM!?!?(big eyes) How many shots are there where I'll run out of room? I feel like a human pin cushion already!

I'll go back for bloodwork and ultrasound on Tuesday to see how I'm responding to the meds. Thank goodness I can do that in Naples! It's more expensive over here, but I save on gas and time driving back and forth just for bloodwork and ultrasound.
She said I'll probably be on stimulation the same amount of time as last time so that puts me around 7/12 for the egg retrieval (Allison's bday) and implantation around 7/15 (colleen's bday). If I got pg, then I'd be due around 4/8/08 (Jen's bday) Do you see a pattern? Lots of lucky days coming up!!

I inquired about acupuncture before/after implantation and she said it's $300!! 2 sessions for $300!?!? GULP!! My regular sessions run about $60-80 a pop so this was surprising, but they said they get lots of success rates and since we're this far, we might as well do it, but that is going to be a painful check to write! GULP! But, as David says, "it is what it is" and we'll get through it!

Thanks for caring and reading!! Thanks for your love and prayers! We need them to be a little louder in these upcoming weeks!! :) We love you all and couldnt do any of this without you!!

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